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Personal, Academic and Career Effectiveness. Business and Human Resource Management. Personal, Academic and Career Effectiveness 3 Business and Human Resource Management

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Personal, Academic and Career Effectiveness 3 Business and Human Resource Management Submission Date: 23/04/2010 ` Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 3 2. Career focus and required skills 4 3. Skills at the start of the module 5 4. Improvement of skills 6 4.1 Communication 6 4.2 Stress/ Time management 8 4.3 Working under pressure 9 5. Conclusion 10 6. Personal Development Plans for after graduation 11 7. Bibliography 14 8. Appendices 15 Appendix 1: My CV Appendix 2: Graduate Scheme Advertisement Appendix 3: Learning Log Appendix 4: Belbin Appendix 5: Skill audit Appendix 6: SWOT Appendix 7: Time management skills Appendix 8: Stress management quiz Appendix 9: Appraisal Forms Appendix 10: forms of communication 1. Introduction In this day and age it can be extremely difficult to find a decent, respectable job, as the world of employment is continuously changing. Due to recession taking the toll, employers are making high demands, the competition has increased. Since more people are gaining degrees, experience of working has become essential for certain jobs. Therefore it is necessary to consider current academic success in addition to think of ways to develop skills, as by doing so one can advance learning at University as well as consider ways of how to get a good degree in order to meet the demands when comes to looking for a suitable career path/job. It is vital to think about the future, what kind of job is desired, as well as consider what skills will be required for a specific job. One needs to take into consideration what skills one has at previous moment in time as well as think of how to improve or develop skills to meet requirements in the near future. ...read more.


Therefore I feel by forming that sort of alliance I have been quite successful and my confidence to some extent has improved, but yet still needs developing. (See Appendix 9: Appraisal forms) Nonetheless, during this year of PACE I have learnt that it is vital to be acquainted with skills one has and also be attentive in relation to improvement or development. Therefore I reflected on the things I did and how I did them. I carried out my reflection through a Learning log to see how I felt about the module to start with, and how I improved overtime and what is yet pending to be improved. (See Appendix 3: Learning Log) 4.0 Improvement of skills. 4.1 Communications At the start of the module I needed to improve on my communication skills (See appendix 9: Appraisal Forms). At previous stages of forming group for consultancy project I found it difficult to speak up and deliver idea and opinions, as I was fairly shy and felt the need to observe others instead. However, D. A. Kolb (1984) developed a model for understanding how students effectively learn from experience which consists of fours stages feeling, watching, thinking and doing (Pg.31). I feel this model was very useful and I have learnt a lot through experiencing team work for projects handed this year, as I was able to reflect on my behaviour before and after report writing and presentations. I feel I have enhanced the ability to speak up confidently and put arguments across more effectively, as I had the pressure of being prepared for each meeting. (See Appendix 9: Appraisal Forms) I was able to bring ideas and opinion across backed with evidence, which proved successful, and I feel I will be confident in ...read more.


5. Conclusion In conclusion I have to admit that I have not been able to improve all my skills effectively however, I have started to make an attempt. Knowing that I recognised the solutions to my weaknesses gradually throughout the two semesters, I have not managed to work on them as much as wanted to. Although through reflecting I have realised and understood far more and I am much more aware of which skills need improving or developing in regards to getting acceptance from a suitable job which I will enjoy. The activities I carried out and the weaknesses I identified at the start of the module, I was not able to give it much importance until now, as I had other modules and the deadlines were very near together in which I found it difficult to prioritising everything. Through mapping out tasks I ended up doing tasks which had earlier deadlines leaving the latest submissions till last. Therefore I have learnt that I need to use my time more effectively than previously done before, as through time, things are bound to get more complicated and I need to be able to handle the pressure and situations effectively in order to be successful in the longer run. Overall the PACE module has guided me to reflect on learning a lot more than I did previously as well as Identify my strengths and weaknesses, and how to go about improving and developing my learning style and specific skills through the use of several different exercises and sources. I will carry on working on improving on my skills so that I am able to meet the requirements of the graduate scheme I wish to take on after finishing my studies. Therefore I have carried out a three year Personal Development Plan (PDP) which is shown in the next pages. ...read more.

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