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Research proposal - The impact of diversity on Business studies and performance in Business Department of HELP University College (HUC).

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MGT 203 Research Proposal Research Proposal Title The impact of diversity on Business studies and performance in Business Department of HELP University College (HUC). Background to the research HELP University College (HUC) is located at BZ-2, Pusat Bandar Damansara, 50490, Kuala Lumpur. Since 1986, HUC has developed strong reputation and its Business Department offers business studies such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, etc. (StudyMalaysia 2010). The researcher has defined the performance as the result that the students gain from their studies, job markets of graduates, or the enrolments of new students. Diversity refers to the characteristics that make people unique from each others, such as age, gender, races, etc. (Felicia M Moore 2006). Theoretical Framework 1. Open System Theory (Refer to Appendix) To achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher will be utilized the Open System Theory as theoretical framework. Open systems is interact with environments in the process of transforming inputs into outputs (Campling, Poole, et.al 2008). The feedback will finds the impact of diversity on business studies and performance in business department of HUC. Research problem Main Problem 1: What is the impact of diversity on business studies in business department of HELP University College? Sub problem 1: What is the impact of gender on business studies? Sub problem 2: What is the impact of races on business studies? Sub problem 3: What is the impact of nationality on business studies? ...read more.


Survey method is applied in this research by distributing a questionnaire to a sample of business department students chosen from the business department of HUC, and useful information will then derived from the data collected. The field survey can be used for Descriptive research design in this research too, to describe the statistical data and characteristics about what is being studied. It involves the collections of statistics from the questionnaires distributed to a sample of business department students, in order to organize the information in meaningful ways, to describe the event of the categories of information collected from questionnaires (Descriptive Research Methodologies 2001). 1. Research Methods Primary data obtained from first-hand experience could be collected using research methods which are divided into quantitative and qualitative methods (Adfoster 2010). Quantitative methods include questionnaires which are conducted on a stratified random sample to collect evidence and to answer the research questions (Mayoux 2005). A set of questionnaires regarding the research problems is distributed to a sample of 100 students from the Department of Business for data collection. Qualitative methods include in-depth interviews on individuals? personal perspectives and experiences which are used to understand the research problem (Qualitative research methods 2007). Alternatively, secondary data could be obtained from readily available sources which include the internet where search engines are used to search for information; books where a collection of written material could be referred to; and journals where academic and research writing could be found (Juneja 2010). ...read more.


Combine All of the References, Bibliography and Appendices) Final Editing Final Revision Submission Date Presentation: Preparation and Discussion Rehearsal Presentation ________________ Scope and Delimitation of the Research The scope of research involves diversity in terms of gender, nationality, and race. The area of business studies covered in this research involves accounting, finance, and marketing. Moreover, the research engrosses only the Department of Business and resolves on performance in Business department of HUC in terms of the students? results, the graduates? job markets, and the enrolments of new students. Delimitation of the research consists of other social category diversity such as age, ethnicity, and level of education. Business studies that are not involved are international business, human resource, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the research does not involve others departments such as information technology, psychology, management and economics, American degree program, law, etc. On the other hand, performance of Business department does not include the scope of its reputation, profitability, etc. Limitations 1. Lack of cooperation from students and related respondents such as providing inaccurate and biased information. 2. Miscommunication or misinterpretation of the research problem due to language barrier and different perceptive. 3. Constraint of accessibility and availability of primary and secondary data from internet, library and business department. Notes BZ-2: The lot of Help University College (HUC). Pusat Bandar Damansara: It is called Damansara Town Centre, which is a main town centre in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur: Capital of Malaysia, and also the largest city. SPSS: It is called Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. SPSS is a computer program used for statistical analysis. ...read more.

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