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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. tma 02- outline the view that supermarkets both provide and limit choice.

    For people to fit into that category they must have a high standing in the community or be able to show that they have sufficient income. Most of the seduced will be employed full-time with a wealthy lifestyle giving them the opportunity to purchase goods and services as they want them not just as they need them. If you are in the seduced category it gives you a higher social standing in the consumer society. Seduced consumers could be doctors, lawyers, businessmen, anyone with a positive identity.

    • Word count: 1678
  2. Visit a local retailer and examine two competing products from a single category,What inferences do you draw from the brand names and symbols? Do the brand names accurately characterize each products features and benefits?

    The brand symbol for Darlie is a dark-skinned male wearing a top hat. I would infer from both the brand name and symbol that this toothpaste grants the user shiny and glittering teeth resembling an African descent. This is due to the popular misconception about them having whiter teeth due to the colour contrast between their teeth and their dark skin. Primarily due to diminutive functional difference between competing products, companies nowadays emphasises greatly in enhancing brand name as consumers tends to bases product differentiation more on the brand name than the product benefits (del Río, Vázquez, Iglesias 2001, 455).

    • Word count: 2724
  3. Horlicks Foodles Marketing Strategy for Repositioning

    Using the responses, we used laddering approach to map the attributes, consequences and values. Detailed transcripts of the interviews are attached in the appendix. Phase 3: Based on the information gathered so far, we did an industry study to understand the current pain points of the Foodles brand. Statistics was performed on the market data to help us understand the constraints on the brand. Phase 4: Recommendations are proposed on the marketing strategy that Foodles could adopt. We have elaborated on some of the promotion plans that can be used to increase the market share.

    • Word count: 5615

    Part 1: External Analysis: PESTLE ANALYSIS: Political: Taxation policy: If Starbucks charges high tax to the consumer then lot of consumers won`t come to Starbucks as they will have to pay more, so Starbucks will lose customers which will decrease their sales which in other words occur a loss in their industry. Government stability: A change in government policies affects the industry as they may bring in new laws or new or existing government who might involve taxes. When mentioning new ventures the political turn oil or civil war should be taken great care.

    • Word count: 5906

    bring forth the fact that within the last two decades the manufactures preference for foreign goods and items. After the Asiad games in New Delhi the market for color television has increased phenomenally. The companies, which entered the Indian market whether foreign or Indian, could en-cash the ever-growing demand of consumer goods particularly color television. Such products are considered to be status symbol. A review of the sudden mushroom growth, electronics industry along metropolitan cities is very interesting as well as informative. As if not to be left behind even the public sector units started the manufacturing CTVs largely based on Korean and Japanese technology.

    • Word count: 12824
  6. Use Porters five forces model to assess the attractiveness of the bottled water industry in South Africa

    Buyer Power: Buyer power is defined as the power that the buyers of a product have on the price of the product. For instance a single person may have no effect on the buyer power of a brand, but a large retail store such as Shoprite or Checkers who buy in bulk may have a very strong buyer power and are able to negotiate special deals/prices on their purchases (Morningstar 2012). The buyer power of bottled water all depends on the demand that there is for the bottled water.

    • Word count: 2319
  7. What is best method of using each of the following contact methods: mail questionnaire, telephone interview, and personal interview?

    Another benefit to this form of questionnaire is that it allows a person to answer the questions honestly without the pressures of an interviewer, either on the other line or sitting across from you. Plus, when you submit your questionnaire, you will not have to worry about your responses being tweaked by the organization because your answers are in writing. Next, the first advantage for companies using this method of contact is the fact that these organizations can send out mass mailers to target markets to gather data which could be extremely beneficial to that company.

    • Word count: 737
  8. A critical analysis of how ethical factors concerning children as consumers affect Disneys advertising strategy.

    With morality being such a subjective and culturally determined matter, the perception of what is right and what is wrong varies with different organisations and environments. As the evolution of economics, business processes, and technology has unfolded, the definitions and domains of ethical business practice have become more ambiguous and seemingly less categorical (Vermillon, 2002). Notwithstanding, a failure to properly consider ethical guidelines in the conduct of business run the risk of specific practices being adversely judged with the attendant likelihood of consumer backlash and its negative economic consequence.

    • Word count: 3737
  9. Research method report -attitudes to GM technology.

