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Organizational structure at Oklahoma State University Medical Center

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Organizational Structure Joy Upshaw Wesleyan University Organizational Structure "Organizational design is the process of constructing and adjusting an organization's structure to achieve its business strategy and goals" (Nelson & Quick, 2011, p. 518). The organization's structure gives it the form to be able to fulfill its function in the environment. The structural configuration is determined by the organization's mission and purpose. An organization must look at its contextual variables and adjust itself to meet the demands and functions. There are six basic design dimensions that must have a desired level of each structural dimension in order to meet the desired configuration of the organizations. The first dimension is formalization. As a nurse it doesn't matter where you work the role of the nurse is highly regulated by the States Nurse Practice Act. The Nurse Practice Act regulates the scope of practice of a nurse. Oklahoma State University is also regulated by other state and federal authorities such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), The Joint Commission, and Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP). These governing bodies place standards of care that must be met by the hospital, often defining an employees' role. ...read more.


The fifth dimension is the degree to which many different activities occur within the organization or the complexity (Nelson & Quick, 2011). In any hospital there are a large amount of different positions. Some hospitals are more complex than others. At Oklahoma State University Medical Center we have everything from dietary, housekeeping, security, nurses, physicians, maintenance, secretaries, volunteers, staffing coordinators to education specialist. All of the roles in the hospital have different job functions, but no matter what job you are in each position is crucial for the patient's care. It is one big multidisciplinary approach to caring for the patients. The last dimension is the hierarchy of authority, which is the degree of vertical differentiation across the levels of managements (Nelson & Quick, 2011). Oklahoma State University Medical Center is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to this Board. In our organization we have a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and a Senior Director of Operations that all directly report to the CEO. Under the CNO is the Director of Nursing, Director of Quality, Director of Surgery, Director of Wound Care, Laboratory Manager, Director of Pharmacy, and Director of Radiology. ...read more.


The organization had not been touched in several years and had very scarce resources. The organization at one time was operating solely in survival mode and was literally seconds from closing the doors. The hospital had lost key physicians, did not have an acting Chief Executive Officer, had very old technology and space, had lost its whole education department, and had not had any maintenance done to the facility in years. Technology was also another variable affecting the hospital. The hospital is now making improvements since being bailed out by the state and city of Tulsa. The hospital has strategic plans in place and is remodeling the hospital, adding up to date technology, and hiring new physicians. Oklahoma State University Medical Center has similar design dimensions and structural configuration as most other hospitals. Oklahoma State University Center seems to be more decentralized than others in the Tulsa area and are different in the fact the hospital is a teaching hospital providing a different environment than most. Because of the population the organization cares for the employees have to strive hard to be more resourceful than other facilities might. It is important for an organization to know how each of these variables can affect the organization and be able to adjust accordingly. ...read more.

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