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Quality control and Quality assurance within Sainsbury's

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SAINSBURY'S Quality control and Quality assurance within Sainsbury's Quality control and quality assurance are very different; even though their ultimate objective is the same-to provide a guarantee of product quality to the end user. Sensory appraisal of product quality is essential in ensuring that product of acceptable quality is available for consumer purchase. Description of product quality must be standardised to ensure that quality assessments are carried out objectively. A course has been set up in conjunction with Sainsbury's to enable their suppliers to understand the principles and practice of sensory evaluation, and how to apply these within the Sainsbury's Quality Attribute System (QAS). Quality control Business in the past accepted that you could not guarantee quality; they were bound to make some mistakes. In recent years customers have grown to except a higher degree of quality. This effected many retail outlets, as they now needed to increase the standards of their products, which meant changing the ways products are checked and inspected before being put to the public eye. ...read more.


After every batch production is baked, random samples are removed for quality control. The visual check looks at the inside and outside of the bread. This helps Sainsbury's to add value to their products as they are decreasing the number of batches with faults, customers will notice that the bread is well checked as they very rarely come across a loaf that is not satisfactory. Vegetable production the stir-fry is one of the first products made at the plant to avoid any potential cross contamination with non-organic ingredients. There are assigned quality control assistants who check the vegetables as they can often be damaged or bruised through transportation. This will add value to Sainsbury's vegetables as they are looked after and carefully dealt with avoiding any damaging. Customers do not want to buy products that do not look 100% satisfactory so by removing the 'faulted' products here they will not pick up any vegetables that they will not be happy with. In time they will notice that the products they buy are always of a high standard. ...read more.


and good quality products on the shelf, this means they are likely to buy at Sainsbury's again as they are satisfied with the quality of the products on offer. Pork meat production A quality assurance inspector checks the meat when delivered. A sample of the meat, which is delivered, is compared to photographs of meat cuts. This ensures that the meat is of a high standard and looks like it is meant to. Customers like their meat different but the quality is the most important. If the meat they purchase is of a high standard they are more likely to buy more or to return at another time. Sainsbury's take HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) procedures very seriously. They ensure food quality of a consistent standard. Sainsbury's staff are fully trained and follow strict specifications and guidelines. Random sampling and visible checks are used within production. The FSA (food safety agency) advocates the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system of food safety management as the most effective way for food businesses to ensure consumer protection. ...read more.

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