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Network security issues dicussed the with assumption that the reader has mastered the fundamental issues of telecommunication system and computer networking.

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1 Preface This report is written as a requirement of course 52281- Telecommunication systems - structure and applications at Department of Telecommunication, in the period of fall semester 1999, under supervision by J�rgen Nygaard. The report is written by: _______________________________ 1. Adi Basuki Tedjasaputra c991908 Chapter 1- 11, 17-18; Editor _______________________________ 2. Aamir Bashir c991896 Chapter 12-16 2 Synopsis The purpose of this synopsis is to explain and clarify the structure of this report. The report consists of two parts, which are written separately and independently by the writers. The writers approach network security from different perspective to include a broader spectrum of network security issues. The first writer tries to approach network security issues with assumption that the reader has mastered the fundamental issues of telecommunication system and computer networking. The issues discussed are: * Problem formulation and delimitation of network security * Definition of network security * Security system approaches * Introduction to Firewall * Secure protocol * Network topology and security * OSI network security * Windows NT security Some references used by the first writer are: [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], and [9] The second writer focuses on more practical things. Some discussed issues are: * Network security needs * Security plan * LAN and security * Security and Windows NT * Secure electronic commerce Some references used by the first writer are: [1], [2], [10], and [11] 3 Table of Contents 1 PREFACE 1 2 SYNOPSIS 2 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 4 PROBLEM - FORMULATION AND DELIMITATION 5 5 INTRODUCTION 6 5.1 PASSWORD 7 5.2 IMPORTANT FACTORS 8 5.3 EVERY USER SHOULD BE UNIQUE 9 5.4 COST OF NETWORK SECURITY 9 5.4.1 Degrade performance of network 9 5.4.2 Unfriendly 10 5.4.3 Financial cost 10 5.4.4 Time 10 5.4.5 Special management 10 6 SECURITY SYSTEM APPROACHES 11 6.1 SERIES OF CONCENTRIC CIRCLES (SCC) [3] 11 6.2 SERIES OF LAYERS (SL) ...read more.


The advantage and disadvantage of the method are respectively: * It can reduce authentication time so that the network performance is increased. * An unauthorized user can breach the security of any trusted domain. 11.1 NTFS file security Windows NT using NTFS file security to secure information stored. This is considered a secure solution for data. The access to data can be conditioned so that one needs authentication before using the data. The disadvantage of this solution is that NTFS File Security slows down performance of computer networking by checking request to access file. 11.2 E-mail Popular E-mail protocols used today is Post Office Protocol (POP) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). POP is designed for "off-line" mail processing where the user does not change computer often and use the same computer and email client to do email processing. It can be used with multiple different computers with consequence that the messages will be sprinkled throughout the computers. IMAP, on the other hand, is designed to be used by multiple computers. The technology allows the message to be centralized, so that messages are not sprinkled when using several different computers and same account. E-mail security is an important issue since the nature of e-mail can be private or personal. Unfortunately, POP and IMAP does not have any security facilities with it. It depends on the network security to secure the information. In practice, it is important to have security for e-mail protocol. Many organizations begin to implement paperless office, where one of the facilities used is e-mail. The information in an email can be confidential for a specific department, for example. This information should be protected from security threats, but there is no protection if the threat comes from inside the organization. 12 Network Security Needs The most important security needs are describe as * Confidentiality * Reliability * Integrity A network should not allow any one to see confidential information without authorization. ...read more.


and it is verified that message has not been altered since it was sent .A digital signature goes beyond techniques such as integrity check-value mechanism because it supports non repudiation. In other word it may be used to resolve dispute between the parties involved in transaction. 16.2 Electronic commerce application security Here is a brief overview of higher-level security measure needed for electronic data interchange (EDI) and Internet bankcard payment system * EDI System EDI is the application-to-application exchange of business data in industry standard formats. It can provide instantaneous data transmission. It is based upon open standards and Internet has potential to low cost dramatically. Currently it is possible to apply standard Internet message security protocol to EDI interchange message. For example EDI MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) contents are fully compatible with MIME security protocol. * SET Protocol Secure electronic Transaction is a complete protocol and infrastructure specification for supporting bankcard payment over the Internet. It was developed by the visa Master card and other organization. How it work is illustrated by an example Suppose when a cardholder agrees to make purchase from the merchant, the car holder sends online payment instruction to the merchant. The merchant then communicates with the appropriate financial institution via payment gateway forwarding the payment instruction, to authorize and capture the transaction. The acquiring bank does the capturing. 17 Conclusion We cannot trust a software vendor completely for security matters. One of the recent examples is that a network computer security company found a security hole in Windows NT and subsequently Microsoft released a patch for it. The best solution for computer network security depends on many factors and considerations. The best solution for a system might not be the best solution for another system. Network security design, implementation, and maintenance are needed during the use of the system. It should not be done temporarily, but it should be done continuously. It does not have to be static since internal and external threats and challenges change rapidly. ...read more.

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