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MIS in plastic Manufacturing

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MIS in plastic Manufacturing TABLE OF CONTENTS SR NO CONTENTS PAGE 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 2 INTRODUCTION 4 3 MIS IN PLASWARE 9 4 DATABASES 10 5 CUSTOMER ORDER 12 6 PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT 13 7 PRODUCTION LABEL 14 8 PURCHASING AND STOCK CONTROL 15 9 QUALITY CONTROL MODULE 16 10 ACCOUNTS 17 11 PLASWARE SYSTEM MANAGER 20 12 CONCLUSION 21 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: PLASWARE, a multi-product, fully integrated complex & producer of polyethylene / polypropylene plastics, liquid petrochemicals, & automotive fuels is the only such petrochemical manufacturer of eastern India. The plant consists of four units, 1. Naphtha Gas cracker Unit. 2. Associated Units ( Butadiene extraction unit, Benzene Extraction unit, Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit and C4 Hydrogenation unit. 3. Polymer Units ( PolyPropylene, Linear Low Density PolyEthylene, High Density PolyEthylene and Integrated Offsite Plants). 4. BOO Units ( Captive Power Plant and Nitrogen Plant). PLASWARE has three-tier energy management cell. The Energy Management Apex Group (EMAG) comprises of primarily the top management at plant. The Energy Representative of individual plant & Engineering discipline along with the representatives of Technology forms the Energy Management Core Group (EMCG). Energy Manager is heading this group. ...read more.


Temperature across the chiller in butadiene was only 3�c against the design of 5�c. The problem could not be solved even after communication with the designer for several times. Unit Capacity Licenser Manufacturer Olefine: Napth Cracker Unit 466000 TPA ABB LUMUS Toyo Engg, Japan Associated Units BUTADIENE EXTRACTION UNIT 82,000 TPA BASF LURGI , GERMANY BENZENE EXTRACTION UNIT 85,000 TPA LURGI LURGI , GERMANY PYROLYSIS GASOLINE HYDROGENATION 150,000 TPA IFP LURGI , GERMANY C4 HYDROGENATION UNIT 143,000 TPA IFP IDEA, INDIA POLYMER UNITS POLYPROPYLENE 245,000 TPA BASELL DAELIM, KOREA LINEAR LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE 260,000 TPA BASELL TECNIMONT, ITALY HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE 240,000 TPA MITSUI TECNIMONT, ITALY INTEGRATED OFFSITE PLANTS EIL-INDIA BOO UNITS CAPTIVE POWER PLANT 116 MW NITROGEN PLANT 9,000 NM3 Note: Figures are in KTA Plant FY 2002-03 FY 2003-04 FY 2004-05 FY 2005-06 (Planned) NCU (P+ E) 572 766 813 840 HDPE 203 237 264 269 LLDPE 183 270 289 300 PP 192 256 256 277 Benzene 69 93 118 109 Butadiene 18 58 69 72 DATABASES 1. Departments :- In the department menu, database regarding all department can be entered, modified or deleted. 2. Operations:- This database concern with inventories and other operation activities. ...read more.


with the month's end processing that is rebating and adding of all the months expenses and income Nominal Code Entry This section contains all the methods and process of account entered in the tabular form. Exit to Window This will lead to the home page SYSTEM PARAMETERS This section will allow changing the different parameters of the system. For example: one can skip the discount box from invoicing also one can print packaging instruction to laser just by clicking the box behind that option and make it at tick mark position. And after that click on the save option to save the changes made and then the system works accordingly. There are many parameters there which can be used to make the system work at owner requirement and choices. CONCLUSION MIS helps us to gather data and retrieve information from it. This information can be helpful in deciding the future decision of the company. It helps manager to evaluate option on hand. With tons of data and information available a manager can predict a future course of a industry. MIS also helps in giving us a cost-benefit analysis of each process of our company. Through MIS we are able to analyze even a small related process. ?? ?? ?? ?? 21 | Page ...read more.

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