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Statistics report

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Vietnam National University, Hanoi School of Business 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam, Tel. 84-4-7680456 Fax: 84-4-7680455 www.hsb.edu.vn Mark MANAGERIAL REPORT To: Pelican Management From: Nguyen Huu Hung (Mr.) ReMBA#7 Date: 10th December 2008 Subject: The promotional Campaign Results Dear Sir or Madam, This is my full report about coupon promotion results. I used data analysis to express the result on the amount of credit card sales during the coupon promotion period for the month of November 2008. I have prepared some descriptive statistics that will help you see distinct relationships between variables. More specifically, i am trying to determine the relationship that does or does not exist between age and type of customers, net sales of each customer, number of customers that participated in the promotion, method of payment, marital status and gender. These statistics will help you further understand the company's customer base and target audience. I have included suggestions regarding the company's next coupon promotion period that will help you to better address your main audience. 1. Percent frequency distribution for key variables FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION Age of Customers Range of Customer Age Count Freq.(%) ...read more.


2.458256 11.0451312 Correlation between Age and Net Sales: Age Net Sales Age 1 Net Sales -0.0106359 1 Correlation between Item sold and Net Sales: Item sold Net Sales Item sold 1 Net Sales 0.755059391 1 Noted Observations: * First of all, the promotion customers had a mean of $84.29 and the regular customers had a mean of $61.99. There is a difference of $22.30 between the average Net Sales of the two types of customers. The promotion customers had a discount coupon and this clearly had some sort of encouragement towards spending more money at Pelican Stores. The promotion coupons were a great benefit to the company when we take into consideration that there were many more promotion customers than regular and the promotion customers spent much more on average than the regular customers. * The correlation coefficient between Age and Net Sales is -0.0106359. This clearly shows that there is neither a positive or negative correlation between the two variables. Therefore, all ages of audience should be targeted; there is no one particular audience regarding age that spent more money than the other. ...read more.


4. Covariance and correlation matrix Work Pay Promotion Work 1 Pay 0.2594039 1 Promotion -0.149472 -0.214949 1 Noted Observations: * The correlation coefficient between Promotion and Pay is -0.214949. This clearly shows that there is neither a positive or negative correlation between the two variables. Therefore, both Promotion and Pay should be targeted; there is not adequated to state that spent more on Promotion can have a better results than Pay, or reversely. It seems that Hospitals should spend on both Promotion and Pay in the same time. * The correlation coefficient between Pay and Work is 0.2594039. This indicates a positive correlation between Salary (Pay) and Work; it also shows that the more Salary that were paid, the more Work Contribution of nurses. Perhaps it would be beneficial to create an appeal towards increasing salary; for example: 30% increase in salary, etc. * The correlation coefficient between Promotion and Work is -0.149472. This indicates a negative correlation between Promotion and Work; it also shows that the more Promotion that were paid, the less Work Contribution of nurses. Perhaps it would be beneficial to create a just sufficient Promotion for nurses, not too high. ?? ?? ?? ?? Assignment No.1 - Case No.1&2 Page 1 of 10 ...read more.

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