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Project Management

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TABLE OF CONTENTS THEORY 2 REFERENCES 11 INTRODUCTION 12 PURPOSE OF PLAN 12 BACKGROUND INFORMATION 12 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 13 BUSINESS GOALS 13 BUSINESS OBJECTIVES 13 PROJECT GOALS 14 PROJECT OBJECTIVES 14 SCOPE 14 SCOPE DEFINITION 14 CHANGE PROCESS CONTROL 15 MILESTONES 15 RISKS 16 PROJECT DELIVERABLES 17 ASSUMPTIONS 17 PROJECT ASSUMPTIONS 17 CONSTRAINTS 17 PROJECT CONSTRAINTS 18 CRITICAL DEPENDENCIES 18 QUALITY MANAGEMENT APPROACH 18 ACTIVITY REVIEWS/WALKTHROUGHS 18 PERFORMANCE/QUALITY STANDARDS 19 QUALITY MANAGEMENT ROLES 19 PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPROACH 20 WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE (WBS) GANTT CHART 21 BASIS OF ESTIMATES 21 PROJECT ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 21 COMMUNICATIONS AND CONTROL APPROACH 21 APPENDICES APPENDIX : PROJECT SCHEDULE APPENDIX : WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE APPENDIX : COST ESTIMATION APPENDIX : RESPONSIBILITY CHART APPENDIX : COMMUNICATION PLAN APPENDIX : CHANGE CONTROL REQUEST 1 APPENDIX : CHANGE CONTROL REQUEST 2 APPENDIX : RISK ASSESSMENT APPENDIX : PROJECT TEAM DIRECTORY Theory 1. Project Integration Management Project Integration Management is comprised of three processes: Project Plan Development, Project Plan Execution, and Integrated Change Control. (Heldman, 2002) The Project Integration knowledge area is concerned with coordinating all aspects of the project plan and is highly interactive. Project planning, project execution, and change control occur throughout the project and are repeated continuously while working on the project. Project planning and execution involve weighing the objectives of the project against alternatives to bring the project to a successful completion. Change control impacts the project plan, which in turn impacts execution, so you can see that these three processes are very tightly linked. The processes in this area also interact with other processes in the remaining knowledge areas. (Heldman, 2002) Middle- and lower-level managers spend most of their time on implementation activities. Effective implementation results in stated objectives, action plans, timetables, policies and procedures, and results in the organization moving efficiently toward fulfillment of its mission. (Kerzner, 2001) 2. Project Scope Management Project Scope Management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully (PMI 2004). ...read more.


Enzo Frigenti and Dennis Comninos (2002), The Practice of Project Management, a guide to the business-focused approach, Kogan Page, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Robert K. Wysocki, Ph.D and Rudd McGary, Ph.D (2003), Effective Project Management, Third Edition, Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Gary R. Heerkens (2006), The Business-Savvy Project Manager, McGraw-Hill, Two Penn Plaza, New York, USA Heldman, K. (2002) PMP: Project Management Professional Study Guide ,San Francisco:SYBEX James, P. (1996), Total quality Management: An Introductory Text, Prentice Hall, Hempstead Kerzner, H. (2001) Strategic Planning For Project Management Using A Project Management Maturity Model ,New York:Wiley Munroe-Faure, L. M. (1992), Implementing Total Quality Management, Pitman, London. Reid, A. (1999), Quality Management: An Essential Tool for the Survival of the Quality Surveying Profession, in Quality Surveying in the New Millennium - Challenges and Opportunities: 3rd Pacific Association of Quality Surveyors Congress, The Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia and the Board of Quality Surveyors, Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. (Paula Martin, Karen Tate, Getting Started in Project management, 2001 John Wiley) (Renee Mepyans-Robinson Nashville State Community College, Project Scope Management in Practice - AMA Handbook of Project Management 2nd ed 2005 AMACOM) (Geoff Reiss -Project Management Demystified 2001 Spon Press) (Jack Merdith, Samuel J Mantel Jr, Project Management 3rd Ed 1995, John Wiley) Introduction Purpose of Plan The purpose of the "BMW 2007 X5 Asia Launch" Project Plan is to provide a mechanism to communicate the project objectives, scope, assumptions, constraints, project issues, risks, as well as other pertinent project information between the Project Sponsor (BMW Group), and the Project Manager and Project Team (Performance Motors Limited). Project details relating to work at the task level is in the Work Breakdown Structure (Appendix : Work Breakdown Structure) This Project Plan will also be used to manage tasks, milestones, the project schedule, project issues, risks, and resource assignments for the "BMW 2007 X5 Asia Launch" Project. Background Information In 1999, BMW launched its first generation of X5, paving the way for a new luxury vehicle market - the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). ...read more.


Gantt Chart The WBS is created with participation from the Project Team with due consideration to the past event of different nature but with relevant component. From the WBS, the Gantt Chart was created to phase in the schedule for a graphical representation. (Appendix - Work Breakdown Structure) Basis of Estimates The estimate is based on the WBS, building the cost from the component item/event using parametric estimating. It is base on the space and time required for the project as a basis of estimating. An allowance of approximately 10% was incorporated into the "Preparation" and "Launch" to cater for any remedial work required. In additional, a 10% contingency was also incorporated into the final cost for any unforeseen and undefined items. (Appendix -Cost Estimation) Project Roles and Responsibilities (Appendix - Responsibilities Chart) Communications and Control Approach Communication is a critical aspect of the "BMW 2007 X5 Asia Launch" Project Plan. The Communication Plan identifies the major stakeholders affected by the launch, outlines the communication and change management approach and plan, and articulates a range of strategies and events to meet the objectives of this launch event. The Project Team aims to ensure that communication about the launch is relevant, accurate, consistent and just-in-time. As communication is a two-way mechanism the plan is to actively solicit and where possible respond to feedback from the stakeholder groups. In this way the planning is both dynamic and ongoing. (Appendix - Communication Plan) Appendices Appendix : Project Schedule Appendix : Work Breakdown Structure Appendix : Cost Estimation Appendix : Responsibility Chart Appendix : Communication Plan Appendix : Change Control Request 1 Appendix : Change Control Request 2 Appendix : Risk Assessment Appendix : Project Team Directory 1 The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the largest organization in the world devoted to project management. 2 The term property is used to refer to every type of right, interest or thing which is legally capable of being owned. This includes, but is not restricted to, physical goods and real property as well as intangibles such as intellectual property, contract options and goodwill. ?? ?? ?? ?? 23 ...read more.

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