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Staffing the organisation

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able of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Organisation Profile 3 Human Resource Planning 4 Job Description & Person Specification for Sales Executive 4 Job Description & Person Specification for Financial Controller 4 Attraction 5 Selection 5 Benchmarking Process against Theories 6 Attraction of Sales Executives 6 Attraction of Financial Controller 6 Selection Process 6 Resume 7 Preliminary Interview 7 Testing 7 Background Investigation 8 Selection and Final Interview 8 Medical 8 Recommendations for Improvement 9 1) Interview 9 2) Medical check up 9 3) Background check 9 4) Attraction 9 5) Resume 10 Conclusion 10 References 11 Appendixes 12 Appendix 1 12 Appendix 2 13 Appendix 3 14 Executive Summary This report provides a comprehensive description of CooperVision's current recruitment and selection process. CooperVision is one of the world's largest soft contact lens manufacturers. CooperVision Singapore has been set up in Singapore for 10years and has a total of 95employees. 2 positions will be analyzed; Financial Controller and Sales Executive. First part of the essay discusses about human resource planning followed by job description and specification. The focus is on the thorough description of recruitment and selection process. Second part of the essay states the pros and cons of the process used in recruitment and selection. An example is "medical investigation" which is not performed in CooperVision that could possibly lead to long term issues. ...read more.


Compton, Morrissey and Nankervis (2009) states that while new employees may not fit in culturally, the orientation period will be longer together with more education and development required. Attraction of Financial Controller The position of Financial Consultant favors in internal recruitment. The foremost benefit of internal promotion is the morale boost on current employees to compete by upgrading (Mcshane & Travaglione 2002). Turnover rate might reduce due to the proper succession plan (Parus 2006). Moreover, cost incurred for internal recruitment is significantly lower and it is easier to access the applicant's ability (Compton, Morrissey & Nankervis 2009). In opposition, morale of those passed over may be low and could also lead to political infighting for promotion. In addition, it might result in no fresh ideas being driven and organizations which promote internal recruitment may receive criticism from those outside organization. Selection Process The recommended selection process as shown in Appendix1 is typically not followed by every organization or varies in different position hiring. The shorter the process is, the lesser the chance of losing the potential employees. Resume Resume is an easy and fast way to eliminate those who do not suit the criteria. However resumes are the self branding tools of applicants; it can be exaggerated and misrepresented (Compton, Morrissey & Nankervis 2009). ...read more.


When external recruitment happens, the current employees who were passed the position might be unhappy. Therefore the potential employee who should have been promoted can be called in to be given a justification to why this employee was not promoted. It should start with a compliment for the employee and followed by an explanation of the criteria which the employee lacked of so that the employee could improve on it. 5) Resume To cut short the time used in reviewing the resumes, format of the resume can be posted online. It can save the time needed to find the details and main information will be supplied. Conclusion People are the main asset of any organisation and the achievement of that organisation depends on having people with the right skills and abilities (Hyun 2005). To make sure that the right people are recruited in the first place, a structured, fair and professional selection process must be used. Poor selection decisions can result in increased staff turnover, increased costs for the organisation, the lowering of morale amongst the existing staff and legal claims against the organisation. The selection process for every position should be well analyzed and considered before deciding on steps to use or skip as some steps might seem unnecessary on the surface but is in fact an essential step. ...read more.

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