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People and Organisational management in the built environment

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School of Built Environment Heriot Watt University ASSIGNMENT PEOPLE AND ORGANISATIONAL MANAGEMENT IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Submitted by: Anup Chellappen Nair MSc. Construction Management (Project Management) Registration Number: 071223616 CONTENTS Part 1 3 Introduction 3 Why are the Understanding of People and Organisational Management Important? 3 Key Challenges of the 21st Century 7 Conclusion 8 Part 2 9 My Own Management Competencies 9 References 11 PART 1 Introduction: Management as defined by Mary Parker Follet is "The art of getting things done through people" (Torrington & Weightman, 1994, P: 17). Management is an ongoing activity to achieve important goals and to know how to perform major functions. A good management system is a challenge, it is the process of maintaining control over an organisation at the same time inspiring, leading, and making important decisions. In a management system it is the role of the manager to deal with the operation, structure and process of an organisation. The concept of management has been in existence from the time of human origin. The approach to management has changed and a scientific approach to management evolved in the beginning of the 19th century which was the time of the industrial revolution. After the emergence of the industrial revolution the management theory split into 2 groups, i.e. the practising managers consisting of Taylor and the social scientists consisting of Mayo. Since then a lot of new management theories have evolved. The people and organisational management is the latest focus since each work tends to be different and the organisations need different strategies to achieve each objective. ...read more.


Elton Mayo derived a theory from his Human Relations School on how to motivate the workers and improve the output. This is known as the famous Hawthorne studies derived from the Hawthorne experiments (Mayo, 1920). But Taylor opposed Mayo's theory. He said "man at work was largely an economic man; there for, he would work harder only if he could improve his position by doing to". If productivity of an organisation is increasing year by year it is not just because of the amount of motivation they get but also due to the new methods and machines involved in the production. There fore it can be said that productivity lies some where in between the two extremes. Leadership plays a very important role in people and organisational management. A leader is an inevitable part in the success of an organisation. A good leader is a good planner, a good organiser, a good controller and a good motivator. According to the Situational theory, Jerkin stated that" Leadership is specific to the particular situation under investigation" (Dale, 1978, P: 316). A leader is one who can change according to the situation and make decisions according to that in an organisation. Northouse (2001) defines leadership as "a process where by an individual influences a group to achieve a common goal" (Morden, 2004, P: 200). The organisation culture is not constant and the approach changes day by day. To cope up with these changes, good leadership requires excellent understanding. He should be able to influence and encourage subordinates to work. ...read more.


If I was to come across something unexpected at work it would somehow manage to frustrate my goals. Job analysis and performance planning are some of the methods which I tend to implement into my profession. I believe that listing out priorities in my job, I might be able to understand my working environment more effectively and focus on more complicated issues. My expectation is that this will help me get the most from my work I do and keep my workload under control. Leadership to me is the most important skill in the construction industry. I feel that leadership requires constant training, which involves good decision making, self confidence and good communication skills. It also means expanding your ability to deliver many times over, which is something I intend to improve on. The leadership skills that I posses requires a certain amount of power and encouragement. I feel that I lack a certain amount of power when it comes to making good decisions for my group. I would like to improve on this skill by improving my self confidence, manage group decisions and move on with a dynamic attitude. The construction industry is presently moving at a rapid pace. This means that more decision making and prioritising skills is as important as proper time management. Time management plays a very important role in this industry. For example, if on the site a project was to go above the scheduled completion date due to any kind of planning problems or lack of proper work co-ordination, it would make a huge impact on the allocated budget and reputation of the company. By understanding the principles of people and organisational management I think that it can help me to be more professional in the construction industry. ...read more.

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