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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Marketing assignment case study on Russia and demographic and lifestyle changes.

    2000s showed very clear the high stratification in the Russian society. In simple terms there are 2% of people who can buy everything, 10% of people who can be called the middle class and are working to buy desired goods and others who practically have no chance to earn enough to have the actively advertized lifestyle. But establishing the consumer credits gave ability to buy goods people really not having money to buy those. That causes the consumer boom where for example people bought mobile phones that are more than their 2 monthly salaries, or buy the extremely expensive car having practically nowhere to live.

    • Word count: 3482
  2. Gillette Indonesia Marketing Study

    Gillette has entered the market with a significant investment; it established a manufacturing plant for local and export sales: The brand name equals high quality blades; the word Gillette used to mean blade in Indonesian. Thus Gillette has and stills enjoy first mover advantage as we can see for the significant market share it currently holds. What factors determine demand for blades? How can demand be increased? The factors that determine demand for blades are: The desire to improve image The influence of western grooming practices The influence of trend-setters such as college students and graduates Influences on razor purchase: Effectiveness: reduced shaving time, no cuts? Shelf life (re-usability without reducing effectiveness)

    • Word count: 1378
  3. TIVO TV Recorder Marketing Case Analysis

    TiVo also have popular features such as the "season pass", that allowed users to specify their favorite shows, so that TiVo would automatically record all its episodes. Among the most popular strength of TiVo was the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" button. These buttons allow viewers to indicate how much they liked or disliked what they were watching. What factors make adoption difficult? TiVo, a device with lots of functions such as pausing, replaying live television and flexible recording, was not as easy to explain as it was to experience.

    • Word count: 1721
  4. Retail Strategy of a a hard goods retailer, a service retailer, and an e-taailer.

    They also carry seasonal merchandise such as patio furniture during the summer and Christmas decorations during November and December. Many stores, depending upon location, may also have Target Optical, Target Clinic, and a portrait studio. Most new locations built after 2004 include Target Photo, Target café etc… ï Information from Target.com and Wikipedia. On Target’s official website, it has much information about the products itself. Also, customers could easily purchase the product through Target.com. Most of Target’s products in store could be viewed and purchased online which saves time and traveling costs for many Target shoppers.

    • Word count: 3220
  5. Store24 (A) - Managing Employee Retention

    Hence, we downloaded the Data Desk file from author?s blog and used it for in-depth analysis. Based on the data we got of all 84 stores, we tried to do multi-regression model with the expected profit as depend variable on Y-axis and all other factors (like MTenure, CTenure, Comp, Pop, Visible, PedCount, 24 hour open or not, and located in residential or industrial area) as independent variables. The findings are summarized below: Regression of Profitability with Manager & Crew Tenure Inferences: After the regression modeling in the excel sheet, we got R-square statistic as 0.63 which implies that less than half the points fit on the regression line.

    • Word count: 908
  6. Strategic Plan Burberry

    In 1985, Burberry develops ?Tielocken?, the predecessor of trench coat which was worn by army officials in Boer War. In 1914, in demand from War office Burberry introduced epaulettes and D rings to its products. In 1920, Burberry check was registered as a trademark, and is introduced as lining for trenchcoats (The Telegraph 2011). Later on, Burberry brand name began to appear on children?s clothes, personal products, watches, fragrances, bikinis, shoes and home wares. Burberry was bought by Great Universal stores in 1955. The brands popularity from 1940s to the 1960s had waned by the 1980s. Distribution was focused in small shops and few high market shops like Harrods.

    • Word count: 4720
  7. Fast Food Nations

    and also provides various reports and information about the working conditions at meatpacking plants and the slaughter houses. The fifth chapter of the book speaks about the making of French fries, one of the most favorite and ordered snack at a fast food and especially about a person named J.R. Simplot. The reasons for speaking about a specific individual is because, it was in his factory which was situated in Idaho that most of the frozen French fries are made and are shipped to most of the fast food restaurants all across the United States.

    • Word count: 2932
  8. marketing communication

    Normally, many organizations already have longer-term orientation and develops between parties which to build long-term supportive relationships because they wanted to make sure however infrequently, the consumers will choose to buy the same brand. (Fill, 2006, p.5) 2.0 The characteristics of marketing communications using the 4Cs framework Marketing communications involves a mix of three elements: tools, media and messages. The primary element of the mix has customarily been the mix of tools that can be used in various combinations and different degrees of intensity in order to communicate with a target audience.

    • Word count: 3306
  9. Romanian healthcare market overview

    The representative bodies of the Ministry of Public Health at the district level are the 42 district public health authorities (DPHAs). Also at district level, 42 District Health Insurance Funds (DHIFs) are responsible for contracting services from public and private healthcare providers according to the rules set by the central units. Two national insurance funds have been established in 2002, one belonging to the Ministry of Transport (CAST) and the other to the Defence System, Public Order, National Security and Justice (OPSNAJ Authority).

