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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Marketing Strategies for BMW

    Well I agree with the below statement which is being provided by BMW group which states that the BMW offers emotional product to the customers this could be seen or felt with their current marketing strategies also with their SWOT analysis, PLC and as well as Research and Development."We offer our customers emotional products, which through the strength of the brand and the substance of the product fulfil the customer's wish for individualisation and differentiations". (Reference- Case, Page 741). BMW's mission statement is clearly defined as "To be the most successful premium manufacturer in the industry", (Reference- www.bmw.co.uk).

    • Word count: 3186
  2. Operations & Business Management

    The questionnaire consisted of 15 questions all relating to the Five Performance Objectives of the operation. Five main questions were split into three subsections each. The answers were given in ranking style formats out of 10. The first graph shows the results for the customer's answers to the questionnaire. Each main question was split into 3 subsections. These three sections were calculated into averages which gave five main values. These values show the level of importance of each performance objective to the customers. Key: 1 = Quality 2 = Flexibility 3 = Cost 4 = Speed 5 = Dependability The graph shows that cost is the most important objective that the customers have about the operation.

    • Word count: 1570
  3. Research Proposal: Ethical Implications of Stealth Marketing

    However, there is a marketing style on the up rise entitled 'stealth marketing'. Stealth marketing is interesting because it provides marketers with a... "...more subtle method of communicating a message to their consumers. Stealth marketing attempts to catch people at their most vulnerable by identifying the weak spot in their defensive shields. It loads a product or service with attractive features that make it "cool" or "in" and relies heavily on the power of word of mouth to encourage customers to feel they just "stumbled" upon the product or service themselves.

    • Word count: 2715
  4. The Accelerating Rate of Diffusion of HEVs and the driving forces behind their success

    An example is Dr Victor Wouk, a private inventor who engineered a HEV in 1974, which was tested by the US government and certified to meet the requirements for a clean-air auto programme but subsequently the government rejected the approval of the car for no apparent reason (Hybrid Cars, 2006 b). Behaviour like this lead most companies to completely drop their HEV efforts, until Honda managed to release the first commercially successful HEV in 1999 - the Insight. With the arrival of the new millennium also came new HEVs which are now in great demand, largely due to the ever increasing fuel price.

    • Word count: 4316
  5. Ferrari: A brand equity report

    Apparently, the most fanatical of fans are found in Italy, Ferrari's home. The local priest in the town of Maranello where the factory is situated is said to sound the church bells when Ferrari celebrates a win. After financial problems the company was bought by Fiat in 1969, which currently owns 85%, 10% are owned by the founder's son Piero Ferrari and 5% stake belong to Mubadala Development Co (Hoovers Inc., 2008). The industry: The automotive industry is the industry responsible for the production of motor vehicles including their design, assembly, marketing and trade.

    • Word count: 4145
  6. Analysis of the brand 'Red Bull' and its marketing communications

    An investigation of its marketing communications reveals how the Austrian company builds relationships with its audiences. First, a definition of brand, marketing communication and brand equity shall be given. Definitions A brand is a name, symbol or design which identifies the product or organisation as having a sustainable differential advantage (Belch et al., 2007). Buzzel, Gale and Sultan have proven how important differentiation is for companies like Red Bull. Their PIMS-study (Profit Impact of Market Strategies) shows that companies operating in no differentiation markets have the lowest Return on Investment, while companies with a high ROI operate exclusively in high differentiating markets, and are market leaders in their segment (Buzzel, Gale, & Sultan, 1975). Fill (2002)

    • Word count: 2758
  7. Free essay

    How have digital technologies disrupted traditional approaches to market segmentation in the creative and media industries?

    When segmenting, marketers normally look at demographic criteria like age, income bracket, nationality, geographic location and so on. In the case of the creative industries, however, one should take a different angle. Khalil (2000) describes the goods of creative industries as 'symbolic' goods, in other words intangible. Thus, segmenting consumers in this industry according to demographics, which are more geared towards consumer goods, would be ignoring the intangibility of most creative goods. Although a consumer can own the physical products of the creative industries in the form of a DVD, book or even a painting; ultimately, it is how this good makes the consumer feel.

    • Word count: 2875
  8. Marketing Audit for Thomas Cook

    There is one office out the back where the branch manager mostly stays and gets on with paper work and takes part in conference calls. There is also a computer out in the staff room as well. There are only three printers within the branch and during busy times it can be slow. The travel and foreign exchange sales consultants share one printer, the branch manager has one printer and the other is in the staff room and this is used if one of the other two printers breaks down.

