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NSPCC analysis SWOT, PEST, monitor external environment

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SWOT analyses on National Society of the Prevention Cruelty to Children (NSP??) Introduction Th? National Society for th? Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSP??) was already one of Britain's biggest ?nd most successful charities. Thus, when NSP?? staff decided to launch an "online banking" program for its donors, it was, in ? sense, gilding th? lily. Under th? new program, th? charity's 780,000 donors (including lapsed donors) could manage their own giving accounts. Through th? NSP?? Web site, donors now could: raise, lower, or cancel their monthly giving payments; tell NSP?? how often they want to receive mailings; specify whether they want to be contacted by phone, e-mail, or mail; state if they want to order merchandise; receive an up-to-date statement of their giving; or, reactivate themselves if lapsed. SWOT Analysis Strengths * Relationship fundraising will raise more money. With increased donor involvement come up to more ?nd bigger gifts, irrespective of income bracket. * Donors will keep benevolent longer. * Relationship fundraising can decrease fundraising costs. * Proper thank-you ?nd welcome procedures dramatically increase th? percentage of donors giving ? second gift. * Long term donations -encourage direct debits, so more long term commitment from people * No current bad press coverage * Good informative, easy to use website * Easy to make a donation to them either via phone or online * Easy for the public to contact ...read more.


If you see relationship fundraising as a simple option. * self-satisfaction * Failure to keep good records. * When g?od fundraisers leave an organization, they may take some relationships with them. * Fundraisers might not be sufficiently discriminating ?nd might apply "relationship" initiatives across th? board without considering donors' wishes. * Relationship fundraising is ? means to an end, not an end in itself. Direct marketing agencies will ride roughshod over relationship fundraising initiatives in their selfish desire to keep up volumes ?nd maintain their income. * Huge fundraising isn't just asking people to give. It's relating to exciting people to give. Great fundraising means considerate your donors, ?nd being straight with them. * Economic structure changes may affect funding and donations * Political instability, may cause change in government and may affect laws which aid the NSPCC's cause and funding. * When patrons or sponsors lose key head figures and have to restructure, could affect funding * Global aid emergencies, Tsunami, Darfur -diverting emergency relief * Competitors for funds * Children In Need lots of publicity on the BBC -pulls focus away form NSPCC * Children's hospitals -NSPCC could have an affiliation with hospitals * National children's charities, and national charities who aid other causes * International charities * Internet accessibility and child safety on websites could pose a serious threat to child protection PEST and the NSPCC Political - ...read more.


Technological - The increase of online chat engines and online networking has created an area which the NSPCC is helping parents to protect their children from potential harm. There is now pressure being place onto computer retailers to ensure child safe software guidelines are available. (http://www.nspcc.org.uk/whatwedo/mediacentre/pressreleases/2007_05_november _computer_retail_industry_failing_to_help_parents_protect_their_children_online_w dn52069.html 12/11/2007) How does NSP?? monitor their environment? Th? National Society for th? Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSP??) building strong foundations that have been made by rolling out child protection procedures ?nd implement ? comprehensive child safeguarding strategy as set out in creating ? Safe Environment. This would afford children protection by promoting both th? prevention of abuse ?nd th? paramountcy of children's welfare ?nd best interests. Alongside tailored policies ?nd procedures, this requires ? plan which is monitored ?nd evaluated ?nd promotes ? culture of awareness ?nd risks to children ?nd protects them from all forms of abuse ?nd promotes their well-being. Conclusion Th? NSP?? is th? UK's leading charity specialising in child protection ?nd th? prevention of cruelty to children. Th? aim of our FULLSTOP Campaign is to end cruelty to children. Th? NSP?? has worked with ? number of different faith groups, providing advice ?nd guidance on child protection ?nd safeguarding; ?nd assisting them to develop policies tailored to their particular context, procedures, training, audits, ?nd reviews. ...read more.

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