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Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd is an alternative distribution company for a wide range of alcohol. Unlike the traditional alcohol distributor, our company provides a unique service for alcohol distribution service through the medium of mobile phones.

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1. Executive Summary Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd is an alternative distribution company for a wide range of alcohol. Unlike the traditional alcohol distributor, our company provides a unique service for alcohol distribution service through the medium of mobile phones. This marketing plan is designed to give us a blueprint for marketing alcohol distribution service, SMS. We have included a complete market analysis, target market summaries, a SWOT analysis, a detailed milestones table, and other relevant discussions. Market research indicates a specific and growing need in the area for the products and services Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd offered in the market it serves. The market strategy will be based on a cost effective approach to reach this clearly defined target market. The three-phase approach will utilize resources to create awareness of the store and encourage customers to benefit from the convenience and services it offers. Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd will focus on its selection, accessibility of product, customer services, and competitive pricing. We hope this marketing plan creates a long-term growth model for our alcohol distribution success. Our company will leverage its competitive advantage of a customer-centric business model to rapidly gain market share in the alcohol distribution niche. 2. Introduction Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd is a company established by five enthusiastic, motivated and determined postgraduate students. The primary focus of Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd is to provide utmost customer service to our target market: customers wishing to purchase alcohol. Our main operation is to provide alcohol to customers through the process of text messaging from mobile phones. This process involves the customer providing information on what type of alcohol they require and when. Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd then delivers the alcoholic beverages to the customer. This service allows the customer to conveniently obtain alcoholic beverages stress free for any occasion such as birthday parties, weddings and barbeques. ...read more.


From information published by Woolworths Ltd, Coles Myer Ltd's share in the market is approximately 21.8%. Marketing Strategies Although Coles Myer Ltd is the largest retailer in Australia, it is still behind Woolworths Ltd in areas such as food and liquor retailing. In 2002 Coles Myer Ltd's food and liquor sales were 80% of Woolworths Ltd and this year they are 78% of Woolworths Ltd (http://www.abc.net.au/insidebusiness/content/2003/s950240.htm). To combat this, Coles Myer Ltd strategy is to grow. It is seeking and opening new stores in what they consider to be growth areas. Advertising/Promotion Being a major player in the liquor retailing industry, Coles Myer Ltd has buyer power because it purchases its products in bulk and hence can negotiate lower prices. It has a large sum of financial support and budget to run a large-scale advertising campaign. Coles Myer Ltd also has a Website that is both user friendly and the pages do not take long to download. Here, the customer can find out everything about the company including its various subsidiaries, the products it sells and where the stores are locate. 3.1 Analysis of Organisational Competencies Differential Advantage There are many liquor store everywhere selling more or less the same products and offer the same services with little difference in terms of prices. Therefore we find it necessary to differentiate our services from the rest of our competitors. A few ways that we can do this is through non price factors such as product quality, on time delivery and friendly personal service. We provide faster delivery time of ranging from 2 hours to 4 hours depending on locations as opposed to 24 hour service offered by Liquorland. (Please check!) Our packaging of the product ensures that the product delivered will be cold and ready to serve immediately. Based on the survey we have conducted on the willingness of our customers to pay for the delivery fee, we concluded that we will be charging a fee of $5 per delivery and above $100 purchase will receive free delivery cost. ...read more.


advertising agency for creative development Communications Manager 1st November 2003 Commence media buying negotiations Communications Manager 5th November 2003 Media launch event to take place Communications Manager 10th November 2003 Launch Product All 15th November 2003 Commence Indirect Sales Channels strategy by develop key relationships with Retailers Sales Manager 10th December 2003 Set sales targets Sales Manager 1st December 2003 Review sales performance Sales Manager 31st December 2003 Monitoring of Marketing Performance Staff Ownership As a start up company with only five employees at the outset it will be essential that all parties communicate on a weekly basis in order to ensure that all parties are moving in harmony to achieve financial objectives. Performance reviews will be carried out on a quarterly basis by an external monitor employed by investors. Market Metrics Process Market Metrics It will be the responsibility of the Communication Manager to compile a Monthly report for the first 12 months of the company launch detailing feedback from customers. This process will help meet customer satisfaction and value and in turn ensure the service is in line with customer needs. This process will ensure that customers continue to purchase alcohol through SMS. End-Result Market Metrics As a company introducing a new service to the market place Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd has no customers and no market share at the outset. The key performance objectives with regard to forecast sales and users will be monitored and tracked throughout the initial three-year period using customer acquisition and customer retention as key end-result market metric. Financial Performance Metrics End-Result Metric or Financial performance metrics will be used on a yearly basis to measure growth and financial performance, which will enable Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd to analyse performance on a yearly basis and take corrective measure for the following year. Net Marketing Contribution (NMC) is a basic marketing profitability equation that will be used on a yearly basis enabling Modern Liquor Distributors Pty Ltd to determine any major causes of a performance gap. ...read more.

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