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Sample Business Plan for Local Gym in the Kingdom of Bahrain ( Alshaaban Gym )

Extracts from this document...


´╗┐Alshaban Fitness Gym Business plan Business Name- Alshaban Fitness Gym Address-Building no-308 Road-4111 Block-299 City-manama Country-Kingdom of Bahrain Phone- 00(973)0xxxxxxxx Fax- 0xxxxxxxxx Mobile-00(937) E-mail- alshaban_222@live.com ________________ Contents Page 1. Summary 3 2. Business overview 4 Introduction Current position Competitive advantage Growth plan 3. Business strategy 5 Tactics Strategic issues Core values 4. Marketing 6 SWOT and critical success factors Market research Distribution channels Strategic alliances E-commerce and technology Tactical promotion plan Marketing budget 5. Team and management structure 7 Skills, experience, training and retention Advisors Management systems 6. Financial budgets and forecasts 8 Profit and loss forecast Cash flow forecast Balance sheet forecast Capital expenditure budget Break-even analysis ________________ 1. Summary Bahrain has a population of just over 1 million, a suprisingly low number for a nation with such resources, the same thing can be said about the low number of fitness centres spread accross the country, this is the main purpose of the starting the business. Alshaban Fitness Gym is expected to be a successful business that will continue to grow at a steady rate and have a large customer base. The strategic plan for the first year is financing the business covering its expenditure and liabilities, advertisment will be heavy during the first year as one the primary targets is building and sustaining a large customer base. Fitness Gym will offer high quality services (Well qualified fitness trainers) and resources ( new high quality gym equipment and machinery) to the public. Alshaban Fitness Gym will a offer a private floor accessed only by female subsribors or staff,this creates a strong competetive advantage over other competetion as most of the gyms in Bahrain have a fitness hall shared by both men and women which restricts the female muslims from attending and subsribing to fitness gyms around the country. This will be discussed in further detail in later sections. ________________ 2. Business overview Introduction The kingdom of bahrain is globally known as a small island with rich resources such as oil,petrol used to finance developments and plans for the country. ...read more.


High start-up costs; equipments, safety precautions etc. Opportunities Growth of interest in exercise and fitness- in the last couple of years there has been a substantial increase in people subscribing to gyms, as people are more aware now of the benefits of exercise and fitness from the large western media exposure. Internet integration-`Alshaban fitness gym` is planning in the future to create an online website where customers can purchase their monthly subscriptions, read through the services offered in the gym, or even contact the management team directly if they had any enquiries they wish to ask. Expansion-`Alshaban fitness gym` main goal for the next 5 years is growth and expansion by adding more branches to other areas. Threats Competition from larger well established competitors in further areas. Copycat gyms that offer same services such as implenting the private hall service for female muslims to train, this can`t be avoided, however ?Alshaban fitness gym? is expected to build a strong reputation within the first year which will limit their threats. Critical factors for `Alshaban fitness gym` Effective marketing which is a key component in building a sufficient customer database. Secure financing for growth and expansion. Sustaining customer satisfaction is crucial to keep the customers loyal and increase. Market research Primary research was conducted where no difficuilties were faced as i live in the same area the fitness gym is located in which meant i have a good background knowledge in the area. Only one small gym within the area that has could be classified as a competetor, the gym is called ?Fadi bodybuilding? and has been operating for six years with a small but sufficient customer database. However,`Alshaban fitness gym` offers a unique service that creates a competitive advantage over the neighbouring gym `Fadi bodybuilding`; which is the private floor accessed only by females, as Bahrain is populated by muslims which means a female can`t show certain body parts to males example-hair,legs etc. ...read more.


The flow of cash in and cash out is highly noticable as the gym is exepensing a lot of cash in the first year, however the money coming in the business will substantially increase,due to the expected cash generated from operations and the addition of the expected profit the gym is expected to generate each year to the new financial year. Balance sheet forecast Balance Sheet 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Fixed Assets Building 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000 Equipment 49000 44100 39200 34300 29400 Furniture and lightning 12000 10800 9600 8400 7200 Depreciation 6100 6100 6100 6100 6100 Total Fixed Assets 64900 58800 52700 46600 40500 Current Assets Cash 3283 21416 51799 93217 138927 68183 80216 104499 139817 179427 Liabilities Long term liabilities 37800 33600 29400 25200 21000 Financed by* Capital 30000 30383 46616 75099 114617 Retained Earnings 383 16233 28483 39518 43810 Net Profit Total 68183 80216 104499 139817 179427 *10k pounds (OM) + 20k pounds (CEO) and 42k pounds (Loan) beyond the year 2012, where its expected to make 68,183 in the first year, Alshaban fitness gym is expected to grow solidly in net worth in a steady rate each year, the following year the net profit total is expected to increase by 12,033 thousand pounds to reach a total of 80,216 at 2013. The following years are expected to have a subtantial growth in profit where Alshaban fitness centre is expected to reacg a net profit of 179,427 at the end of 2016. Break-even analysis Fixed Costs 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Utilities 960 960 960 960 960 Salaries 26400 26400 26400 26400 26400 Advertising 1800 1700 1600 1500 1400 Financial services 987 987 987 987 987 Rent 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 Interest 3570 3570 3570 3570 3570 Variable Costs Depreciation 6100 6100 6100 6100 6100 Break Even 44617 44517 44417 44317 44217 Alshaban fitness gym is expected to earn 44617 thousand pound a year to break-even in the year 2012,as the years progress the break-even point gradually decreases. 10k pounds (OM) + 20k pounds (CEO) and 42k pounds (Loan) Business plan prepared Month Year Page ...read more.

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