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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. EasyJet. Within this essay there is going to be an approach on easyJets strategy and how has developed its resources, capabilities and gained its competitive advantage.

    Later on, due to high demand, easyJet bought four new aircrafts Boeing 737-300s and added new routes to Edinburgh and Aberdeen. In 1999 easyJet owned and had leased eighteen Boeing and flew to 27 destinations within Europe. In order to reduce costs the aircrafts were utilized to the maximum degree. Moreover, the booking was made initially directly through telephone and later on through easyJet's web page. As internet marketing gurus suggest "place the company's URL everywhere", easyJet did that and placed the easyJet.com label on the side of its Boeings (Dave Chaffey, 2007).

    • Word count: 3627
  2. Obesity and Marketing

    Gallo argues that the consumption of advertised foods is higher than consumption of foods that are not advertised and advertising expenditures are generally greatest for the most highly processed and packaged foods (Gallo, 1999). This essay intends to outline various perspectives about the debate on the recent rise on obesity and its cause, specifically outlining the existing blame where Fast Food Marketers have been held accountable. Fast foods are becoming increasingly popular all around the world. This is primarily because they are cheap, indulgently delicious and are often more convenient to access.

    • Word count: 2252
  3. Coca Cola.The strategies of Coca-Cola have for a long time been best characterized as follows: global marketing and local manufacturing. However, the global marketing approach has been changed to local marketing because of the differences in consumer dema

    > Communities - local offices around the world ensure that the Company is a respectful corporate citizen and participates as an integral part of each community. > Customers - the Company provides value to customers through every consumer purchase, through superior customer service and through great value creation programs. > Sharing Pattern System - The business model delivers value to the Company and to its bottling partners. Coca-Cola focuses on growing the overall profits from the beverage category in order to provide strong returns for all parties involved.

    • Word count: 1754
  4. Global marketing-sensation

    The target market to aim for is people aged between 18-35 in Singapore, including the many tourists, and to some extent also the neighbouring countries with Malaysia being the most important. As Sensation will be a one-off, or possibly an annual event, it is believed that the most convenient market entry strategy for ID&T is to directly export their event to Singapore by using local providers to manage the events operations. The Sensation White brand is thought to be strong enough to be successful in Asia, and because it is supposed to be a similar experience wherever it is held, it was decided not to change the concept it in any particular way to better suit the Singaporean market.

    • Word count: 4378
  5. Global marketing

    Recommendations on the marketing mix were explored. In addition to the traditional 4Ps (product, price, promotion, and place) and additional P (process) was taken into account. The marketing mix revealed that Red Bull needs to greatly emphasize its promotional efforts and pricing strategies. Pricing method should highlight quality, costs and at the same time increase awareness. Promotion should integrate the young Korean cultures and taking advantage of the use of technology. Korea business environment is quite conducive for Red Bull. The competitive analysis revealed that Korea already has an established energy drink market and many players are already in force.

    • Word count: 5769
  6. Marketing Plan

    Try and get Nivea to drive the product into the market through the promotions stated later in this marketing plan. Marketing strategy To market this product the main approach would be getting trial kiosks put into busy malls around the country. This would attempt to show the consumer the quality of the product. Because of Nivea's big name loyal customers, we hope, will buy the products by us even if they are new. As this product is aimed at the 'young ones' most of the mum's will be looking to buy the product for their children, therefore there should be an emphasis on the location of where the kiosks are located around the malls.

    • Word count: 2061
  7. Marketing Relationship

    What is relationship marketing? Relationship Marketing involves using different types of methods and techniques to develop long term relationship with customers in order to retain them, every organisation must improve on customer satisfaction in order to retain them and develop a healthy relationship with their customers. Traditional marketing involved the organisation focusing all of its marketing efforts on attracting the customer for one off sales; however customers who are loyal always end up spending more in the long-term. Importance of relationship marketing Customer relationship which is the most important part of relationship marketing are the means of support of every

    • Word count: 3769
  8. Working in Business

    What make me to be competitive is to study abroad for further master degree. Getting a fantastic result of study is the first step to be success in my career. Learning Style Learning styles are the various approaches that people aware and process in learning ("Learning Styles", 2007). According to Becker (2008), reflector is a person who is careful, thoughtful and good at listening to others. It quite matches my characteristic. I am quite careful to consider and analyze the information or other person's opinion in the group work.

