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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. TESCO long term effect of customer loyalty programs

    ?tudy b???d ?n?ly?i? ?f th? T??c? Clubc?rd l?y?lty ?ch?m?. Thi? l?y?lty ?ch?m? ?xt?nd? b?y?nd th? tr?diti?n?l m?d?l ?f ? l?y?lty ?ch?m? in which cu?t?m?r? ?xch?ng? m?d??t r?w?rd? f?r cu?t?m?r d?t? ?nd inf?rm?ti?n, t? th? cr??ti?n ?f ? r?l?ti?n?hip ?r br?nd w?b. Cu?t?m?r? ?r? invit?d t? ?ng?g? with thi? w?b ?t ? numb?r ?f diff?r?nt l?v?l?. ?ft?r ? r?vi?w ?f ??m? ?f th? ??rli?r w?rk ?n l?y?lty ?ch?m??, thi? p?p?r fir?t d??crib?? ?l?m?nt? ?f th? T??c? Clubc?rd l?y?lty ?ch?m?, in t?rm? ?f r?w?rd?, d??l?, ?nd int?gr?ting ch?nn?l?. Fin?lly, th? p?p?r p???? ? numb?r ?f r????rch qu??ti?n? th?t ?xt?nd b?y?nd th?

    • Word count: 16021
  2. Tabacaria Domenico - Planejamento de Comunicao

    A empresa trabalha com marcas de qualidade, conceituadas mundialmente como por exemplo: Victorinox, Swiss Army, Cross, Sheaffer, Zippo, Colibri, Maglite e Tasco, al�m de parcerias especiais como a Phillip Moris. Os colaboradores s�o bem informados e sabem a respeito do produto que est�o vendendo. O que foi poss�vel notar na loja � que os funcion�rios usam todos uniformes na cor preta com identifica��o da loja, o que � algo interessante, pois para qualquer d�vida ou esclarecimento fica mais f�cil localizar a pessoa certa.

    • Word count: 5046
  3. CRM - Database and customer Relationship marketing

    HSBC BANKING SERVICES 3.1 Background HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC state that they are 'the world's local bank' by promising to get personal and local by offering a wide range of services designed specifically to meet customer demands. (source:http://www.hsbc.com) 3.2 CRM and Database Activities HSBC are practising CRM strategies supported by technology to retain existing customers by understanding their needs and having the correct information available to acquire potential new customers.

    • Word count: 2766
  4. Free essay

    Alaska is more than just snow and grizzlies

    Population of Australia is ageing and the baby boomers are getting older and becoming wealthier day by day. This will have a great outcome in an increase in the seniors market, which will have enough time, money with good health to travel (www.tourism.vic.gov.au). Phil Hoffman Travel can take advantage of these and focus on this age group for inbound and outbound tourism. Too brief need some more points * Low birth-rates - Birth-rates are rising, but this is from a very low base.

    • Word count: 6871
  5. Marketing Value

    has stated that "Exchange is the act of obtaining a desired object form someone by offering something in return". Pentax have to sacrifice the customers, which includes the buyer, user and payer. An individual may buy T10 and pay for it, however, this individual may not be the only one who use the T10. Pentax also have exchange with partners and stakeholders. The exchange with partners can be exchange with retailers, such as selling T10 to JB Hi Fi, Myer etc. The other exchange party is stakeholders, this individual has an investment in Pentax, and they can be the director, employees in Pentax.

    • Word count: 2396
  6. Marketing and Ethics. In this report, we will see the main issues between marketing and ethics, two fields that do not sound to work together, but have to though. We will see the consequences that non-ethical decisons can have on peoples life or on t

    And here is an important point that has to be developed. (cf list of references, french website) Indeed, money is not bad or good on a moral aspect. Money itself is a real material that was created by God so that it is in fact a good thing. It is a means of exchange whose value is conventionnally set in a society. However, it is when money refers to a person that it can become morally good or bad. It actually depends on the way you get it (honestly? by stealing? cheating?) and the way you are linked to money.

    • Word count: 5839
  7. Marketing to children and pester power. How do marketers target children and how do children perceive advertising? What are the consumer behaviour concepts that marketers have to understand to design the best tactics? Also, what effects does advertising


    • Word count: 6594
  8. Marketing research. Marketing for AT&T is a constant process of changing and developing innovative sales techniques to increase sales. Although the methods vary they all have the same intended results, to increase profits within the company. The purpose o

    A vital source of AT&T's primary research consisted of observing and analyzing past sales reports and identifying trends. The strategic information gathered from this primary research method identified trends like: what days the majority of things were sold, how much the average customer spends, how often the same customers call in, how often they purchased products, and what products were purchased based on AT&T's customer segmentation. AT&T's internal computer system tracks all of this data automatically and organizes it in reports, which are readily available to the management and marketing team.