    • Word count: 7236
  9. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Contexts

    three distinct stages: � Market segmentation - The overall market is divided into distinct groups of buyers who are likely to respond favourably to different product/service offerings and market mixes. For instance, short stay business travellers, families with children, young overseas tourists and so on. � Market targeting - The process whereby one or more of the market segments previously identified are evaluated and selected. For instance short stay business travellers, Monday to Friday, young families at weekends. � Product positioning - Competition will exist for identified market segments in 'niche' positions.

    • Word count: 11565
  10. Unix vs Windows

    But with low hardware prices the playing ground has been leveled therefore, hardware is not much of an issue. Hardware only becomes an issue when upgrading the Windows operating system. Each time Windows comes out with a new operating system the hardware requirements changes. Windows XP hardware requirements were Pentium 233MHz, 128mb RAM and 1.5GB hard drive space. Windows Vista hardware requirements are Pentium 1GHz, 1GB RAM and 15GB hard drive space. (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304297, 2007) Linux on the other hand, hardware requirements do not change based on the distribution that one is working with. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 desktop runs on all x86 (32 bit)

    • Word count: 2220
  11. ford- marketing strategy

    For 2007, Ford is the third-ranked automaker in USA sales after General Motors and Toyota. Ford was also the seventh-ranked American-based company in the 2007 Fortune 500 list, based on global revenues of $160.1 billion. In 2006, Ford produced about 6.6 million automobiles, and employed about 283,000 employees at about 100 plants and facilities worldwide. In 2007, Ford had more quality awards from J.D Power than any other automaker. (www.ford.com) (http://in.ibtimes.com/articles/20080108/tata-motors-ford-jaguar-land-rover.htm). Ford in India Ford came to India in 1998 with its Ford Escort model, which was later replaced by locally produced Ford Ikon in 2001.

    • Word count: 2767
  12. ZARA- Pest analysis

    The External environment can be defined by the following terms. * Political environment * Economical environment * Socio-cultural environment * Technological environment ZARA will have to do a brief study on these environments before entering in to the US market. Ref: [Doole and Lowe, (2004)] > Political Environment Successful companies are those which can understand and capitalize the business environments. Government and political parties determine the political environment for the business. Government plays the role of a silent partner with maximum control on the business activity by bounding the business by the laws and policies.

    • Word count: 1900
  13. Innocent

    The plan behind the brand is to offer customers a range of products that are pure, healthy, and eco-friendly - drinks and food. Since it has been created the organisation has been very successful through using simple marketing strategies, which have brought major success for this innovative company and this has been proved by their awards. For example, in 2004 Innocent became the number one smoothie brand with a market share of 48% in the UK 5 times, between 2002 and 2006 the brand, also winning a Q award at the Quality Food & Drink Awards.

    • Word count: 2273
  14. International Marketing Plan for Paksitan Tea industry

    Pakistan is the second largest tea importer after Russia with an estimated annual consumption of 170 million kilograms. Since Pakistan's domestic tea production is insignificant, the demand for tea is met through exports from 21 countries across the world. The principal contributors to the import of tea in Pakistan are Kenya, Bangladesh, Brundi, China, India, Malawi, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Vietnam. Kenya tea enjoys around 85 percent market share in Pakistan. In the last couple of years, imports from India have been increasing and Indian tea has been able to corner a market share of 11 percent in Pakistan with a corresponding decline in imports from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    • Word count: 5389
  15. Research Proposal - the Business School of University of Greenwich clearly needs to position itself against competitors in order to remain attractive in the domestic and international market.

    Serving the purpose, strategic marketing approaches used in consumer and service industries are now being applied to educational sector. There is a general consensus among all the marketers of today's world that positioning and branding are cornerstones for an organizations success, no matter what business it is in (Kotler, 2000). Supporting this, Ivy (2001) concluded that universities need to adopt perfectly placed positioning and re-positioning strategies to effectively build their image and develop a positive reputation to attract students. Research Aim: The Business School of the University of Greenwich, London was established long time back providing services to facilitate students in attaining better education at different levels.

    • Word count: 3458
  16. Critical review on Measurement of internal service quality: Application of the SERVQUAL battery to internal service quality".

    SERVQUAL and SERVPERF are two main instruments as a tool to measure internal service quality. The consensus however, still under discussion that which tool is superior to measure quality. Therefore many researcher believe that SURVPERF instrument is appropriate to measure overall service quality in large size of organization. On the other hand many researchers criticise the validity and reliability of SERQUAL measures on five dimensions and believe that it's unreliable and confusing. Conversely, it is also accepted that SERVQUAL five dimensions is appropriate measure service quality in some industry like hospital environment. 2: Introduction The central theme of marketing is to satisfying customers and all the aspects of company operations should be towards customer satisfaction (Barnes, 1989 cited in Quester & Kelly, 1999).

