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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. J & J Philippines

    On peut �valuer le segment des jeunes femmes � une proportion de 20% des utilisateurs de la poudre b�b�. Positionnement Segmentation La segmentation est effectu�e avec deux crit�res : * G�ographique : Personnes urbaines. * D�mographique : Femme entre 16-25 ans �tant dans la cat�gorie �conomique A, B et C. Repr�sente 8% de la population en 1990. Critique de la segmentation Plusieurs crit�res sont disponibles pour �tablir une segmentation efficace. * Mesurable : Il est possible de donner une estimation du segment qui est de 700'000 personnes (cf. annexes) * Substantiel : La faible taille du march� ainsi que le d�sir de vendre le produit avec une marge plus faible pour acc�der au supermarch� risque de rendre le produit difficilement rentable au d�but.

    • Word count: 1740
  2. A comparative study of the marketing activities of the international fashion company Salvatore Ferragamo in Italy, the home market, and the United States, the most important foreign market.

    The paper will examine global marketing issues comparing target markets, advertising strategies, product lines, distribution channels and competitors faced by the company across different countries. In order to answer the research question, primary data in the form of interviews and questionnaires was collected. One marketing manager of the company from Italy and one from the US were interviewed. The questionnaires, on the other hand, were sent to three company employees in Italy and three in the US. The relevant primary data is represented and analysed throughout the project, supporting the line of discussion.

    • Word count: 11801
  3. Blair Water Purifiers India

    L'indicateur d'augmentation des ventes de ces types de produits peuvent uniquement nous fournir une appr�ciation sur l'augmentation des revenus des consommateurs. Nous pensons qu'il serait int�ressant par exemple de conna�tre l'augmentation des revenus ou encore la croissance g�n�rale du pays. 2.3 Analyse de comp�tition En 1996, Eureka Forbes est le concurrent le plus puissant du march� - 76% du march�, suivi par Ion Exchange qui occupe 7% du march� et Singer qui vient de s'installer sur le march� et esp�re occuper 8% part de march�.

    • Word count: 2592
  4. Sa Sa Cosmetics Case Study

    The other 50% is made up by part-time workers, students, and housewives. * High monthly income * Customers prefer imported goods * Want to spend their money on high quality products and prestige * Price conscious * Fashionable and trendy (producers adjust to customers on seasonal basis: colors, shades, trends, etc.) * Loyal to the brands they purchase (regarding skin products) * Sophisticated - like trendy and well designed products especially imported from abroad. * They pay attention to a product's brand name, price point, ingredients' quality and packaging o (Unique)

    • Word count: 1921
  5. CRITIQUE - Branding Equity in services

    Products tend to be stronger in search and experience attributes; services tend to be stronger in experience and credence attributes. This means that most services can only be evaluated during or after consumption. The authors proceed to explain that depending on which is the dominating attribute, the level of importance of brand equity will vary. As search attributes make the service more tangible it also makes the purchase less risky for the consumer. For this reason, it is said that brand equity is most favourable when the service is dominated by experience and credence attributes.

    • Word count: 3451
  6. International Alliances and Innovation Performance: A Case of the Automotice Industry

    Further, it is important to emphasize that firms may wish to form alliances internationally. This could be owing to country-size effects i.e. a small country firm may want to achieve economies-of-scale by seeking foreign demand. As smaller countries tend to be specialized in fewer sectors and niches (Hagedoorn & Narula, 1998), and if they need to seek technologies outside these sectors, they are obliged to seek access to these comparative advantages in other locations. The automotive sector During the last decade, the auto industry became global (Camuffo & Volpato, 2002). The globalization of the automotive industry emerged as a result of national boundaries proving to be too confining for the growth and competitiveness of principal manufacturers, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and DaimlerChrysler (See Figure 2).

    • Word count: 5134
  7. E Marketing

    Merchant Model Merchant Model's business model is a kind of wholesalers and retailers of goods and services. It is kind of e-business model which offers their customers a built-to-order option, they are able to eliminate the need to house a great deal of inventory and offer the customer the latest technology. Customer also has a direct relationship with the business, making it easier to voice their concerns or praise. For example, Dell sells a variety of goods such as desktop and notebook computers, their own brand of televisions, handhelds, printers and various other electronics and accessories. Computer equipment arrives with a large color-coded diagram showing the customer exactly how to hook up equipment.

