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operations management

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Operations Management 'Design House Partnership at Concept Design Services' Lawrence Britt Introduction Businesses continually need to make decisions, whether it has to find a cheaper way to carry out tasks in the production department to choosing which marketing campaign they will use. The operations manager must decide on their overall operations approach built on their business strategy. The manager must design processes on a day-to-day basis, ensuring there is appropriate delivery of their service. Importantly the company must continually seek out ways of improvement to create and deliver products and services. CDS Model of Operations Management Operations strategic objectives Villessi & Design Operations strategy House Partnership Inputs Output Out-Sourcing "Focus" products (Operations Management, Slack, N, 4th edition) We can see from the above diagram the overall picture of CDS. The inputs are entered into the transformation, where designs are passed to manufacturing then are produced and distributed as outputs. The objectives of the company are used as a template for the strategy of CDS's operations, which will over see the designs and production of it products. There is also involvement from its design partners that will influence the operation strategy and designs of products. It has been said that the manufacturing department see more of their Design House partners more then their own and that the Villessi partners are always in the factory. From this, we can see that the most important part's of CDS's operations for the operations manager is the good co-operation and communication between three departments design, manufacturing, planning and distribution. ...read more.


The planning of its operations aims to maintain high utilisation, manager, Sandra White, "that anticipation of demand in new home ware products is difficult to forecast". (Case study CDS) The nature of the products makes scheduling difficult as these home ware products are sometimes fashion items and seasonal this means that these types of products have a short life cycle. With promotions being organised at short notice this also adds to planning problems. Again, by being flexible in the manufacturing operation it can meet changes in demand. This is why CDS has a high variation in demand. Visibility dimension CDS can be said to be a high and low visibility operations. The workforces that perform the vital tasks such as manufacturing the products have little contact with the customers. They are usually centralised to the factory area and are highly staff utilised. Where as, the employees at the planning and distribution operations provide a service in which they need to have good customer service contact skills as they deal with their clients, receiving their request and meeting new customers. Customer satisfaction is met by quality of service as well as CDS's products. This is shown by the focus brand, as they are very important clients, failure of this could lead to upsetting the customers and losing their account if delivery was to be missed. (Operations Management, Slack, N, 4th edition) ...read more.


Forecasting is an issue with CDS when planning for sales in its products. The company can use two approaches to this forecasting problem; CDS can use qualitative methods, as well as qualitative techniques, which is used to mould data. A panel approach can be introduced to CDS when forecasting and CDS can allocate a day for all the managers in each department to act as a panel so that they can discuss and give their opinions. In the meetings they can use time series analysis, which will examine past patterns in sales as it gathers information overtime, which then the managers use to predict future behaviours. However, by using these methods to forecast sale of products it still does not mean they will be accurate in their predictions, as information will sometimes be in accurate as it is down to human judgement and no one can foretell the future events. Demand may not be high as expected or a machine can breakdown and make manufacturing difficult to meet sales targets. (Operations Management, Slack, N, 4th edition pg652 pg196) Conclusion In conclusion, if CDS introduce lean production it will lessen their use of resources and cutting their cost down but their productivity will be high and they will be producing more in the short term. The company needs to make sure that their managers are on the same path and each voices their opinions and then come to an amicable decision. ...read more.

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