    For the ecosystem in the world, it is the alien organism. What they are more anxious about is the possibility that such self-breeding and hybridization would get close to other species, which might lead to the genetic contamination when that exotic species spread to the traditional biological system. Apparently, genetically modified crops are not different from the ordinary plants, and it just has more additional features with regard to the gene. In Europe the opposite voice against the genetically engineered crops is common to hear. Even the European Union has cautioned the public that the rational and reasonable attitude toward the genetically engineered crops should be taken in that the Europeans have suffered from the genetically engineered crops, Schubert (2002).

    • Word count: 5078
  10. Yorktown Technologies Case Study. The largest problem that plagues Yorktown is negative media attention regarding its genetically engineered GloFish, as well as strict new regulations from several key markets for the product.

    Competition is steep as the competition has similar products for a cheaper price. The continued enhancement of the product that Yorktown carries gives them a strong position in the market if the distribution can be sorted out, this would make the product more price effective and increase sales across the board. Case Analysis Yorktown is a company that sells genetically engineered zebra fish, that due to the genetic altering glows under specific conditions. The first few years Yorktown came under heavy fire from several entities due to the genetically enhanced nature of their product.

    • Word count: 1057
  11. Building Customer Commitment

    Commitment may be generated by the buyer?s anticipation of high switching costs. Morgan and Hunt (1994) also posit that firms that receive superior benefits from their partnership, relative to other options, on such dimensions as product profitability, customer satisfaction, and product performance, will be committed to the relationship. Despite the fact that commitment is a central construct in the area of relationship marketing, there is little agreement on the nature of the construct. Frequently, commitment is defined as a desire to maintain a relationship (Morgan and Hunt 1994).

    • Word count: 1167
  12. Manufacture and Marketing of a New Breakfast Cereal in Australia

    Shannon (2000) suggests that traditional practices promoting brand loyalty, as advocated by Kotler et al. (2009), may have limited future success and highlights ?Salience?, or achieving awareness and use as the key to brand growth. Linn (2010) offers the thought in ?General Theory of Marketing? that the central feature is the ?Transaction of buying and selling? based on the perceived ?value? of the product by the buyer. This perception, which is underpinned by ?brand image?, is subject to such fluctuations as needs, financial situation, experience and taste.

    • Word count: 2367
  13. Marketing . This audit report analyses and evaluates the present performance and strategies implemented by Qantas Airways Ltd.

    Corporate travellers are likely to be willing to spend more on the luxuries. Apart from the core benefit of getting from one location to another, customers who travel with Qantas also experience quality service. Qantas is a prestigious brand that focuses on quality. The current strategy of Qantas? product and branding aspect is the slogan ?Spirit of Australia,? but from their previous incidents, they need to build their reputation by providing more commitment to safety. They should position themself this way to avoid changes to the perception of the brand name. In regards to pricing, Qantas? strategy is purely profit based in that they aim to increase profit as much as possible.

    • Word count: 11112
  14. Public relations:The objective of this report is to measure the results of BP's PR activities using 10 media clippings

    Number of Audience exposed: possibly thousands, however, unable to be fully ascertained. Media Impressions: The number of times the message appeared in the medium was once and possibly read by thousands. Tone: Negative. Potential Audience: Thousands. Article Length: Just over 100 column-inches. Content: BP earnings performance, investment, and the company's plans, with no mention of competitors. It is an article. Sector Analysis: The oil and gas industry it is a fierce and competitive industry with a constant global race to drill and capitalise on new markets.

    • Word count: 2246
  15. Ben & Jerry's Marketing Strategy

    Ben & Jerry?s are very proud to commit to a wide selection of social, environmental and economic projects on a local, national and international scale; these are all advertised on the company website as well as gaining coverage in many news articles within the area the project is involved with. The company website also includes three mission statements; the product mission, the social mission and the economic mission, each providing the basis of what the company is founded upon. All of the things concerning these mission statements are all included as part of the Ben & Jerry?s product, which in essence means that by purchasing the ice-cream product you support the social and economic mission of the brand.

    • Word count: 2723
  16. Marketing plan For a TGI Friday's in Morocco.

    Our Promise Every Guest Leaves Happy Our Guiding Principles Whatever we do, we do with Integrity" (TGI FRIDAY'S MISSION) Our goal is to become the only choice in the restaurant market, while the "man" is the key to Our success, including Our customers, employees, vendors, neighbors and investors. TGI Friday's commitment is to treat these people with respect, empathy, care. Our goal is to become the world's top full service catering business. To achieve this goal, we insist in Our work: to do the best and seek to exceed the expectations of each others.

    • Word count: 1627

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