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Personal development plan

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Personal development plan Position Statement I am a full time student, studying BA Accounting. I attend the university three days in a week, which are Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays. My main objective is to graduate from the university with a First class. In order for me to achieve this, I have to study well and submit my assignments on time. I am presently studying three modules for my course; which are: Business Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Cost & management Accounting and Studying for Business. These modules are all related to my course. Business Economics, Mathematics and Statistics consist of two examinations, Cost & Management Accounting consists of one assignment and one examination while Studying for Business consists of two assignments. I have learnt to improve my self-confidence and how to work as part of a team. I try to attend lectures and seminars on time because if one lecture or seminar is missed it'll be hard to catch up. I have set some target for the next semester and that is to get to my lecture and seminars on time and not leaving coursework till late. Study more and ask for help from module leaders and other students who know what to do. By doing this I'll plan ahead and learn more. ...read more.


the range of material found and making clear explanation about the introduction and conclusion, improve style of language by being more objectivity and justified. In future I'll submit my coursework on time. Planning and preparing for my future This section describes what my goals and aims for the future are and how I will achieve them. The first important weakness that I need to convert into strength is my time management. It is extremely important to be able to manage my own time and sometimes other's time, efficiently and productively. Getting up early has made a big difference because I am more productive during the day and less in the evening and I've gained an hour of productivity in exchange for a wasted hour. Although I have noticed improvements about my time management, I still have some problems with TV. I have fixed a maximum amount of time I can spend watching TV and I am going to gradually reduce it. My further step is to plan in advance and have a schedule to follow. Knowing when and estimating for how long I am going to work on something helped me to remain focused and achieving more tasks with better results. One of my aim is to work as a manager in a big international business. ...read more.


Moreover I am willing and able to take responsibility for myself and my learning. I am confident in my own abilities, planning and time management. I have a strong working ethnic, self-discipline, ability to work under pressure, creativity and optimism. I am capable of working and interacting sympathetically with others and confident to give and accept criticism, using this in a positive manner to further build on my skills. Written and oral communication I will like to improve in my written and spoken skills. I can do this by taking part in sports activities and get to meet new people and also gain work experience and participating in various discussions and English language modules. This will help me to improve my communication and English skills. I can improve my written language by writing a lot of essays, learning new words every day and reviewing English grammar once a week. I can also look for more journals and articles to improve my English vocabulary and using a variety of written style, it will also improve my presentation skills. I sometimes do not like presentations because it makes me anxious, nervous and embarrassed. I was not satisfied with my presentation but I learnt a good lesson, ideas and experiences of how I could improve my skills in future presentations and how I can do much better. ?? ?? ?? ?? 0607035 1 ...read more.

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