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promotional objectives- Cadbury's

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Cadbury's Task 1 Report To: Coraleon Maxwell From: Adeel Akhtar Date: 04/10/06 Subject: Cadbury's Introduction For my assignment the company I have chosen to investigate is Cadbury's, I am going to talk the aims and objectives of Cadbury's and how they are presently developing with their company. Aims and objectives are long term goals, as Cadbury's has many aims and some important ones. Aiming to provide the best support customers require to successfully planning and managing Cadbury's company. I will also be visiting Cadbury's as part of my assignment to broaden my knowledge on how customers are dealt with and what affect customers have on the business. The specific product that I will be researching on is Cadbury's Dairy Milk. For my assignment I am going to talk about: * Promotional Objectives * Promotion within the marketing mix * Advertising Agencies * Promotional campaign History Cadbury's was originally owned by one young man Quaker, John Cadbury, which was named after his own very name Cadbury. Cadbury's is known as today's world's leading market from the beginnings in Bull Street, Birmingham. A shop was opened by John Cadbury in 1824. It did not start as a confectionery shop but sold tea and coffee and home made drinking chocolate or cocoa which he made himself for his customers. This is a one man business, for over 100 of years Cadbury's was essentially a family business. Cadbury's Limited has not just shown the growth of highly successful confectionary business but also has shown the development of social and industrial reforms. Cadbury world is the factory where Cadbury's dairy milk is produced. Cadbury's dairy milk was first introduced in the early 1900s it made an immediate impact quickly becoming the market leader. Cadburys Dairy Milk as an international brand carries the same distinctive image all over the world. Cadbury Dairy Milk sells their product nationally and internationally but however the packaging design of Cadbury's product is the same worldwide. ...read more.


Promotional objectives Raising awareness Raising awareness, Cadbury Dairy Milk use sponsorship to target their customers, they also sponsor Coronation Street as part of their advertisement. Cadbury's Dairy Milk sponsors Coronation Street because it's one of Britain's most famous and watched programmes and they advertise Cadbury Dairy Milk bars straight after the programme has finished or taken a break so that people get to see the advertisement of Cadbury's straight after the programme. The shows days of Cadbury's advertisement and Coronation street is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on the programme channel of ITV1 and ITV2. On Monday it is shown twice once before and after Eastenders because it is Britain's most favourite programme because Cadbury aim to advertise their Cadbury Dairy Milk bar to as much audience as possible and majority of people watched this programme. Coronation comes on at 7:30 because people are at work in the day from 9am - 6pm so when they come home they can watch Coronation Street and also they have an Omnibus which comes on at about 11ish for people who work night shifts. Creating distinctive market presence Cadbury Dairy Milk logo has been using creative distinctive presence for the their audience and Cadbury Dairy Milk represents its logo by having pictures of two glasses of milk which for one of them is half and the other full this represents Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. Cadbury use bright colours so that it stands out from the rest and also it is eye-catching than any other products. Cadbury's Dairy Milk have a traditional trend in which they only use two specific colours which are purple and white for their plain chocolate for most of Cadbury's dairy Milk products the mainly use the traditional purple because they have used the colours over the years and people from all around the world are familiar with the Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar. ...read more.


supermarkets because they buy products in packaging they might not buy as much products as wholesalers and supermarkets because they might not sell as much as they would sell. Business to consumers Cadbury's promote their product by raising awareness to their customers by advertising Cadbury's dairy milk when Coronation street comes on this raises customers awareness because they are aware that Cadbury's have new products because they advertised before the program comes on and between breaks and after the program finishes. By creating distinctive market presence attracts the consumer to the product because if Cadbury's have a majority of the market share they are more popular on the market because they are well known and more consumers will be aware of their products.Business to consumers is Tesco's selling their products to a consumer most businesses promote the product Cadbury's Dairy milk by having special offers e.g. buy one Cadbury's Dairy milk bar and get the second for half price special offers on chocolate bars in shops attracts customers to buying chocolate bars because customers rather buy good quality chocolates at special offers and at cheaper prices. New products in shops and supermarkets depends on how the business presents their products if a business gets the Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar and doesn't presents the product in a good manor the product will not be successful because the customers would not be aware of the product and they would not be able to know what the product is so they would not buy the product. If Cadbury's Dairy Milk bring out a product and at the same time Nestle bring out a product Cadbury's would have competition to avoid their competition they would need to promote and present their product so that the customer is attracted to the product. Most customers are aware of the quality of the products but however they consider the price playing a major part in buying a product. B-TEC National- Business Unit 3 Creative Product Promotion Mrs Coraleon Maxwell Adeel Akhtar ...read more.

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