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Personal Devlopment Portfolio

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University of Bradford School of Management UB No: 06017753 MBA (Full Time) Module Name: Personal Development Planning MAN 4228 M Tutor: Colin Neville Submission Date: 30.05.2007 Table of Contents 1. Development Action Plan - Skill 1 2. Development Action Plan - Skill 2 3. Development Action Plan - Skill 3 4. Reflective Account Appendix 1.1 Feedback MS-Excel Workshop Development action plan - Skill 1 Selected skill area: IT Skill Start date: 01.10.2006 Initial assessment of skill level. 1. Started MS-Office especially Ms-word, Ms-Excel and Ms-Power Point in the 1st semester because I did not have much proficiency in using computer software programmes (appendix 1.1) 2. Realised that making assignments, presentations, Charts and using internet for gathering secondary data from different websites as well as university library needs a lot of work and improvement. Self assessment done and started work on it. Analysis of skill sub-sets needed: 1. Ms-Word e.g. a. Use of General Menu b. Use of Editing Tool c. How to Insert a picture in the document d. How to use Excel Table in Ms-Word e. Use of Paragraph and alignment f. Use of formatting Tool 2. Ms-Excel e.g. a. Use of Chart b. Use of Mathematical and Statistical functions c. ...read more.


Now I feel more confident that I can manage my time effectively and achieve the required objectives. Further action proposed & outcomes sought 1. Continue improving Time Management skills by practicing more and seeking critical feed back and assessment from colleagues and friends. 2. Review self assessment and keeping progress in learning journal. Date: Semester 2b ( June, 2007) and beyond On going process Development Action Plan - Skill 3 Selected skill area: Curriculum Vitae (CV) Start date: 01.02.2007 Initial assessment : 1. Applied for some part time jobs but did not get reply from the employer 2. Meeting with the career coach and realised that CV writing skill should be improve 3. I realised that I needed to improve my CV so that I could achieve the desired results. 4. I realised that I needed guidance for making CV according to the job nature. Skill sub-sets needed: 1. CV Development * Structure of self presentation in the CV * Format of the CV * How to present Career History in the CV * How to present personal interest in the CV * How to present achievements * How to make effective covering letter Activities proposed : 1. CV development workshop attended 2. ...read more.


I believe that I considerably improved myself to manage my time by 50 to 75 percent. In future when I will start my job as a manager I will be able to manage my time effectively. Effective Curriculum Vitae (CV), is really important since it is easy to understand and shows off your plus points. I have always been keen to create my CV in a professional and interesting manner, but was not able to look upon critically. However, it was during my MBA that I realized that CV writing needs a separate set of skills. Being an international student and coming from a different educational and professional system, it was difficult to adjust my CV to the British employment requirement standards where CV is an essential part of assessment. I still remember when I first time applied for a job in a British company with a three and half page CV and I never got a response from the employer. The Effective Learning Service (ELS) and professional tutors played a vital role in improving my CV writing skills. The different workshops and meetings with tutors conducted by ELS helped me improve various aspects of these essential skills. Personal Development Planning module provided me an opportunity to take this CV writing skill as a separate task and progress through the learning process. ...read more.

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