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personal development plan

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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN Name Rank Number Course Title Learning Provider Level Start Date End Date Date Plan Written Date Plan Reviewed#1 Date Plan Reviewed#2 Why am I doing this course? The Master of Business Administration is the only general management training qualification that is recognized worldwide. This course is very important as it gives managers the concepts and the methods to assume responsibilities at senior levels in international companies and organizations. My motive for learning is personal improvement and development. It relates with my ultimate goal for this course i.e. my personal fulfilment as well as career development. I work steadily throughout the course, rather than leaving everything until the last minute. This helps me gradually improve in the weak areas and polish my skills. I try to reach my own conclusion after careful analysis of the evidence. It's important to me to feel I'm doing as well as I really can on the courses here. I'm quite organized and systematic about my study schedules. ...read more.


Before starting this course, I have done BSC in technology and e-commerce from Middlesex University London. It has provided me with an opportunity to specialize in the new areas of electronic commerce and learn the different e-com technologies which can be used to achieve competitive advantage. It has given me a lot of experience to use the faster and smarter new technologies which play a very important role in the growth of organizations today. I can think logically and take initiatives to solve problems. I have learnt the manaegement skills that are being very helpful and applicable in this course. My communication and interpersonal skills have improved a lot and now I can better interact with peaople and work in groups and teams. I can clarify tasks and make appropriate use of the capacities of other group members. I have also studied the systems analysis and design techniques to enable the translation of business objectives into a systems requirement, which is very useful when applied in the organizational context. ...read more.


I want to possess all the relevant experience and stronger leadership and problem solving skills in order to excel in my professional career. I need to have exposure to best practices from other companies, cultures & industries in order to learn skills to work with people of different cultures and share different values. LONG-TERM OBJECTIVES By doing this course I want to acquire competencies in the international management. I would be able to make the transition from a functional to a high level general management position in an international environment by developing a global vision of business operations in the long term. The training I receive in this course allows me to be confronted with critical situations which will make me better understand my job. It would help me progress in future and acheive my professional as well as personal goals. it helps with continual self-managed learning for professional and career development. Since it is a generalist training, the MBA gives the autonomy in all the fields of management and thus constitutes a privileged way to reach higher responsibilities and, when necessary, to break away from a position or a recognized competence, to set up one's own company... 2-A-4 ...read more.

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