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Tackling a Challenging Process. This paper will detail experiences from my personal life and how I recuperated from a difficult situation through stern will and determination to bounce back to accept the adversities in life ahead

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[Student Name] [Course Title] [Supervisor Name] [Date] Tackling Challenging Process Our lives are sequence of challenging events that affect us in one way or another. These challenges differ from circumstances that we live in as challenges are constantly defining the purpose behind all events (Rosenblatt 50). Challenges could have either positive or negative consequences that can in fact change our attitude and behavior. Therefore, it is not just the event or process which affects us but the way we deal with these challenges also matters a lot. The resolve to tackle difficult situations in life is crucially important as it helps to build a tolerance level within us to accept the challenges that we come across in our lives and manage them without risking our mental health. These challenges could be related to our personal health, family relationships, financial constraints and issues at work place or part of everyday interaction with the inner-self and outside world. ...read more.


This news came as a shock for us and I stood by the telephone for sometime allowing my mind to regain its senses. My brother who had been there for me throughout my tough times was no longer between us and his absence still seemingly untrue overwhelmed my thoughts. A fatherly figure in my life was no more and I was surely going to miss him. For many sleepless nights I was up thinking about the harsh reality of life and realizing the responsibility that has been put on my shoulders after his death. I was only 21 at the time and recently graduated in computer sciences from a university. With my brother's sudden death I was faced with a challenge to take on a responsible position in the family business which was looked after by my brother and my father had taken his retirement leave from the business and there was no one else to manage the business. ...read more.


Furthermore, renewals of contracts with existing clients were reassured and copies of renewal contracts were submitted to banks to ensure that their financing to the company continues. Both issues were eventually resolved and the company was back on its course of delivering complex IT solutions to its clients. The strong determination to support the family, my belief in well known saying that implies that every time you get up after falling to the ground is the key to success (Heng-Heng) and willingness to accept daring business tasks helped me achieve goals which could not have been possible without the guidance of my brother. Looking back now after so many years I still miss my brother and it was his support and guidance in my early years of life that helped me to become a responsible human being and I was able to support my family after non-recoverable loss of a son, a brother, a husband and above all a dear father. ...read more.

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