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Research Proposal - Research Problem: The problem is to analyze the corporate strategy of Tata communications ltd. Problem analysis: Tata Communications Ltd has changed its position from the year 2002 after acquiring the company from the Govt. of Indi

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MBA DISSERTATION MODULE PROJECT PROPOSAL Candidate Name: Punit Katira Enrolment Date: 01St Jan 2011 Registration Number: 109113845 Project Title: The force of ideas: overcoming and translating strategy into action Anticipated Hand in Date of Dissertation: 15Th September 2011 Project Background: Background: Telecommunications play a vital role in the development of an economy as well as for the companies in the local or global market. Today, in the global market of telecommunications industry there are quite handsome number of players / companies which are struggling to be the leader in the world market in every segment such as carrier, enterprise, submarine cables etc. Every telecom company appoint their best employees with a high budget to make an exceptional strategy for the company to increase their revenue figures and to beat up the competition which can be through multiple ways such as mergers & takeovers, strategic alliances etc. A company's central strategy can be divided into financial and marketing strategy which differs at various times for various markets. But at all times it must give a positive result else the company may have to suffer major loss in which may further result to downfall of the credibility/goodwill in the market. ...read more.


After the declaration of the financial result of 2011, the statement given by Vinod Kumar, Managing Director & CEO of TCL was "Over the past few years, we have focused our investments on building and strengthening our global assets, services and capabilities which has impacted profitability. Our focus now is to put the business on a firm path to profitability, driven by growth in our enterprise business, growth in new segments like cloud computing, improved performance at Neotel and a sharp focus on costs" (Sources: http://www.tele.net.in/company-stories/item/6826-tata-communications http://www.tatacommunications.com/news/files/20060418-reuters.pdf http://www.tatacommunications.com/news/release-view.asp?d=TataCommunicationsFY2010-11) Key Words: Tata Communications Ltd, Finance, Strategy, Mergers & Acquisition and Takeovers, Globalization & Expansion, Business Risk, Financial and Marketing strategy, Products and services, Core Competence, Market value of share, Targets, Industry Standards, Decision Making Objectives: Intended outcomes/significance and scope of the project) Research Aim: To analyze the corporate strategy of Tata communications ltd, a success or a failure? Research Objective: 1. To critically analyze the financial strength (in terms of investment) of the company since 2002 2. To evaluate the corporate strategy of Mergers and Acquisition & Takeover globally 3. To Analyze the financial position of Tata communications ltd in relation with its strategy Significance: This assignment will give me more exposure of telecom industry; the ...read more.


This pilot study will help us to improve any deficiency in our questionnaire pattern. Reliability: By Conducting an pilot study the reliability of data will be higher. The data will be collected from most trusted sources such as official sites of the company Tata Communications Ltd, official media sources such as Reuters, British Library, etc which will assures the reliability of the data Validity: The data collected will be easy to validate as it will be collected from the trusted / reliable sources. Also after conducting an pilot study the validity of our data will be higher. Ethical Issues: There would be some ethical issues in collecting primary data i.e. while conducting interviews with the TCL personnel, such as declaring the privacy of the personnel taking part in the interview. There would be some chances of leaking of the data as we would be using computers as technical tool for gathering the information Limitations: Research limitation will be constraint of resources, availability of time and funds, accessibility of data, confidentiality / secrecy matters. Target Group: Our target group will be the managers of the company i.e. Tata Communications Ltd. Resources used for the research: Laptop, supervisors, pen, papers, British Library, books, Internet, Journals, Company officials, Microsoft office tool. ...read more.

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