    • Word count: 4871

    Providing high-class military defence, technology in global markets such as US, UK, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Australia. Subsidiary BAE North American branch however has a special relationship with the Pentagon. It is treated as a separate company, operating within the domestic mix of that country. 50% of shareholders are American, 26% of revenues come from sales in the US, and almost 40% of the 100,000 employees are in the US. This branch has separate policies and regulations to follow. Not even the highest-ranking authority with in the parent company situated in the UK can access or question.

    • Word count: 3266

    The concept of green business and ethical/social practices have been introduced into business world, and the ecological issue has became an important influencer on companies business practices. Ever since the industrial revolution, people's intervention on environment has never stopped. While on the one hand the flourishing market allow us to buy more goods and have more convenient life, on the other hand all these have costs of consume more limited resources and intervene the balance of nature environment. It's good that since last decades of 20th century, more and more attention have been drawn on this issue, and lots of policies and practices have put in implementation.

    • Word count: 2952
  19. pinkberry. There are two major developments that are apparent in this frozen yogurt fad: eating healthy and being hip and trendy. Its obvious that Pinkberry, as well as other frozen yogurt chains, has taken full advantage of these recent development

    The new frozen yogurt chains seem to have solved this problem, which is why they have been so successful. The frozen dessert category is now a $6.3 billion industry, according to the foodservice consulting firm Technomic Inc. (Nation's Restaurant News). These types of figures have never been seen in the past, even though frozen yogurt has been around for a while. Pinkberry seems to be leading the charge, but others have followed in their footsteps including: Yogurberry, Red Mango, and Snowberry.

    • Word count: 1600
  20. soft and silk

    Furthermore, the manager needs to decide if a test market is necessary to evaluate the new packaging. II. The Analysis of The Case 1. The Current Situation (1) Women's Shaving There are some different ways to remove hair. The most popular method is simply shaving with razors and soap. The next most used method is shaving gels with razors. On average, women shave eleven times per month and shave nine times more skin than men per shaving occasion. Shaving frequency varies by season, with the summer months producing the greatest shaving activity.

    • Word count: 1671
  21. Marketing Environments - Chocolate Confectionary Market

    Therefore a price increase in chocolate produces a less than proportionate decline in quantity demanded, and increases revenue for the chocolate market. They are less-price sensitive. * China is the region with the most potential due to its size, and it's membership into the world trade organisation in 2002, has opened up the market to many new products and manufacturers. * In the Western World, Australia and New Zealand have prospects for strong growth, over the 2003-2008 periods, with 29% growth by value and 16% growth by volume being anticipated.

    • Word count: 8048
  22. business management

    This could be a final momentous agreement that will alter the industry so it may begin a phase or maturity. Over the medium term a new market beckons in the ten countries joining the EU in 2004. These countries have a combined population of 75 million. There is every chance for existing airlines to exploit market opportunities. The new members of the EU will become part of the EU Open-Sky Treaty allowing point-to-point services between EU countries. The demand for air travel in Europe increased three-fold between 1980 and 2000, and is set to double by 2020.

    • Word count: 3221
  23. impact of RFID

    However they consume to much power and far more expensive than the low frequency tags (Mayfield 2002) RFID within retailing Barcodes have been quite dominant in the retail business for more than 25 years. Using barcodes products will have to be manually scanned and read individually. The bar codes have to be seen to be scanned and if the barcode is damaged or tampered with it is impossible to read. The information in a barcode is very limited. Unlike bar codes radio frequency technology tags do not have to be seen to be read by the reader.

    • Word count: 2632
  24. Krispy Kreme Analysis

    The company experienced growth on its sales between the years 1990 and 2000. During the 1990s a new competitor entered the national market with 165 stores: Starbucks. "Most products are in the maturity stage of the lifecycle..." [Kotler and Keller]. Although it is a longstanding establishment, Krispy Kreme started its rapid growth in the 1990s. After its rapid growth in the 1990s the company experienced decline in its sales growth at the beginning of the 2000s. According to the company's SEC files, through 1999 to 2006, the company's sales (in thousands) were $220,243, $300,715, $394,354, $491,549, $665,592, $707,776, $543,361, $461,195, respectively [www.krispykreme.com].

    • Word count: 2614
  25. market positioning

    Position literally means how a product stands out in the face of competition from the same or similar product range. This is questioning how is your product perceived by its customer, what do you have to do with your product for it to stand out as the best? Why should customers buy your product instead of other products? In order to answer the above question, managers must have a good position strategy and identify the market position they wish for their product.

    • Word count: 2597

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