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Proposal for 'Dinner in the sky' project

Extracts from this document...


` PROPOSAL FOR 'DINNER IN THE SKY PROJECT Module: Industry project for hospitality, tourism, festivals & events TSM 11102 Module leader: Joan McLatchie Team matriculation numbers: 10018793, 10013307, 09900052, 10015836 TABLE OF CONTENT 1. INTRODUCTION 2 1.1. Aim and objectives 2 2. EVALUATION OF BUSINESS SECTOR 2 2.1. Business trends of 'Dinner in the sky' event 2 2.2. The target market 3 3. PLANNING AND DESIGN DETAILS 4 3.1. Venue details 4 3.2. Presumable entertainment 5 3.3. Flexibility of locations 5 3.5. Operations 6 3.6. Marketing 6 4. JUSTIFICATION OF 'DINNER IN THE SKY' PROJECT 7 4.1. Location 7 4.2. Climate issues 7 4.3. Environmental issues 8 4.4. Competition and demand 8 4.5. Safety issues 8 5. CONSIDERATION OF STAKEHOLDERS EXPECTATIONS 9 6. KEY SUCCESS INDICATORS 9 6.1. Financial management 10 6.2. Risk assessment 10 7. CONCLUSION 10 REFERENCES 12 APPENDICIES 13 Appendix 1 - Price List and Extensive Venues of Heritage Portfolio 13 Appendix 2 - Planning Permission 16 Appendix 3 SWOT Analysis of Dinners in the Sky 18 Appendix 4- Pest Analysis of Dinners in the sky 19 Appendix 5 - Layout of the venue, platform and all technical specifications 20 Appendix 6 Stakeholder's expectations 22 Appendix 7 Indirect competitors 23 Appendix 8 Competitors map 24 Appendix 9: Dinners in the sky in Edinburgh survey: 25 Appendix 10 Dinner in the sky business for sale 28 Appendix 11 the budget forecast for one year 29 Appendix 12 Price list 30 Appendix 13 Risk assessment 31 1. INTRODUCTION Dinner in the sky is a relatively new entrepreneurial project which could help to experience an ordinary meal, meeting or some of the leisure activities in a completely new way - in the sky (Events in the sky, 2011). Dinner in the sky is already operating in various cities around the world and Edinburgh is another place where this project has a big potential to be launched. ...read more.


In Dinner in the sky event's case, the only source of income would be selling dinner events. There will be two different packages for two different event's target groups - corporate clients and individuals (tourists and residents). Main differences of the packages - length of the dinner and what options of additional options are included in the price. Individual customers - residents and tourist's package price will be �50 per head for a 3 course meal 2 hours session event and the. Whereas corporate clients will be offered an extensive package deal with much higher price with a reference to other businesses of Dinner in the sky in other countries - �10,000 for 22 people 8 hours session. For a more detailed overview of the budget and the price list, see Appendix 11 and 12. 6.2. Risk assessment According to Allen et al (2004) in order to maximize its opportunities, at first business has to minimize its losses, hence assessing all the potential risks and measuring how to minimize them. Regarding health and safety issues, all of them were already discussed previously in the proposal. However some other potential risks and ways on minimizing them have been reviewed, see Appendix 13. 7. CONCLUSION The fact that event 'Dinner in the sky' was held once in Edinburgh before, during the festival in 2010 and was highly successful, just proves that this destination is ready for such innovative way of thinking. Even though all over the world it mostly targets just corporate clients, in Edinburgh this business is planned to be performed in a slightly different way, by targeting three different market segments with different packages - corporate, residents and tourists. Talking about possible venues for this project, there is a great deal of flexibility, as it could be actually held almost everywhere where customers want it to be, however in Edinburgh main venue as Princess Street Gardens is selected - Princess street Gardens, other venues options always open. ...read more.


PR/Marketing �24, 000 �2000 per month Contingency �18 000 TOTAL expenditure �141,648 Final Amount before Weather insurance �443,952 Weather insurance @ 10% of total �44 395 Final Amount �399557 - �220 000 for the franchise � = + �17 9557 Appendix 12 Price list Rental - 8 hours Dinner in the Sky (table + crane + insurance + logistic & staff): 7.900 � Transport (table + crane) 750 � Options Lights 250 �* Heating (8*2.000 watts) 750 �** Customization (underneath banner, seats stickers) 1.250 � Location Package (location research, negotiation & renting) between 1.500 � & 2.500 � Extra hour (maximum 4) 265 � Flying podium 2.850 � Photo Package (photographer & website) 700 � Welcome Package (desk, hostess, wc) 525 � Catering: on request Payment conditions 50% > on order, 50% > 30 days before the event Weather risk insurance on request * 60 meters 32 Amp cable with a switch box included. 32 amp power supply to be provided. **60 meters 63 Amp cable with a small powerbox to put on the table with 8 x 220 Volt connections to be provided by the customer as well as a 63 amp power supply (Source: Events in the sky, 2010) Package for corporate customers: for �10 000 8 hours session for 22 people, with all the options included in the price Package for residents/ tourists: for �50 per head 2 hours session + price for desirable options. Appendix 13 Risk assessment Potential Hazard Likelihood Severity Possible precautions BadWeather conditions Medium Low * Platform is covered with roof * Heating system option available * Weather insurance is provided Alcohol abuse Very low High * Refuse to serve intoxicated customers Alcohol/food poisoning Low High * Always preparing raw and cooked food separately * To maintain very high hygiene levels where food is prepared ?? ?? ?? ?? Proposal for Dinner in the sky project Proposal for Dinner in the sky project 2 2 ...read more.

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