    • Word count: 1240
  8. Marketing planning

    takes account of the economic, social, environmental and human rights impacts of its activities, and works in partnership with other groups and organisations (DTI 2002) (1Kew, John et al 2005, Business Environment, Managing in strategic context,,CIPD, uk) Ethics Ethics is about morality and doing 'what is right' and not 'what is wrong'. The business ethics of the organisation can be determined by whether they have ethical responsibilities over and above the ethical responsibilities of the individual (2Kew, John et al 2005, Business Environment, Managing in strategic context,,CIPD, uk)

    • Word count: 2122
  9. Business Plan

    The suppliers/company/marketing intermediaries /customers chain comprises the core marketing system of the company. The company's success will be affected by two additional groups, namely, a set of competitors and a set of publics (Kotler 1991, p.129). However, the Intimissimi brand is entering the classic underwear market for women in the UK. The "Intimissimi brand" will be managed by people with vast experience in the underwear sector, especially in the luxury market. This organization will be drawing from this wealth of experience, as the main accord is to sell well designed and good quality underwear/ lingerie to women in the UK.

    • Word count: 2865
  10. Business Plan

    We will also have a large variety of textiles from numerous jobbers including Architex, DesignTex, Flexus. (www.carolinabusinessfurniture.com) Our Vision - a comfortable life everyday The FLD Furniture Ltd business idea is to offer a range of seating furnishings with a good function as well as design at reasonable prices, so that many people will be able to afford our products and still have money left. Introduction to the Business's Management The following figure shows an audit of the general Management and the departmental structure Designers Barbara Barry is an award winning interior designer who has created homes for prominent American families and offices for some leading companies.

    • Word count: 4390
  11. Caroll's_Introduction_in_China

    Caroll Today a. History To begin this marketing analysis about Caroll's brand, we need to present the company. As we can learn on the Caroll's History page from the Caroll's Internet Site, it has been founded in 1963 by two gentlemen called Rapha�l Levy and Joseph Bigio. Its former name was Les Tricots Caroll (Caroll Knits). At that time, Caroll had a specific and unique market niche which was knitwear and more particularly Shetland woolens. During the booming 1970s, those products were sold in more than 1000 outlets.

    • Word count: 4472
  12. Daimler-Chrysler: A Cultural Mismatch

    It seemed that Chrysler was starting to show improvements in sales, especially when they introduced their range of jeeps, which proved to be most profitable. Introduction In this report we will be discussing questions in regards to the merger between Daimler- Benz and The Chrysler Corporation. One of the basic elements within a merger is to realise the synergies between two or more companies. However, some companies that take part in a merger fail to realise the synergies that were expected to be gained.

    • Word count: 4053
  13. Olive Oil in the United Kingdom

    With a plethora of cheap flights available to us, travel to Europe is easier and more popular than ever before. Whether it be for business or pleasure, it is undeniable that this increase in foreign travel has had a major impact on the UK as a consumer. 'Reality TV' is also at and all time high, with programmes such as I'm a celebrity, Big Brother and Ready, Steady, Cook shown daily, such programmes have had a major effect on our eating habits.

    • Word count: 1240
  14. Marketing 101 Niche Markets

    Based on these comments, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions can be considered as a niche product as it seeks to offer a quality service customised to meet the diving needs of its individual customers. According to the case study, 'each guest is treated to personalised diving assistance based on his or her diving experience. The company customises its service to suit each guest's level of diving experience, from helping with dive equipment, getting to the dive site and education about safety issues.'

    • Word count: 1887
  15. Business strategy for carphone warehouse

    the company's aim from the very beginning has been to offer simple impartial advice while also providing outstanding value. The company aims to exceed the expectations of their customers by providing an innovative approach to service. In order for them to stay at the front line of the dynamic and rapidly moving mobile and modern technology business, the company constantly develop new ideas and services for their customers. The company claims that not all their new ideas come straight from the top, but states that they rely on people throughout the business carry on maintaining their high standards. The company have managed to create a stimulating and rewarding environment for all their employees through incorporating new ideas in the retailing industry with new technology.

    • Word count: 1367
  16. Market Research Proposal

    SFOM had interests throughout Africa with financial institutions (CBA, 2005, http://www.cba.co.ke). The SFOM consortium members included the Banque National de Paris, Bank Bruxelles Lambert, Commerz Bank, and The Bank of America. Eventually, Bank of America obtained shares from all the SFOM members. This made CBA to be a subsidiary of the Bank of America (CBA, 2005, http://www.cba.co.ke). Around 1980 to about 1984, The Bank of America established new disciplines and global systems in CBA. Eventually in late 1984 the Bank of America sold the bulk of its shares to the local investors, but was still allowed to manage CBA, due to an agreement and a small amount of interest it still had for CBA (CBA, 2005, http://www.cba.co.ke).

    • Word count: 5858
  17. Tea industry of pakistan wrt potter model

    Tapal will be having an edge over any new entrant because of its efficient procurement and distribution functions. Product differentiation The products in the industry are highly differentiated on the basis of brand identity and customer loyalties. The existing players have differentiated their products which have increased the barriers for a new entrant. Tapal has successfully introduced its different brands increasing its brand width and highly differentiating its products resulting in an increased barrier for any new entrant. Capital requirements To enter into tea industry on a large scale a very high capital might be needed for marketing, advertising and distribution functions.

