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Strategic Program Management Case Study.

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Strategic Program Management Plan Dechazlon C Burnett MMPBL510 Richard Van Cleave June 27, 2010 Abstract Today we will look at the company by the name of Friar Tucker, we will look at the some of the future goals of the company and what are some of the goals of the company. This company has done quite well in the past and is looking to add to that success right now. Friar Tucker is looking at continuing to staying on top of the entertaining industry. Friar Tucker International known as the hospitality services chain, Friar currently manages 35 entertainment establishments of course 15 of the 35 are cuisine establishments as well and last they have 8 family entertainment establishments. Added to this Friar has two hotel chains subcontracted. The company held 1,200 employees which helped them generate revenue over $300 million. (University Of Phoenix, 2010). Of the four establishments it seems like the Sports won hands down with cuisine coming in second. Of course a company that's doing so well you still as the CEO want to make sure that you weigh all options and strategically plan the next move. It seemed that Friar was doing just that, trying to figure out what would be the next move to help Friar continue to use in the entertainment industry and maintain that spot of being the number one. ...read more.


The business benefits and impact come from the end-state goals and the final measures of success. The University Of Phoenix/ White Papers. (n.d.). This is true about the end state goals and that's they really are the final measures of how the success of the project will go. 2). Describing most viable alternatives: The potential alternatives would include those developed from benchmarking, those identified by key stakeholders, and the status quo or "do nothing" alternative. Based on your assessment of these alternatives during problem solving, you select the most viable to be considered in the business case. It is important to include the status quo, as well as any alternatives supported by a number of stakeholders. Give credit to everyone involved in the process for defining these solutions. The University Of Phoenix/ White Papers. (n.d.). This is true you want to give everyone where credit is due and not take all the credit. 3.) Assessing these alternatives: Provide a quick and simple assessment of these alternatives against the primary business benefits and business results. It is important to keep this assessment simple and very clear. You would not want to have more than three alternatives and four benefits or measures of success. University Of Phoenix/ White Papers. (n.d.). 4.) Making a recommendation: Make a final recommendation based on the analysis focusing on the benefits that will be realized. ...read more.


Ricardo Bellini and possibly be able to have their own company and be a part of a company such as Friar Tucker International. Which they can say is one of the top Family entertainment businesses based on great superior service and is striving to become number within the industry. In conclusion to the Friar Tucker International Company, Ricardo has done such a marvelous job and truly has the resume to prove it, and with the work ethic he carries which he continues to achieve more. To be in a position to be able to turn down offers, incredible. But this had to start form all of the hard work that has paved the way for these to happen which should inspire some of tomorrow's leaders to continue to work for what they believe in and know that they can and will achieve their goal whatever it is. Leading back to Friar, Ricardo with his work ethic the way it is he must have a powerful management team behind him working just as hard as he is to make this company become as successful as it is. Which his Board of Directors are driving Friar Tucker in the right direction with a powerful plan in place to follow. And with the addition of hiring the Consultant aboard the team to join the project selection committee, and the project manager. Ricardo made sure that with his experience everything would go well according to plan as stated it would all do the careful strategic planning and everybody working together . ...read more.

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