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OB - Personal Reflection paper

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truebus 1 As my experience in graduate school at Ohio University turns the corner and heads for home, I find myself near the doorstep of my future. I will receive my master's degree in Telecommunication Management with the plan to manage in the field, then pursue a doctorate in communications, and later instruct at the university level--but first things first. My initial desire is to go into the field. My choices, whether be radio, television, cable, or multimedia, grow as fast as the technology in this digital age we live in. To be a successful manager- and this is increasing in the telecommunications field-a proper understanding of how peoples' attitudes and actions shape their behavior within the organization is a necessity. The following paper will highlight core aspects of organizational behavior, how they connect within the context of organizational behavior-touching on key matters-and how the information from the assessments might apply in my development toward a future career. Additionally, the paper will reflect and highlight the results of the Self-Assessment and how they connect with my experiences in daily life. The paper will follow the order of the assessments in relation to the chapters they pertain to. All quotations from Essentials of Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, 7th edition, 2003, will be indicated throughout this paper unless otherwise noted. Many themes involve themselves with organizational behavior. In the context of this course, my view of the central issues encompasses several aspects. Diversity, improving quality and productivity, empowering people, decision making, teamwork and communication are just a small sample of these themes. Increasingly, the workplace contains employees from many ethnicities and cultures. Workforce diversity "encompasses women, African Americans, Hispanic truebus 2 Americans, and Asian American. It also includes the physically disabled, gays and lesbians and the elderly" (p. 7-8). This aspect is highly important in the globalization of today's industries in the digital age. ...read more.


The next portion of this paper will discuss the results and highlights of my self-assessment testing. The first test completed entitled, "How Good Am I at Giving Feedback," gave me interesting and unexpected results. My self-perceived strengths were significantly higher than my self-perceived weaknesses. This was surprising because due to the way I think people are, at times, confused by my initial reactions; it's usually after a more in-depth explanation they fully understand the extent or meaning of my feedback. Perhaps as I've matured, I've been able to develop my weaknesses into strengths. Giving constructive feedback, whether in the form of praise or criticism, affects my short and long term goals. It will be important from a management perspective in the communications industry and will carry significant weight if I hope to become a college professor. The next assessment deals with emotional intelligence. I received a score of 45, indicating that I have a relatively high emotional intelligence. Emotions figure predominantly into personality. As the text indicates, there are several ways to derive one's personality type. After reading the test and completing the assessment, I would dub myself a classic example of a Type-A personality. In my previous job as a radio producer, I would constantly strive to multi-task, trying to do as much as possible in a short amount of time. I did so to the extent that figuring out the must efficient process truebus 7 took almost as much time as the job. Following Holland's Typology of Personality, my type is investigative. The previous example helps indicate this point. The management of emotions is often a game that must be played at many levels. Professionally, one must be careful not to let personal matters influence decisions and vice versa. When approaching a management career, I feel it's just as important to manage the emotions of yourself and your employees. Assessment #13, "What Motivates Me?" ...read more.


Media companies are gigantic corporations that just get bigger all the time; a pertinent example is Comcast's bid to purchase Disney. Universities may not be government agencies, but they are in some cases extensions of the government and are very large organizations where structure and rules are very formal. In the constant evolution of today's communications industries, employees must be able and willing to adapt to change for many reasons. That simply is the "nature of the workforce" (p. 249). A theme echoed throughout this paper is the rapid development and use of technology is quickly eliminating borders, increasing competition, diversity, and "social trends." From these factors stem government regulation or deregulation and economic fluctuations. The organization of a media company must employ people who have a disposition to acceptance of change. According to assessment #47, I accept a new workplace fairly well and I am comfortable with change. The results are helpful to know and connect with many of my own assumptions. With the ability to welcome change and a new workplace I will face less resistance in transition to a job in a media organization. I fall into the category of an, "equity sensitive" according to Assessment #16. Equity sensitives, as the term suggests, are interested in equality in differences. This characteristic is similar to my conflict-handling style of compromising. Parallels can be drawn relating the two and it shows consistency in my thoughts and action-something that is vital to success in an organizational setting. Truebus 12 To conclude, the text and assessments have supported and exposed numerous elements relating to organizational behavior. Many of them also conjured up memories of instances that directly related to the topics at hand. As I reflect back on how I dealt with the situations, I now have a connection to why I reacted in the manner that I did. The information from the text and the assessments will also be a useful tool in my development both personally and professionally as my new daily life will consist of work in the media environment. ...read more.

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