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Mentoring Problem at Walnut Insurance Company

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Project Human Resource Management Case Mentoring Problem at Walnut Insurance Company Dated: 27th May, 2008 Fatima Jinnah Women University Introduction of Mentoring: Mentoring is the process in which a senior manager is paired with a junior employee for the purpose of giving support, helping the employee learns the ropes, and preparing the employee for increasing responsibility. A mentor is someone is someone in the organization, usually older, more experienced, and in higher level position, who sponsor or support another employee (a prot�g�) who is in a lower level position in the organization. A mentor can teach, guide, and encourage. Some organizations have formal mentoring programs and some have informal mentoring program. What is the mentoring process? Most successful managers will agree that having a mentor is one of the key to managerial success. Mentors obviously contribute to the professional development of employee they support and they help smooth the way for these people to advance in the organization. Roles of Mentor: The mentoring role includes coaching, counseling, and sponsorship. As a Coach: Mentor as a coach helps to develop their prot�g�s skills. As a Counselor: Mentor as a counselor provides support and help encourage the prot�g�s self confidence. ...read more.


Therefore he wanted to introduce the formal mentoring program so that the women are not excluded. To solve this problem the President wanted the consensus of his Vice Presidents. But the idea of the President was opposed by the Vice Presidents of the company as tactfully as they could. All the VPs rejected the idea by giving different professional and personal reasons. However the president finally made the decision. Questions: 1. If you were Tom, would you implement a formal mentoring program? If so, how would you address VP's concerns? If I am Tom, I would implement the formal mentoring program on the basis of its importance in this case. According to current situation in Walnut Insurance Company, the present informal mentoring system might result in women exclusion from the mentoring program so we consider that formal mentoring program must be implemented. Here the question arises that "Are all employees in the organization equally likely to participate in a mentoring program?" Unfortunately the answer is no. evidence indicate that minorities and women are less likely to be chosen as prot�g�s then the men and thus are less likely to accrue the benefit of mentorship. ...read more.


We address his concern in a way that, it is not necessary to discuss each and everything that happen in the job at home with your wife. Wife and job must be separated. It is requirement of the job to work with women so every employee is liable to perform his responsibility. 2. What alternatives to a formal mentoring program are available to Tom? 1. As the VPs are not ready to become the mentor, we suggest the Tom to arrange the training session for the women and appoint a trainer for them so that all the women are trained in the same way and a day should be fixed for a meeting to share their experiences and solve the problems they faced while working. In this way they will feel privileged. 2. Tom can also provide women, the facility of coaching so that the women can get complete guidance and feedback about the performance. Coaching is a continuous process that is why it is more effective. 3. Female mentors should be appointed for female. If female mentors are not available inside the organization then invite someone from outside the organization as a consultant. 4. Tom must provide training to the minorities and women and encourage them to that extent so that they do not need any mentor. ?? ?? ?? ?? Case: Mentoring Problem at Walnut Insurance Company 8 ...read more.

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