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Principles of Marketing

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N Just drink it Module Code: Module Title: Principles of Marketing Tutor: Name: Personal ID: JMU ID: Course Title: BA Hons Degree in Business Management Table of Contents 1. Market Analysis 3 1.1. Market Potential 3 1.2. SWOT and PEST Analysis 3 1.3. Competitors 4 1.4. Market Research 5 2. Segmentation and Targeting 6 3. Positioning Strategy 7 4. N-Sport Characteristics 8 4.1. Core Product 8 4.2. Actual Product 8 4.3. Augmented Product 8 4.4. Packaging 8 4.5. Branding Strategy 9 5. Pricing Strategies 9 5.1. Pricing objectives 9 5.2. Pricing Strategy 9 6. Distribution 10 6.1. Logistics 10 6.2. Number of outlets 10 7. Marketing Communications 11 7.1. Communication objectives 11 7.2. Advertising 11 7.3. Monitoring of Marketing 11 8. Review and Control 11 9. References 12 10. Appendices 13 10.1. Appendix A 13 10.2. Appendix B 14 1. Market Analysis 1.1. Market Potential A 600ml bottled Sports drink from the Nike Corporation, called N?Sport. It is designed to give athletes and amateurs the energy required to perform in sporting activities. N?Sport has a dual marketing appeal, firstly to professional athletes. The UK has a vast sports industry valued at over a billion GBP per annum. Additionally there is the amateur/snack market. ...read more.


This is because we will be positioning our product in direct competition with other sports drinks from global brands, such as Coca Cola and PepsiCo. Our product will be different from the others as it will be solely a sports drink whilst our competitors all derived from soft drinks. A positional map has been drawn up to show where we believe our product would be placed compared to our competitors. Needham et al (2003, p.41) explain that positional mapping is a useful tool to assist positioning as it sets out customers perceptions and preferences for different products. Bottled water High Price Powerade Lucozade Sport Low Quality High Quality N?Sport Low Price As you can see the N?Sport is of high quality with the low cost and this is how we want to position ourselves and this will be explained later in the pricing strategies. 4. N-Sport Characteristics The three levels of a product are shown below. An example of the three levels of a product can be found in Appendix B 4.1. Core Product Provides target market with a high energy boost to stimulate and support the body during levels of performance. 4.2. Actual Product N?Sport will be presented in a 600ml clear plastic, 'squeezy' bottle with sports cap. ...read more.


140) 'Communities and Strategic Partnerships' has been used for our marketing process. Attention: A campaign to generate initial interest for N?Sport during the first few weeks of September, as most people will be getting back into a routine after the holiday period. The next three stages continue the process runs consistently. Interest: To promote the features and benefits of N?Sport as an essential tool in physical activity. Desire: To persuade the target market that N?Sport is a 'way of life' that all should aspire to. Action: To present a finished, recognisable product that the consumer will want to buy. 7.2. Advertising We plan on utilising Nikes already established celebrity clientele and those who endorse the product will be current recognisable sporting names that already receive high media coverage. Television/media -This fits in with our target age because when it comes to the advertising they are going to pick Wayne Rooney over Teddy Sheringham or Jamie Murray over Pete Sampras. Magazines - Football Magazines, Mens Magazines and Health and fitness. Internet - Nike.com 7.3. Monitoring of Marketing To assess the success of our marketing strategy we will carry out a marketing/sales review after the first four months of the products release. Customer feedback will also be sought through surveys. 8. Review and Control The product/sales evaluation will be accessed by our staff through product recognition surveys from the general public. Actual sales figures and profit/demand 9. ...read more.

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