    • Word count: 1327
  9. Give an example of a recent purchase of an expensive article (hand-phone, camera or notebook computer). Explain your decision-making process, and what source of information did you use in making the decision to buy the article?

    I am a heavy user of mobile, so I demand high specifications of the mobile. Brand I have used most of the brands of mobile, so I know the quality and after sales services of different brands very well. Here is the priority of mobile brands I preferred: SAMSUNG > LG > Nokia > Google > SonyEricsson > Motorola > hTC > Apple Price Price is an important consideration factors in buying a mobile, this time I am willing to give out SG$1000 to purchase a perfect mobile.

    • Word count: 2575
  10. Lucozade was chosen to be investigated in this report in order to understand the current situation of the energy drink market and to see how Lucozade could remain its position of market leader. Also, the growth of the industry would be investigated in ord

    Its main product was easily digestible glucose drink which could help recovery from sickness by providing energy when people did not feel like eating food and soon it became the symbol of recovery. By the healthier trends of people life style, Lucozade had repositioned as a healthy provider of energy to help people recover from the natural daily lulls in energy people might suffer during the day. Thus "Aids recovery" was replaced by "Replaces lost energy". Finally, Lucozade became a brand that could provide energetic, busy and successful people with the energy they needed to perform to their full potential.

    • Word count: 2318
  11. Marketing of MPPL

    A. MANAGING & DEVELOPING SELF D. MANAGING TASKS & SOLVING PROBLEMS 1. Managing own roles & responsibilities 12. Use information sources X 2. Manage own time in achieving objectives X 13. Deal with a combination of routine & non-routine tasks 3. Undertakes personal and career development 14. Identify & solve routine & non-routine problems 4. Transfer skills gained to new/changing situations & contexts B. WORKING WITH & RELATING TO OTHERS E. APPLYING NUMERACY 5. Treat others beliefs and opinions with respect X 15. Applying numerical skills and techniques 6.

    • Word count: 7582
  12. Marketing Project

    COMPANY DESCRIPTION Brief description of the company The THP Group Company's core undertaking is to benefit and refresh everyone it reaches. Founded in 1994, we are the Vietnam's leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of alcohol, beer and beverage concentrates and we have produced about 20 beverage brands that make up for our portfolio so far. Our corporate headquarters are established in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam and we are holding local operations in over 50 provinces over the country. Our activities cover all sectors of the beverage industry.

    • Word count: 7039
  13. Critical successful factors of Walt Disney

    The business of Walt Disney Theme parks and Resorts was started on 17 July in 1955 in Anaheim California by Walt Disney, since then four other Disneyland has opened around the world and it was in the service industry. The year of the opening of Disneyland of Florid, Disneyland of Tokyo, Disneyland of Paris and Disneyland of Hong Kong (HK) was 1971, 1983, 1992 and 2005 respectively. There will be a new Disneyland in Shanghai and it hopes to open by 2014.

    • Word count: 8917
  14. Areas of potential conflict between the marketing, design and manufacturing departments when developing new products

    This could translate into a new exciting feature, a revolutionary package or it can take the form of 'product championship'of a strong marketing manager or even a 'skimming strategy' that is just too ambitious. This could create a conflict between the marketing department and the manufacturing department where unit costs are concerned. The manufacturing capabilities might not be enough, and the use of different or substandard materials might be called for in order to manufacture the new product. In such a case, the new product might not be what the marketing department had in mind when thinking of promotional campaigns

    • Word count: 1505
  15. The Marketing Mix - BLT Activities

    2.Objectives likely to be achieved through BTL activities Through exhibitions and trade fairs, organisations target both trade markets and consumer markets. The organisational objectives are to gain as much exposure as possible and crate trial and awareness but also to test new markets and encourage consumers to purchase their products as oppose to those of their competitors. Exhibition attract a high quality audience and the organisation is in a better position to make contact with decision making unit members who might influence the companies they work for to endorse their products more than others thus possibly offering more display space in case of retailers or switch brands altogether.

