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REDS of Nestle. By combing the actual identity of Nestle with the communicated identity of Nestle and the conceived identity we can find the present identity of Nestle.

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R - Reveal the five Identities Actual Identity - The Company Nestle is one of the largest food and nutrition companies in the world. The company was founded in 1886 by Henri Nestle. Nestle operates in 86 countries all over the world. According to Nestles website the company employs around 280,000 people all over the world. The company has 6,000 different brands which are sold all over the world. These range from products such as coffee, chocolates, ice cream, baby foods, healthcare nutrition, bottles water, confectionary and pet foods. The company's main headquarters are located in Vevey, Switzerland. At the end of the year Nestle reported profits of 10.43 billion CHF (Swiss francs). When this was broken down by product category it showed that 27 % was from drinks, 26% from dairy and food products, 18% from ready cooked dishes, 12% from chocolate, 11% from pet products 6% from pharmaceutical products and 2% from baby milks. Communicated identity - Nestle sends out many communications. Many of their brands have massive advertising campaigns throughout the world. There are many campaigns of Nestle brands that can be seen in the UK. One brand for example can be Nestles chocolate product "Kitkat". The advertising campaign for Kitkat has been made famous due to the slogan "have a break have a Kitkat" use during the advertisements for the product. By having this campaign for kitkat this allows nestle to get a message across. Along with advertising their products nestle sends out other communications such as sponsorships throughout the world. ...read more.


5 - Leadership and Personal Responsibility - the company treats all employees equally and promote personal responsibility. 6 - Safety and health at work - To prevent accidents and injuries at the work place safety measures are put into place. 7- Supplier and customer relations - the company ensure that all their suppliers are trustworthy and honest. The company also is committed to their customers in the same way. 8 - Agriculture and rural development - they help agricultural development in many countries allowing countries to better themselves both economically and environmentally. 9 - Environmental sustainability - The Company is committed to being environmentally friendly, they strive to use as many environmentally friendly products as possible and target zero waste 10 - Water - their water management programme recognizes that there is a problem throughout the world of water shortage and therefore the water used by the company is managed efficiently. These ten principles allow Nestle to protect the trust of both the stakeholders and consumers of Nestle and help them to achieve their objective which is, to be the recognised leader in Nutrition, Health and wellness and the industry reference for financial performance. Having these ten principles in place Nestle feel this will ultimately help them achieve one of their key goals. This key goal is to help reshape the world and to make the world a better place to live in for people throughout the world. Nestle would like to be seen not only as a company who make quality food and drinks products, the image we feel they presently have. ...read more.


They are a company that care about the world and will always do their upmost to ensure the world is a safe place to live in. they are a company who can be trusted and be seen as a trustworthy brand. The company is known for been innovative and making quality and healthy products. . Conceived ideal Seen as a company who trhough their hard work and help with things such as helping in major disaster has helped reshape the world into a better place to live in. Also be seen as a company who cares about the world we live in and care about making it a safer world to live in. Improved brand image. Seen as a company that can be trusted. Ideal desired Ideal for nestle would be that it is the leader in food and nutrition. A company that is known for offering its customers quality products that at the same time are also healthy Not only that, but it is also a name that can be trusted. A company that has helped reshaped the world. Through its various programs throughout the world to help the environment. In the annual report the chairman says how they want to help change the world; therefore a key ideal for Nestle is that in the future they are seen as a company who through there various programmes have helped change the world. Nestle feel due to a number of reason they have not yet been fully able to fulfill this target. And therefore Nestle must continue working towards this goal. Remember it's not all supposed to match up perfectly so I can write about the misalignments and how to improve. ...read more.

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