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Project Management Outline - Graduation Party

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Graduation Party Project Management Group Assignment 4 May 2011 Table of Contents Project Vision 1 Project Aims 1 Project Objectives 1 Stakeholder Analysis 2 Identifying Stakeholders 2 Prioritising Stakeholders 2 Understanding Stakeholders Needs & Requirements 2 Project Resources 3 People 3 Money 3 Promotion 3 Entertainment 3 Costs 4 Quality 5 Time 6 Environmental/Ethical issues 7 Foods 7 Recycling 7 Noise 7 Safety 7 Social issues 7 Performance Measurement 8 Overall Scheduling and Risk Assessment 9 Overall scheduling 9 Risk assessment 9 Project Vision The overall vision of this project is to organise a rememberable, enjoyable and eminent event for recently graduated students to celebrate their success in attaining a degree at The University of Salford. The event, in the form of a party, is intended to bring together all the students of the Business Management course to reminisce on the last three years they spent together. Project Aims The aim of the project is to plan and operate an entertaining graduation party, enjoyable to all who attend it. The party is to promote the success of students at the University of Salford, and represent the University itself by publisicing its graduates. Project Objectives The party will cater for a large number of guests and therefore the project requires careful planning furthermore the following objectives are inherent to the success of the project. � To achieve a ninety percent attendance rate of graduated students � To produce a well costed budget with realistic finances � To have carried out a full risk assessment and comply ...read more.


Quality The project aims to organise a graduation party with the overall perception of being high quality and luxury, through knowing exactly what the students want. In order to ensure such high quality will take place, there will be regular quality assurance meetings held, where specific issues will be addressed such as inspections of the quality and standard of the food which the catering service will be supplying. The quality of tasks will be assessed individually and the impact of potential drawbacks will be analysed. With regards to the suppliers highly skilled specialists will be hired, who hold premiere reputations within their field of work in order to satisfy the needs of the party. Project managers will aim to work with all stakeholders effectively to establish strong working relationships and consequently provide maximum quality of all aspects of the party and maintain total commitment to the projects requirements and consequently achieve excellence. The project will comply with this simple quality management system which has been devised in order to determine the extent to which standards of quality are met. This system shows essentially that quality will ultimately be determined by the requirements and satisfaction of the staff and students as they are the prime reason of the purpose of the event. Quality planning will include tasks such as preparing a project brief for the event. Quality operation refers the actual operation of tasks e.g. creating event invitations. ...read more.


Due to large numbers of guests and to ensure their safety, it is impeccable a full risk assessment is thoroughly carried out, it is the of the highest priority. For the security of the event guests will be asked to show a form of ID upon entry, this will also ensure the hotel meets licensing laws. Before the event starts guests will be informed of the hotels fire procedures, by showing them where fire exists are and where the assembly point is. Fire exits will be checked to make sure that nothing is blocking them. There will be easy access to the venue for the disabled people, by ensuring there are ramps up any steps. The hotels kitchen possesses a health and safety certificate to ensure high quality safe standards of food. The project manager is responsible for aspects of the risk assessment, if any problems occur the project manager will need to resolve them as a matter of priority. Graduation Party - Project Managment i Graduation Party - Project Managment i Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 Graduation Party - Project Managment 9 ...read more.

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