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Skate Park Project. Project objective: To construct a high quality skate park with a concession area that will include a coffee shop with a bar, and a rent shop with an additional shower and locker room

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Organization Structure: Project definition: A skate park is a purpose-built recreational environment for Skateboarders, BMX riders, and rollerblades to ride and develop their technique. A skate park may contain half-pipes, quarter pipes, handrails, fun boxes, vert ramps, pyramids, banked ramps, full pipes, stair sets, and any number of other objects. Skate parks were originally designed for skateboarding, but have evolved to support mainly roller bladders and BMX riders. Skateboarding and BMX riding have been known to create safety issues if done at the same time, leading some skate parks to ban BMX riding. The location of the skate park will be near the Cyan in Kaslik. The cost of the park will be estimated at a maximum of $500,000. Compared to the cost of other athletic facilities, that is quite reasonable. Organization culture: 1. Member Identity Job Organization 2. Team emphasis Individual Group 3. Management focus Task People 4. Unit integration Independent Interdependent 5. Control Loose Tight 6. Risk tolerance Low High 7. Reward criteria Performance Other 8. Conflict tolerance Low High 9. Means - ends orientation Means Ends 10. ...read more.


Project priorities: Time Performance Cost Constrain x Enhance x Accept X * Time should be reduced. * The performance should not change * The cost is tolerable not to meet the original parameters Managing risk: * Technical risk: We could have problem with the wood of the half pipe, the grind rail... The solution: Equipment should be verified every 2 months. * Schedule risk: As we could notify we have more than one contractor. The solution: We should follow each contractor, and remind them of the schedule. * Cost risk: We have more than one equipment which can lead to a change in cost: Wood Concrete Steel The solution: We should follow the market variation and know when to buy our materials, and be careful of the shipment price and insurance. University Saint Esprit of Kaslik Faculty of business administration and commercial sciences Project Management Skate Park: Grill and Chill Instructor: Dr. Elie Maalouf Presented by: Marwan Azouri Kaslik Summer 2009 Detail of the construction: Materials: The selection of materials for the construction of skate park equipment will determine the durability, safety and the maintenance requirements for my skate park. ...read more.


Risk response development: We have too case of response due to the fact that our project is partially done by contractors. Our response to the risk will be done in avoiding the risk in the part that we are responsible like the skate park, green area and the parking. As for the other response it will be transferring the risk to another party, which in this case is the contractors that are responsible of the coffee shop & bar, the rent shop, and the lockers with showers. 3. Risk response control: Executing the contingency plan, monitor triggering events, and watch for new risks. Contingency plan: - The equipment should be verified by expert every 2 month. - We should let financial experts follow the market variation and decide when to buy the wood, steel and concrete. - We should follow each contractor and remind him of the schedule and especially of the quality that we need in our project. - Each contract that is signed with our sponsor, should mention a legal notice that in case the sponsor didn't follow what is written in the contract, he'll be charged with a specific amount of money. ...read more.

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