    • Word count: 1615
  16. The importance of the concept of the product lifecycle for business planning and budgeting

    2.Products in the introduction stage of PLC Organically grown fruit and vegetables find themselves in the introduction stage. Due to the fact that UK consumers place importance on environmental protection and heath issues, marketers should concentrate more on raising customer awareness through sales promotions to stimulate demand and increase production volumes which can lead to the reduction of premium customer prices on these products. BMW introduces the new family roadster, BMW Z4. It will be made available for purchase starting May 2009, but the promotional campaign has started in early December 2008, with press releases that show pictures of the

    • Word count: 1414
  17. Ben Sherman Report

    3.0 Research Outcomes 3.1 Research of Secondary Research 3.1.1 Womenswear Market * Half of women spend under �25 a month, emphasising the large number of budget fashion customers 32% of women spend �26-�50 per month in 2007 * Women who are 15-24s are the big spenders, as they spend up to �10 a month and 25% of them spend over �75. * The 20-24 and 25-34 age groups, both of which are important to the fashion market, are set to grow, which is likely to boost spending on clothing.

    • Word count: 4083
  18. Marks & Spencer Essay

    Since then, the company used different strategies to recover the company lost. By the end of 2002, the market share of the clothing market raised up sharply to 14.8%. Marks and Spencer were able to bring back the customers temperately. However, they experienced another rapid drop in market share again in the 2 following years, which was between 2003 and 2004. Fortunately, the company picked up the market share in 2006 with strong performances from menswear, womenswear and childrenwear. The Christmas sales even rose up by 9.2% in 2007, which was officially recovered.

    • Word count: 2361
  19. GAP marketing report

    2. Primary research Primary research was conducted by interview (appendix 2) and questionnaires(appendix3) about ethical policy in the fashion retail industry, customer profiles, competitors' retail outlets and their ethical policy. I went to the Gap stores in London and Kent. I also went to its competitors stores for observational research. Staff at Gap have given me some general information about the brand and which helped me fill in my Marketing Mix. 3.0 Research Outcomes 3.1 Results of secondary research 3.1.1 Ethical & green Issue in the market * More than six in ten respondents agree that they would like to buy clothing or footwear from companies they believe are ethical *

    • Word count: 5868
  20. Marketing Segmentation, Targeting & Contexts

    To do this the business should have target marketing strategies in place. To begin target marketing the business needs to identify the different market segments. To identify these, the business separates the market into different groups, mutually exclusive, but at the same time have comparable characteristics in one group. Once a business has segmented the market it can forecast the needs of its customers better. The market can be segmented by the following criteria's: 2.1 Geographical This is separating the market into individual geographical units. For example: Region - continent, country, state or neighbourhood.

    • Word count: 6327
  21. Marketing audit. Viet power marketing communication corporation (abbreviate PMA) is founded in 2000 with two branches in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. In Hanoi, PMA is one of the most famous companies in events management. PMA provide media Marketing effe

    ; Strategies consultancy (Marketing Strategy, Brandname Buidling and Promoting Strategy, Organizing Promotion Activities Implementation Management) Task 1 Appraise the processes and techniques used by the company marketing audit for the marketing environment A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent, and periodic examination of a company's -- or business unit's -- marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and activities with a view to determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of action to improve the company's marketing performance (Kotler et al, 1988).

    • Word count: 2159
  22. MArketing planing

    Macro elements typically include such item s as: 1) population; 2) culture; 3) disposable income; 4) climate; 5) trade statistics; 6) political structure and stability; 7) laws affecting production and trade; 8) economic climate; 9) production and consumption technology; 10) logistics and communication technology; and 11) relative level of government control of the marketplace; all of which serve to reflect the general opportunity for a designline . For Eg. Population in New York can be a market opportunity for design line as more population means they need more buses so this can be opportunity. this means they have to consider about all these opportunities when they making strategic decision.

    • Word count: 5363
  23. Benefits Marks & Spencer derives from EC

    The Internet has emerged as a major worldwide distribution channel for goods and services. Expanding the communication framework to the internet, Marks & Spencer was able to bring their customers into value chain. If a United Kingdom customer orders their product through online, they will receive their relevant product within one day. The online shoppers are instructed to provide the Universal Product Code (UPC) of the relevant product, and then the company will provide the product to the customer as they seen in the physical store at a lower price.

    • Word count: 804
  24. Marketing Profile of a Company: BMW vs Porsche

    BMW's first motorcar was a version of the Austin Seven built under license. With the three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group has its sights set firmly on the premium sector of the international automobile market. To achieve its aims, the company knows how to deploy its strengths with an efficiency that is unmatched in the automotive industry. The strategic objective is clearly defined: The BMW Group is the leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.

    • Word count: 8935

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