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McDonald's Marketing Mix

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McDonald's Marketing Mix Product: McDonald's offers a standard menu including burgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, desserts and other items which vary by location of the branches. Food products are cooked in advanced, kept hot and packaged to order, allowing for a customer's short wait time. Due to changes in customer demands, McDonald's is constantly introducing new products and phasing out old products. Price: McDonald's implements various types of pricing models. There are three tiers. There is value pricing with its Dollar Menu, which was launched nationally in 2002. With the economic downturn at the time, this was a good way to keep and acquire new consumers. They also employ product line pricing for its regularly priced items. Included in its Value Meals are the sandwich, French fries, and a drink. Then they also have their more expensive premium items like the Angus burgers. McDonald's also does promotional pricing. Often times, there will be banners and posters advertising deals like "Two Sausage McMuffins for $3." Recently, McDonald's have also use penetration pricing, for its breakthrough into the coffee market. ...read more.


Customers may also need managing, as they affect the atmosphere in the restaurant and could make or break another customer's experience. Physical Evidence: McDonald's has a well-established brand and one of the world's most recognizable symbols, "the Golden Arches," which appeals to customers of all age groups and nationalities. The arches are a part of the restaurant design, which was later used in its logos. The food packaging is all very standardized with this logo. The interior design and layout of restaurants very similar, signifying consistency not only in their foods but in everything they do. It is important to manage the look of the restaurant, including hygiene. Process: The process of delivering the product and service is completely transparent. From placing the order to being able to see your food being prepared behind the counter to receiving your meal, every part of the process is available to the customer. In this way, it is extremely important to ensure that mistakes do not occur, and if they do, they are resolved quickly and efficiently. ...read more.


McDonald's makes an emphasis on reliability, to be able to provide consistent quality of service. Employees wear a standard uniform and are expected to provide friendly and quick service. In 1961, a training program called Hamburger University was launched for franchisees, operators, and managers learned the scientific methods of running a successful McDonald's. Here the training mission is "to be the best talent developer of people with the most committed individuals to Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value in the world." Because production and consumption of this service occurs at the same time, it is important to also manage the customer's activities at the restaurant. They affect the atmosphere in the restaurant and could make or break another customer's experience. Recently there was a security issue where a customer was almost killed by two other customers. One employee recorded the incident and did not do anything to try to stop it. In critical situations like this, employees should be trained to know how to handle it. They have to make sure that all customers will be fine in a safe environment in the restaurant. After this incident, McDonald's claimed that more security cameras will be installed so that it serves as a warning for any future perpetrators that they will be recorded. ...read more.

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