    • Word count: 1650
  18. An investigation in formalizing customer perceptions, attitudes towards an overseas brand such as coca cola in Pakistan.

    Coca-Cola still has its headquarters in Atlanta, but now operates in almost every country in the world. It is also aiming to expand across the emerging markets of developing countries: Coca-Cola has invested more than $1 billion in India, and has already cornered around 50% of the country's soft drinks market. . Management structure in the organization: Corporate segment consists of nine functions: Corporate External Affairs; Customer Management; Finance; Human Resources; Innovation/Research and Development; Legal; Marketing; Quality; and Worldwide Public Affairs and Communications.

    • Word count: 2273
  19. What should Starbucks do to better survive and prosper?

    Now, the product mix has become much more varied. 77% of products sold are coffee beverages, followed by 13% as food and finally leaving only 10% for whole beans and accessories such as thermos mugs. 15% of all revenues now come from speciality operations such as acting as a supplier to hotels, airlines, restaurants, grocery stores and even selling online. Starbucks have 3 business aims; to provide the best quality coffee in the world, offer service second to none and finally provide customers with an atmosphere that they enjoy.

    • Word count: 2571
  20. Tudo estaria bem se, ao menos, consegussemos comunicar. O problema que raramente o conseguimos.

    Em 1995, a carteira de neg�cios do Grupo � enriquecida com a integra��o de uma nova marca, em resultado da aquisi��o do Banco Portugu�s do Atl�ntico. A proposta de valor do Atl�ntico � melhorada e a marca � substancialmente rejuvenescida, sendo a sua manuten��o fundamentada pelo grau de complementaridade da carteira de neg�cios dos dois bancos. A forte implanta��o e notoriedade da entidade adquirida e a prud�ncia do processo de integra��o de um banco bastante maior que a casa m�e mitigaram os riscos de abandono de clientes.

    • Word count: 2889
  21. A Indstria Automvel , Segmentos e Mercados.

    No entanto, o seu peso parece estar a diminuir, cada vez mais, perante a economia nacional e, ainda que elevada, a sua produtividade anual tem-se apresentado, ligeiramente, degradada, principalmente no per�odo referente a 1995/2003. Desta forma, tem apostado em campos como a exporta��o e a dinamiza��o de outras �reas associadas. S�o eles os componentes el�ctricos e electr�nicos, os t�xteis t�cnicos, o vidro, o a�o, as tintas e os vernizes especializados, entre outros, sendo que estes constituem 22,6% da mercadoria exportada pelo nosso pa�s.

    • Word count: 1880
  22. Honda Atlas

    To meet customer requirements everywhere, Atlas Honda further expands its network through established "dealer network" country wide. The only company owned showroom is located in Saddar, Karachi. Its Warranty and Training Centers are located in Karachi, Lahore and Multan. Atlas Honda is currently exporting to Asian counties of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, which constitute around 5% - 6% of their total sales. * Functions / applications Functions / applications = what needs? Atlas Honda is catering to the basic need of "transport i.e.

    • Word count: 8737
  23. consumer behaviour

    This can have both internal and external stimulus. However, marketers can only influence the external motivation. Secondly, there is the information search, where customers look for all the information possible, using commercial, public, personal and experiential sources. Advertisements have a great deal of influence on where they start their information search which could affect their behaviour. The third stage includes the evaluation of alternatives, while the fourth stage deals with the purchase decision. This is the stage where the customer actually buys the product, choosing the most preferred brand.

    • Word count: 1620
  24. easy jet

    Key players and their market share in no frill airline industries for UK and Europe. The main low-cost Airline operating with the UK and Europe are. Easy jet which is UK leading low cost airline, currently flies into 53 airports around Europe, 12 of which are in the United Kingdom, and 3 in Ireland (Mintel, 2005) .market share of easy jet is 37.01% of the total market.( e consultancy 2004). Ryan air is easy Jet's closest competitor in the low fares market, although they directly compete on very few routes.

    • Word count: 2577
  25. Sales Report Apple, Inc.

    For 2006, the annual sales for these companies are as follows: Nokia $15.2 billion, Motorola $11.8 billion, Samsung $18.16 billion, and Sony $70.3 billion. (In case there is any confusion, the annual sales of cellular phones alone determine what company is the best in the industry so companies such as Sony who have over $70 billion in sales can attribute most of those sales to other product lines whereas Nokia sales of $15.3 billion are strictly cellular phone sales.) (1)

    • Word count: 4696

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