    • Word count: 5361
  10. Business Strategy - Kellogs Case Study.

    Any attempt to bypass our plagiarism detection systems will be treated as a severe Assessment Offence. 1. Communicate a copy of this assessment item to a plagiarism checking service (which may then retain a copy of the assessment item on its database for the purpose of future plagiarism checking). Student Name Anne Loughiln Student ID: H1109016 Signature: AMLoughlin Date :270412 Business Strategy ? Assignment No. 1 part 1 Question 1 What are the below key terms for Kellogg?s? KEY TERMS Kellogg?s Mission Statement , this gives an idea of the overall purpose of the organisation ?To drive sustainable growth through

    • Word count: 3301
  11. Global Marketing Segmentation.

    It is in a company?s best advantage to offer products and services that are personalized to each and every one of their customers. In most circumstances this is something that cannot be done. It is imperative that marketers seek out others methods to try and offer products and services; that are personalized for different groups, ages, cultures, social economic statues, or more simply, segments of the market. Last century?s standard of mass media advertising focus is not longer viable in the more unpredictable 21st century markets.

    • Word count: 2188
  12. Rosewood Hotel and Resort Corporate Branding

    This defines Rosewood?s Sense of Place philosophy (Dev & Stroock, 2007). However, because of this strategy guests who have stayed at Rosewood properties were only aware of the property brand and not of the corporate brand. Given this lack of brand awareness, Rosewood has not been able to capitalize on repeat and multi-property guest stays in the way that a corporate-branded hotel with clear brand recognition such as that of Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons (Dev & Stroock, 2007). This is an issue for a company like Rosewood since the hotel industry relies on return visits and brand recognition for profitable customer relationships.

    • Word count: 5091
  13. Determine the suitable methodology for collecting data from a representative sample of the Queensland female population in order to evaluate the impacts of the Women in the Smart State Directions Statement 2003-2008.

    1.2 Managerial Problem Statement In terms of this case, the Queensland Government would like to advance Queenslanders to balance work, family and lifestyle; therefore, DLGPSR launched a campaign on 27 November 2003, especially for women. In addition, the state government plans to report on progress in implementing the Directions Statement every two years. It is said that the state government needs to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign, and the major problem the government might face is whether or not it should persist in executing the campaign.

    • Word count: 2578
  14. Marketing Strategy - Samsung

    ________________ Table of Contents Executive Summary Discarding a failing strategy Evolution of a new Samsung Developing a Premium Brand Alternative Value Propositions Getting Noticed References ________________ Discarding a failing strategy Until 1998, Samsung relied on a strategy of competing on price with products that were based on technologies that had been developed by other firms. Samsung was generating a majority of its profits from the lower priced appliances that consumers bought since they could not afford a higher priced brand such as Sony or Mitsubishi.

    • Word count: 2072
  15. The findings of this research study will help the management at Red Bull to understand the reason behind their declining sales and consumption in New Zealand

    Questions regarding post-purchase consumption experience and the factors that play a role in decision making along with the possible gaps in the market remain unanswered and need further research. The findings of this research study will help the management at Red Bull to understand the reason behind their declining sales and consumption in New Zealand, and will help them in solving their management problem. ________________ Background Red Bull, the brain child of Austrian businessmen, Dietrich Mateschitz, is the global leader in the energy drinks market which by 2013, is expected to grow by 64.3 percent to a value of $44.3 billion (Datamonitor PLC, 2008).

    • Word count: 3478
  16. E Marketing analysis. In this study I will try to make an introspective analysis of six sites regarding the methods they are using for production of profit

    The same goes for the gender distribution as it is represented by more males than females. Visitors are by 82.5% residents of Greece, followed by 2.3% from U.K and 2.2% from Germany and the same from the US, which is quite reasonable numbers for news site to have more domestic audience. Sites relevant to in.gr are pathfinder.gr, Sport24.gr, sport-fm.gr, naftemporiki.gr, kathemirini.gr, Jungle.gr and more. Important information is the upstream sites, the main input of visits is most deriving from google.gr by 15.3% and followed by facebook.com by 7%, mainly form search engines.

    • Word count: 3577
  17. Phien Phuong Coffee Marketing Strategy

    4. Easy to promote P&P to a masses company. Coffee has been growing industry for the past ten years. The most notable growth has been in Europe (Germany, Swiss, England, France, Netherlands, Italia), America and Asia (Japan, Singapore, China, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia) According to recent research of WB pointed out the potential consumer coffee can reach 70,000 tons per year on the domestic market in Vietnam. The number of specialty roasters has increased from a handful of well-known companies to thousands of independent entities. There is a constant struggle within this market to produce the best coffee and serve one or more niches within the larger market.

