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Strategic planning and implementation

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Virgin Group Strategic planning and implementation Course: post graduation in diploma management studies Lecturer: Mr azam Name : trupti patel Student id: 102745 Contents Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 Chapter - 1 State the vision, mission of virgin group 7 1.1 Vision 7 1.2 Mission 7 1.3 Virgin's Ethical 8 1.4 Virgin Cultural 8 1.5 Virgin Environmental 8 1.5 Virgin Social Current Standpoints 9 Chapter 2 Business Environment faces by Virgin Group 10 2.1 PEST 10 2.2 SWOT 11 2.3 Porter's Five Forces 14 Chapter 3 Core Competences 18 3.1 Sustainable Competitive Advantages 19 Chapter 4 Strategic development for Virgin media& Communication Business 20 Chapter 5 Implementation 22 5.1 7-S Frame work 22 5.2 Implementation Plan for Virgin Media 23 Conclusion 25 BIBLIOGRAPHY 26 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The above strategic planning and implementation for Virgin group is including s question answer format. Each question answer are including information about strategic planning and implementation. The whole case study include Virgin group vision , mission strengths weakness, opportunities threat what the pollitcal factors are effect the virgin group. And also include the virgin with Portet's five forces. It is also include the core competences by explaining VRIO. After this all the things Virgin media & telecommunication strategic by explaining BCG Matrix. After explaining this every thing what are the changes want to be include in the Virgin Media. INTRODUCTION Virgin Group is a diversified grouping of more than 200 privately held companies. The largest of these are Virgin Atlantic Airways, the number two airline in the United Kingdom; Virgin Holidays, a vacation tour operator; Virgin Rail, the second largest U.K. train operator; the Virgin Retail Group, which operates numerous Virgin Megastores, a retail concept featuring videos, music CDs, and computer games; and Virgin Direct, which offers financial services. Other Virgin businesses include beverage maker Virgin Cola, a record label, book and music publishing operations, hotels, an Internet service provider, movie theaters, a radio station, cosmetics and bridal retailing concepts, and a line of clothing. ...read more.


2.3 PORTER'S FIVE FORCES According to Norton, (2007a), as well as the general environment factors, part of external analysis also requires and understanding of the competitive environment and what are likely to be the major competitive forces in the future. A well-established framework for analyzing and understanding the nature of the nature of the competitive environment is porter's five forces model. The original competitive forces model, as proposed by Porter, identified five forces which would impact on an organization's behaviour in a competitive market. These include the following: Figure 4: Porter's Five Forces adapted from (Norton, 2007b) Understanding the nature of each of these forces gives organizations the necessary insights to enable them to formulate the appropriate strategies to be successful in their market (Thurlby, 1998) Force 1: The Degree of Rivalry The intensity of rivalry, which is the most obvious of the five forces in an industry, helps determine the extent to which the value created by an industry will be dissipated through head-to-head competition. The most valuable contribution of Porter's "five forces" framework in this issue may be its suggestion that rivalry, while important, is only one of several forces that determine industry attractiveness. Like Virgin Atlantic is creates value and extended product of virgin group. Their competitors are British Airways, Gulf airlines Ryan Air and soon. Virgin Atlantic is most likely to high in those industries where threre is athreat of substitute product; and existing power of suppliers and buyers in the market. Force 2: The Threat of Entry Both potential and existing competitors influence average industry profitability. The threat of new entrants is usually based on the market entry barriers. They can take diverse forms and are used to prevent an influx of firms into an industry whenever profits, adjusted for the cost of capital, rise above zero. In contrast, entry barriers exist whenever it is difficult or not economically feasible for an outsider to replicate the incumbents' position (Porter, 1980b; Sanderson, 1998) ...read more.


According to develop the strategy is suggested that the structure should be centralized with hierarchies and various functional levels. The organization should have level as well as operational level managers. Step 3: Training (1 month) The training is always bring some good changes in their performance and quality. The training should be a continuous process in the organization. All employees should be trained to improve their skills. The cultural, social, environmental and ethical standpoints of the organization should be communicated to every one. It is estimated that it requires a four weeks' time to create a base for continuous improvement of the process. Step 4 : Monitoring and Evaluation ( 1 month 7 days) Performance measures are used to establish a baseline measures and to compare goals with actual performance. It determines the overall performance of the organization and indicate process gains and losses. It provides information to make informed decisions. The suggested measures for Virgin media are monitoring of customer feedbacks or complaints, human resources, research and development, suppliers, marketing and sales etc. Monitoring and evaluation is a continuous process. However, it is estimated that it requires a four weeks time for establishing a base for monitoring and evaluation. CONCLUSION To conclude Virgin group is very fastest growing company in all the fields like in airlines, rail, tourism, space flight provider as well. Richard Branson also think that he want to make his group as number one position in the market. Virgin group has also very intelligent staff for all the services like for it sector and airlines. As above you seen my case study it shows ther are somany strength, weakness, opportunities, threats. Their relationship with social, environment and so on is very nicely managed. Virgin group is very active to improvement in their seervice they are always finding for their default strategies and what the planning ahead to change that all mistake or problem not take place again in the future. For that thaey always make strategic planning and implementation with the help of their working group to Start from Richard Branson to the minor level employee. ...read more.

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