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Supply Chain

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Running head: KUIPER LEDA SUPPLY CHAIN DEFENSE Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense Name University of Phoenix Kuiper Leda Supply Chain System Kuiper Leda is an electronic manufacturer focuses on Electronic Control Unit (ECU's) and its clients including automobile manufacturers and OEMs. The Electronic Control Unit is to control the fuel injection system, ignition timing, and speed control system (Wikepedia, 2008). The ECU consists of 8-bit microprocessors, random access memory (RAM), read only memory (ROM), and an input and output interface. The company also entered a new market of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data by using devices or radio waves. Kuiper supply chain management has several issues on different levels of production such as resources, shop and capacity, and delivery of product. The first issue, Kuiper only works with smaller customers and has a limited daily capacity of ECUs and RFIDs. Even though the company encounters different issues the company has good reputation with its customers, and known for quality and delivery responsiveness. The second issue, Kuiper thrives harder to meet the repeat orders and relationship with supplier because the company has multiple competitors within the industry. ...read more.


According to Martec International Incorporated, the several steps of achieving integrated supply chain in adapting new process and procedures by: 1. Using newly emerging global data to attach industry standard product identification number to each item on an order. 2. Sending orders and receiving confirmation through EDI or Internet. 3. Used a scannable labels or RFID tags. 4. Using the Advance Ship Notification transaction to advise the retailer of the new product so it can sell quickly. 5. Shipping via customer specified the business usually used a third party carrier such as UPS, FedEx, and common carrier. The shipment would take usually a month if its international and local for a week. This could cost more money but if Kuiper contracted with these carriers atleast for a year or more these carriers would provide a price discount for the term the company negotiated. In order for Kuiper to be successful need to take to consideration each steps to speed up the process and produce high quality product that would satisfy the consumers and suppliers. Kuiper Leda Measure and Metrics Kuiper Leda need to monitor the efficiency of the company's production by using different key metrics and these includes costs of good sold, inventory turn, inventory service level, inventory carrying cost, and lead-time which ...read more.


The main reason Just-In-Time system is important because Kuiper Leda is able to save warehouse cost and space. This result to high competitive market and have better relations with suppliers. The manufacturing company is able to increase their profit by minimizing the cost that would benefit the entire business. Conclusion In conclusion, Kuiper Leda needs to continue using the MRP system and help the company use the capacity of the products. The proper usage of the operating system will help the company to focus on capacity management and delivering the products on time. Kuiper has a strong defense of outsourcing the production process and reducing the storage cost that will satisfy the supplier and the customer based on the delivery date. In competing globally as a result of increasing the company profit and production. Kuiper must consider outsourcing the microchips or other production processes in order to compete globally .The measurement and metrics are used only for the company to keep track on production, overhead costs, manufacturing cost are all reasonable because the purpose of all these is to increase production and profit. Lastly, by choosing the Just-In-Time system management the business is able to produce materials that is only needed and noting will be wasted. As a result, the company will a great deal in warehouse storage. The intention of JIT is to not to overstock and reduce the carrying costs. ...read more.

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