    • Word count: 1155
  9. Iphone repositioning

    The choices: "Matches/Lighter," "Food/Water," "Another Person," "Wireless Phone" (Rosen, 2004). Without a cell phone, how would you inform someone quickly of an emergency? And with the internet and GPS installed in these handsets, how could you find your way around a city without purchasing a map? Or find the cheapest gas in town? The iPhone represents a perfect example of how technology is making its mark on consumer behavior. With over 50,000 applications, the world is at the palm of consumer's hands.

    • Word count: 959
  10. Future Trends Paper. As an independent business owner and operator, its important to use educational means to stay proficient in new technologies as well as keep the quality of work more personalized. The philosophy adopted by my small business is ba

    Spending millions of dollars to make a product unique is a thing of the past with technology and the ever changing buying patterns and competition companies will have to use those dollars to emphasize their company values not specifically their product. Additionally education will play an important role as markets and technology is rapidly changing. Companies should develop a culture that encourages and fosters new ways of looking at things. Companies should constantly strive to create, develop, test and refine ideas.

    • Word count: 1114
  11. Free essay

    This report evaluates the concept of value based marketing and the strategic pathway and its relevance to Cornelius. This report also sorts out the way for innovation and discusses the possibility of disruptive innovation in Cornelius, a leading chemical

    The Strategic pathway. Source: Adapted from Piercy, 'Market-led strategic change - Transforming the process of going to Market', 2009. The challenge many companies face today is to build and sustain loyalty among customers. Customers are now expecting transparency and the fault-finding customer demands continuous improvement and quality. This leads the company to develop a value based marketing strategy to retain customers and focus in enhancing shareholder value. The important elements of strategic pathway are market sensing, choosing targets, valuing customer strategy and positioning, establishing strategic relationships and networks. This can be interpreted in a Fig (1). ii. Market sensing It is important for any company to understand the marketplace, identify value creating opportunities, gain competitive advantage over competitors, understand the customer and deliver value better than the competitor.

    • Word count: 4132
  12. Eddie Bauer Case: Marketing HBS

    When separating synergies, having a goal that is quantified by operating profits will allow us to assess any existing linear correlations between the channels. This will allow us to determine which channels to focus on in regards to improving performance. Also, increasing operating profits can be achieved through heavy internal manipulations of decreasing costs and increasing prices, which can be achieved without increasing promotion and advertising costs. Increasing profitability is of the utmost importance as a market follower because doing so will allow us to further develop products to fit our target segment, refine infrastructure for I-media, and set up an efficient inventory management system.

    • Word count: 3375
  13. Mary Kay Cosmetics: Asian Market Entry

    Where is quantifiable measure derived from? Since we have already achieved a compounded annual growth rate of 16% in international company sales in a similar time frame of 6 years from 1986 to 1992, a growth rate of 10% in China in the similar time frame of 5 years is attainable. (Exhibit 1 depicts the growth in MKC net revenues between 1986 to 1992.) The international growth rate averages 2.6% every year. In five years, we would normally expect a 13% growth rate. However, to account for our new market entry and introduction product life cycle phase, we are expecting a modest initial growth of 10% for the first 5 years.

    • Word count: 4046
  14. Marks & Spencer. M&S uses demographic segmentation to select its target markets for its product. It targets its customers by age, income, social class and lifestyle. There are 3 different ranges of M&S for autumn 2001, including The Perfect and Classic Co

    A., 2000). M&S uses demographic segmentation to select its target markets for its product. It targets its customers by age, income, social class and lifestyle. There are 3 different ranges of M&S for autumn 2001, including The Perfect and Classic Collection, Per una and The Autograph. 1.1.1 The perfect collection and the classic collection Marketers are increasingly interested in the effect of consumer "lifestyle" on demand. The market segments serve at this range targets on those consumer who want to save time and feel convenient when buying because of their busy lifestyle.

    • Word count: 2217
  15. Blackberry Marketing. Blackberry needs to find strategies to speed up the adoption of push e-mail technology, capture the Middle East market and gain a competitive advantage over competitors. For the purposes of this case, we will focus on Southwest and

    For the purposes of this case, we will focus on Southwest and Western Asian markets. V. ANALYSIS OF INTERNAL SETTING The introduction of the push email technology is emphasized in the study of the Blackberry smart phone. RIM's pricing strategy involved selling the smart phones for a premium. It was then predicted that the phones would be half-priced within 18 months. Promotions primarily relied on the endorsement of distributors and resellers who have gone through the training program for the latest technology.

    • Word count: 2028

    They created the vintage cheese that was noticeably different to everybody else's. Using the brand name of Tilba Club which exists in the business for 106 years as a strong branding strategy, they developed the growth of the market through market penetration and market development. ABC Cheese Factory expand their business through good relationship with the distributor in order to tap the existing market potential and try to penetrate market by attracting new customers or competitors market with their well known brand name.