    • Word count: 3825
  18. Jones Blair Marketing Strategy Analysis. Jones-Blair Company is a privately held corporation that produces and markets architectural paint.

    Over 1,200 outlets in operation with 600 situated in the DFW area. 2. Company distributes products through 200 independent paint stores, lumberyards, and hardware outlets. 1. Paint Stores (36%), Hardware and lumberyards (14%) 2. 40% of these outlets are located in the 11 counties within DFW (80 stores) 3. 60% are located in the other 39 counties (120 stores) Competition: 1. Competition has increased: 1. For retail selling space in paint stores, lumberyards, and hardware outlets has increased and accelerated 2.

    • Word count: 1199
  19. Halo and Devil Effect. In this paper I will be discussing how the halo effect can be both positive and negative, depending on whether or not it is affecting a person or product

    The halo effect can be very effective and good for products. What I mean by this is that is can help with company sales, like we can see with Apple. According to the article Creating the Brand Halo Effect.? Branding Strategy Insider, written by Derrick Daye and Brad VanAuken, ?Profits were up 384 percent. And the stock was up 177 percent. And Apple?s net profit margin increased from 3.3 percent to 9.6 percent, an astonishing jump. Apple put the bulk of its marketing budget behind the iPod creating a halo effect that helped the entire Apple product line.? We can

    • Word count: 1028
  20. How does Boost Juices differentiate its products from competitors?

    Boost Juice was established in 2000 and experienced 257% growth between the years of 2003 and 2004 (Adam et al 2009). Boost gained much success at a rapid rate due to identifying there differentiation within the market and taking it to their advantage. Boost differentiates its products through their healthy juices that are made fresh with their slogan being ?live guilt free with boost? (Boost n.d.). The company has a passion for a healthy mind and body so there is much emphasises on only using fresh ingredients with no preservatives and ?nothing artificial or fake? (Boost n.d.).

    • Word count: 1283
  21. Metabical: Pricing, Packaging and demand forecasting for a new weight loss drug

    Reduced dosages from three time a day to once daily 5. Treatment of only 12 weeks 6. Combined two way action of Calosera and meditanin 7. Experienced marketing team. It was Barbara Printup?s 7th new drug campaign 8. Substantial budget allocation for marketing Weakness 1. Few negative side effects if high levels of fat and calories taken 2. Not effective for people having BMI above 30 Opportunity 1. Support programs 2. Huge potential ? 65% of population was over weight 3. No prescription drug options available so far 4. Huge population wanting to lose weight Threat 1.

    • Word count: 1023
  22. Starbucks Complete Analysis

    SURVEY RESULTS: 1. The survey concluded that respondents who are price sensitive get attracted to choices such as 7-eleven and Dunkin Donuts, who offer a low price but with a low environment. The majority of people ranked Starbucks as the coffee shop that offers better environment but the price per cup is higher than the competition. 2. This survey is based on the positioning chosen by the coffee shops. By comparing price per cup and the environment or the service given to the customer, we see the different strategies taken by Starbucks? competitors.

    • Word count: 14652
  23. United Cereal: Lora Brills Eurobrand Challenge

    As a set of guiding principles, core values are the essential and enduring tenets of companies and have intrinsic value and importance to those inside the organization. UC?s two time-tested values-customer and market oriented, and constant innovation-which can be summarized from the company phrases, are embodied in its vision: 1. Customer and market oriented (?You inspire us?): It is customers who lastingly gave UC inspiration to do innovation and led UC to become a pioneer in the use of consumer research and focus group.

    • Word count: 5418

    The style and customs prevailing in a given period of time is being characterized as fashion. The word fashion includes many elements such as: Shape, Line, Colour, Value and texture. Importance of fashion In today?s society, underrated importance is being given to style and fashion. First impression of an individual is being shaped by way of dressing and looks. Some of the importance of fashion is elaborated below: 1. Identity ? Fashion helps in developing a sense of identity among the teenagers. It also reflects the independent and inclusive personality of an individual. Identity helps in signally the teenage belongingness for a particular group and team.

    • Word count: 3012
  25. Title: Analyse and investigate consumer responses towards Internet shopping and the

    (International Journal of Communication). In a recent literature about the altitude of students from the University of Greek (2010) Magee (2003) argued that the increase in the numbers of people that shop online has outgrown the numbers of internet users. These indicate people are getting more comfortable shopping online than going to the shopping mall or market places. She further argued that, not only do the numbers of people shopping online grow but the volume of purchases has increase tremendously. However, it is not only the numbers of shoppers that have grown but also is the number of purchases made.

    • Word count: 15058

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