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Staffing requirements for the national book festival

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INTRODUCTION There are plenty of reasons why appropriate event and festival management is so necessary and significant. First of all, according to Yeoman (2004), events industry can be considered as a new form of tourism industry and therefore events happening in particular destination can function as a promotion to the place and herewith attract visitors from all over the world, who would be interested in it. Being aware of what size and profitability tourism industry is, it becomes understandable why management of the events is topmost important. One of the crucial factors influencing events and festivals attendees' satisfaction is the quality of the service they receive during the festival. Whereas service quality is dependant on the festival workforce, all the staff which is communicating to attendees directly or working behind the scene, but also contributing to the overall festival service quality. Hence, as Allen (2005) pointed out, planning and managing human resources before and during the event is a key task for making a successful event. In relation to the human resource topic, this report assesses staffing requirements for the National Book festival in Washington, with the main focus on necessary staff roles and what different terms of employment can be offered for them. ...read more.


Information team is responsible to provide information for festival attendees during the festival and be in charge of having lost and found section too. Merchandise sales team is responsible for library's sales, which included books, t-shirts, mugs, magnets and tote bags. Registration team is responsible for registering all participants of the book festival; therefore this team is needful just in the beginning of the festival. Ticketing team is responsible for ticket sales during all day of the book festival. Public relations team is responsible for communicating with the press and promoting the festival. Practically all teams will be working during all day of the festival; just registration team will be required just for the opening of the festival. Also different amount of team members will be required at the certain times of the festival, as for instance - more people from 'cleaning and waste management team' will be required after the festival than during it. Majority of employees, who will be hired just for an actual day of the festival, will be working as volunteers and just small part of them will get paid for their job, for example security team. ...read more.


In order to save some time and money, just team coordinators should be trained one day before the book festival at the actual location of the event. Each team supervisor should be introduced to main goals and objectives of his team and best ways of achieving it quick and efficiently. For example waste management team should be aware of all the directions regarding the placement of containers for waste whereas information team have to be trained to be able to give all the required information for visitors or festival participants (authors) regarding the festival and all related questions. Once team coordinators will be trained, their task will be to manage their team work during the actual day of the book festival. CONCLUSIONS * Managerial staff of national book festival should consist of 7 members and be qualified and experienced in order to plan the festival and then manage festival teams while festival is running. * The biggest part workforce on the actual day of the festival should be hired as volunteers by reducing the costs that way and gathering people who are truly devoted to the work they are doing * Slightly different requirements will be demanded for paid and volunteered staff, as well as recruitment and selection processes will differ. However training process will be similar to both sides of personnel. ...read more.

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