    • Word count: 1744
  17. ABC Cheese Ansoff model

    A business logically should maximize its possibilities for growth using market penetration first. This will give the business added resources which further growth options may be pursued. After market penetration strategies may be either product development or market development depending on the circumstances of the business and the market in which it operates. B. MARKET PENETRATION At this stage, a company is pursuing in achieving maximum sales/profit using the business current product range within the current market. The best way to achieve this is by gaining competitors' customers (part of their market share), attracting non-users of the product or convincing current clients to use more of the product, with advertising or other promotions.

    • Word count: 1278
  18. Retail & Services McDonalds

    With the opening of new formats like departmental stores, supermarket chains, malls and others stores, Indian retail industry has come across a new era with a new experience to Indian customers. FOOD INDUSTRY IN INDIA India being world's second largest producer of foods has the potential of being the world's biggest consumer and producer of food. The accomplishments of the green and white revolutions have, however, not been matched by concurrent developments in supply chain management, and in new technologies for better processing, preservation, and storage of food.

    • Word count: 2766
  19. As a Marketing Manager in your industry discuss and evaluate how you would strategically utilise relationship marketing and customer relationship marketing as a marketing management tool.

    Increasingly, customer retention has needed greater importance in company strategies due to the environmental changes occurring in many markets. East (1997) suggests that retaining customers can be less expensive than procuring new ones due to start up costs associated with new purchases (e.g. introductory offers on frequent flyer programmes). Online competition has since intensified this situation. Hence, the importance of creating relationships at a time when this retention faces threats from greater customer choice is apparent. CRM's & RM's CRM systems are able to provide the sort of strong customer relationships found within RM approaches, and also tailor products, services and communications.

    • Word count: 2883
  20. Cola War

    y trasladan el producto a los distintos clientes. El proceso de embotellamiento es muy intensivo en capital e involucra l�neas de producci�n de alta velocidad que son intercambiables por productos similares en tama�o y forma. Para los embotelladores el costo de empacar el producto implicaba entre el 40% y el 45% de los costos de ventas. Estos tienen que invertir capital en camiones y redes de distribuci�n. Los m�rgenes de operaci�n para los embotelladores variaba entre el 7% y el 9%. Coca-Cola fue el primero en crear una red nacional de franquicias embotelladoras.

    • Word count: 2102
  21. Critical Review of Ryanairs Marketing Strategy

    Ryanair started in 1985, with only one 15-seater plane from the south east of Ireland to London Gatwick. Over the years passenger numbers increased dramatically, but despite this Ryanair was making a loss. So they adapted their marketing strategy and decided to re-launch the company as a low fares or "no frills" airline. Michael O'Leary drew inspiration from the Southwest airlines model in the US. Southwest regarded itself as a "bus" service, a replacement for ground transport, as it was cheap and offered no frills. (Datar, R, 2003) O'Leary set about cutting costs across the whole firm, which created the model that is so well known today.

    • Word count: 3906
  22. Logistics performance

    Logistics performance is has greater degree of concentration over 2 factors. 1. Time: The time it will take to deliver the goods/services to the expectant. 2. Cost: Whether the profit is affected by costs or not. 3. Logistics Indicators: There are many Logistics Performance Indicators. The main Indicators are mentioned below. 3.1 Time � Time required in trade-related activities � Customs authorization time � Technical control authorization time � Document processing time � If appealed to Customs, the time required 3.2 Cost � Cost in trade Activities � Port charges � Documentation charges � Border management charges 3.3 Complexity and

    • Word count: 1749
  23. International Marketing - Risk and opportunities of Estee Lauder in China

    China is a socialist and authoritarian state with both communist and capitalist tendencies. "Government offices, urban economic, industrial, and cultural settings" have tighter party control compared to rural areas. (http://afe.easia.columbia.edu). The CPC party maintains control over all political aspects of society by: * Eliminating any threats to its power * General control over press * Jailing political opponents and journalists * Censorship of press, political speech, literature, film and internet * Suppressing any protests, signs of opposition and independence movements * Sending outspoken activists to labor camps (http://en.wikipedia.org)

    • Word count: 4208
  24. Retail Management - A comparison of bricks and clicks of TOPSHOP

    (Kent & Omar, pg 386, 2003) 2.2.3. Olfactory * Pleasant sweet and fresh orange scent in the changing rooms and throughout the store. 2.2.4. Tactile * The hard wood flooring surface represents warmth and style. * The co-ordinated display tables with merchandise provide the tactile experience as 'the ability to touch merchandise can be a major step towards buying, moving the shopper a step towards processing, as well as providing reassurance about texture, quality, etc'. (McGoldrick, pg 464, 2002) 2.3.

    • Word count: 3923

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