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Reasons for Apple's Success.

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´╗┐Bellavance Luc M. Bellavance Mrs.Dougall EAE 4U 14 December, 2012 Apple Inc. Apple is known for being a technological mastermind creating successful and innovative products that can be used for any group age. Not only have they changed the way technology is used, but they stand out at the top creating record sales and immense revenue. Being such a strong empire, Apple creates such high standards that opposing companies can barely keep up and compete, giving Apple the upper hand to success. Apple`s successful evolution and upper responsiveness have created intense consumer demand on a global scale. An analysis of the company`s achievements and advancements explains its considerable success. Like any other company Apple started small and evolved its products into something big, they have also created huge advancements in technology that many companies base their products on. Apple is renowned for its immense demand and of course its success related to their entrepreneur skills as a multi-billion dollar company. Every company have their own starting grounds; Apple started planting its roots in a small garage making computer circuit boards, then later computers, to music players all the way to the number one selling phone in the world. Apple faced a huge amount of evolution in its products from day one, and ever since then the sky?s been the limit to success. ...read more.


On the other hand going from Apple?s track record they never release anything until its perfect which is what they did with Siri. It set standards that opposing companies could never match leaving Apple on its own road to success. Another of Apple?s great technological advancements is their retina display, something never created by any company before, an advancement in technology that completely changed the way a display screens are portrayed now a days. ?Apple?s Retina Display, however, changed the mobile phone industry forever. It did so by using a distinctive combination of three features, never tried before. High resolution and high pixel density and special liquid-crystal display technology which greatly enhanced both its on and off-axis image quality.? (Renne, ?Apple Inc.?) Apple has changed the face of our everyday technology creating ground breaking progress that many other companies cannot match up too, leaving the competition stranded to create mock-up products to seem equivalent to Apple?s standards. They use this upper hand in order to perfect their technology to reach goals of success and build revolutionary products surpassing everyone expectations creating immense consumer demand. Apple creates its demand by building products never seen before filled with technology and intricate features that always improve every so often making the product that much better, and unique to many individuals. ...read more.


?Apple's stylish, user-friendly products fostered a greater willingness to spend time online, to blog, to tweet, to have constant access to a handheld computer. Mr Jobs did more than create the demand for Apple products; he drove entire markets.? (Friedman, ?Steve Jobs's impact goes beyond technology?). Apple is built on their success, and is given all the necessary tools making them unstoppable and overwhelmingly the best at what they do. They seem too often surpass everyone?s knowledge and expectations for the company and keep reliving to their attainment as a worldwide brand. Success flows through Steve Jobs?s hands like it?s nothing; he has achieved such high levels of ingenuity and accomplishment with perfection that he has created an empire within the Apple brand. Company?s struggle all the time to achieve attainment in their products, Apple makes it seem like they coast through it overnight and plan ahead for multiple decades of intelligence with ease. Apple`s successful evolution and upper responsiveness have created intense consumer demand on a global scale. An analysis of the company`s achievements and advancements explains its considerable success. Apple is without doubt its own brand that has created a technological shift for the better, changing how we use our everyday technology. They stand loud and proud fashioning a movement everyone follows leading them to success. ...read more.

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