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Research method report -attitudes to GM technology.

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´╗┐Contents 1. Introduction 2. Literature review and knowledge underpinning the research questions 3. Presentation of findings and analysis 3.1 Data findings of the interview 3.1.1 Perception on positive effect on agricultural production of the poor land 3.1.2 Perception of negative impact on nature of the genetically modified crops 3.2 Data findings of the questionnaire 4. Reflections on the collection and utilization of data 5. Conclusion References Appendix A: Research Methods Questionnaire Appendix B: Interview structure Appendix C: Observation Sheet Appendix D: Observation Sheet Appendix E (Double Tap the sheet) 1. Introduction Genetically modified crops are produced by addition of other genetic material from other organisms, and the bad genes are removed, resulting in better quality crops Usually genetically modified crops would increase crop yields, improve quality, increase drought resistance, and cold resistance and other features. However, nowadays, the effectiveness and value of the genetically modified crops are controversial. The research aims to elicit the students' perception of the genetically modified crops. The thesis would try to realize the aim by means of answering the questions of the genetically modified crops, is it good for the agriculturally poor land to yield products and the analysis of its impact on nature. 2. Literature review and knowledge underpinning the research questions Genetically modified crops (Genetically Modified Foods, GMF) due to its cold and drought resistance, and insect resistance ability, has been praised those countries that lack national crops storage, Munzer (2006). However, the opponents said that the research on the safety of genetically modified food is in a short term, thus, it is hard to can not foresee the risks of the genetically modified crops in a long term in a decade in future for instance. And they are also worried about that the genetically modified crops are not the natural development of the agricultural products, and it does not have the original varieties. For the ecosystem in the world, it is the alien organism. ...read more.


The starvation in some countries have already been reduced. As to the interviewee B, the negative impact on the nature is emphasized. The power of nature could not be overlooked no matter how advanced the development of science and technology would be. The natural development of the plant and humans is based upon a certain harmonious system. That is what ordinary people know, i.e., the ecosystem. In addition every creature in the world has its own natural development process and they are closely linked to one another, and each of them constitutes the harmonious and balanced development of the chain. However, the genetically modified crops break that chain, resulting in certain breaks that could not be fill, and those breaks would lead to the imbalance of the universe as a whole. 3.2 Data findings of the questionnaire There are mainly two interests of the questionnaire, the one is to which degree the students are agree with the viewpoint that the genetically modified crops are often presented as scientists meddling with nature; the other is to which degree the students are agree with the perspective that the genetically modified crops are often presented as important for poor agricultural land. The scoring sheets are listed as below. Sheet 1 To what extent the GM crops are often presented as scientists meddling with nature According to scoring sheet one, it could be seen directly that of the questionnaire that aims to elicit the perception of to what extent the genetically modified crops are often presented as the scientists meddling with nature. The students who agree with that statement account for a majority. Most of them are Chinese, students from European countries, Nigerian, Indian students where the agriculture development is not modernized and where the large storage of the crops are needed in order to satisfy the use of the customers. Especially Chinese students and Nigerians. Most of them are in the support of the genetically modified crops. ...read more.


As a result, it could be said that the risks of the genetically modified crops might exert negative impact on the nature as a whole in a long term. In addition, what we do today to reduce that risks is to pave the way for our future generations. It could also be said that such task is enduring and time-consuming in that not only on generation but also more than one generations should work together to establish a sound development of the genetically modified crops and lead its development in a right direction. As a result, both the students from the West and the East, and both the government from the West and the East should spare no efforts to reduce those risks. That is to say, for the government, the relevant rules and policies should be made and implemented in a strict way. For instance, the ban of the imports of the overseas genetically modified crops and the agricultural equipments; Crawley et al (1999), the restriction of the advertisement of the genetically modified crops and the by-products. In terms of the restriction of the imported genetically modified crops, Saudi Arabia has successfully implemented the rules and policies and well controlled the development of the genetically modifies crops throughout the country. As to the individual, the sense of good security should be established. The individual should have the awareness to protect themselves. Therefore, it is suggested that when they purchase the crops, attention should be paid to make clear if the crops are genetically modified in a scientific way in that there are some so-called genetically modified crops that might not compatible to the international standard. 5. Conclusion According to what have been explored and analyzed, it could be said that the genetically modified crops have both the advantage and disadvantage, and different students from different countries have different opinions about that. Regardless of what they said. However, it is very important take advantage of the genetically modified crops while reducing its negative impact as soon as possible. ...read more.

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