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SG COWEN: New Recruits

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SG COWEN: New Recruits Situation Analysis SG Cowen is a full service investment banking firm and securities brokerage with the global commitment to healthcare and technology. The firm is in growing phase and wants to attain geographical expansion without straying from its focused sectoral agenda (i.e. healthcare and technology). To ensure its long term growth, SG Cowen looks for the highest quality professionals who have problem solving ability, professional attitude with willingness to adapt and remain flexible (including culturally fit), leadership and communication abilities, resourcefulness, the drive to succeed, good learning power, self cognitive control and loyalty to the firm they are working with. To realize its candidates' requirement, SG Cowen has a very demanding candidate recruitment, selection and hiring process for new external associate hires. The stringent process consists of multiple "rounds" and begins in the fall of each year and comes to a close at the end of "Super Saturday". Super Saturday is considered the final round of the process. On Super Saturday, candidates from core business schools are interviewed for position of associates. ...read more.


Candidate should be serious, committed, intrinsically motivated and interested in working with investment bank only if he/she likes it and not because of hype created around Wallstreet. Evaluation of Options 1. Natalya Godlewska Organization culture fit: Natalya is determined, ambitious and ready to work hard. Her "can do attitude" and her references reveals that she has the ability to deal with clients. She is flexible and her less than perfect language skill would not be a major issue with clients. In short, she has most of the qualities that suit organization environment of SG Cowen. Job fit: Natalya has good knowledge in finance and she has impressed interviewers with her analytical knowledge and her understanding of financial markets. She has worked on M&A modeling software, which shows she has technical aptitude as well. But lack of fluency in English language could lead to coordination problems for her within and across the teams. Commitment and seriousness: She has the highest GPA in finance department and good understanding of financial markets. Her references also responded positively about her skills and work. This shows her seriousness and inner desire towards working with this industry. ...read more.


His successful entrepreneurship testifies his leadership traits. In short, he has all traits that suits with the job. Commitment and seriousness: Andy has shown interest in working for SG Cowen during informational interviews. Also, his knowledge about recent deals and investment banking demonstrates his interest and seriousness towards working with SG Cowen. The Recommendation Based on number of criteria being satisfied by each candidate, it is recommended that Natalya Godlewska and Andy Sanchez be selected. Action Plan 1) Natalya Godlewska should be given on the job training on "Public Speaking", so that she does not face any coordination and communication issues within and across team. 2) Andy Sanchez should be given training on "Working of Investment Banking", so that his lack of experience in this field can be compensated with this training. 3) Both should be given workshop based training on "Dealing with clients" and "Cross- culture and Organization culture issues"2. 1 This year corresponds to the year when decision about hiring of students has to be taken. 2 These trainings would help them deal with clients of different nations and hence, these trainings are in consistent with SC Cowen's goal of geographical expansion. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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