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Team work and leadership

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MANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANISATIONS Team work and Leadership Abstract "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra play it." H.E. Luccock That's what team work is all about. An individual's contribution alone does not create an impact but as a team it definitely does. It is very important for each individual to be a team player. Working in teams helps you to achieve more than working alone. Being a team worker not only reaps you more benefits but also adds up an extra dimension to your personality which is very essential in today's world. I have been involved in many team works in my recent past and present. My campaign till the recent past has not been so successful. There were instances where I was the team leader and faced failure on numerous occasions. I often had to face embarrassing situations being a team leader as you are blamed for the ineffectiveness and failure of the team. I always wanted to develop my team working skills and prove the people around me that I am indeed an effective team worker. This course and assignment has provided me a perfect platform to hone my skills and provide an extra attribute to my personality. ...read more.


I gave full liberty to my team members. I was always interested in the team member's satisfaction and always agreed to their proposals. The members in the team being my close friends had the liberty of making their own decisions. In the end nothing went on as I planned. There was confusion in the order of things as no one knew what each member in the team was doing. The expected budget shot up way above the limit. Everyone had a blind trust which proved costly in the end. I was blamed as I was the committee leader and had to face a lot of embarrassment. The areas I realised I should improve was 1. Improve a sense of authority 2. Communication with the team members 3. Take corrective actions when required. 4. Do not wait to resolve problems until they get complicated. 5. Develop mutual trust on each other but not blind trust. 6. Keep your team members happy but also get the job done. I never really got to improve on these areas as I came here to pursue my masters. My work place gave me a very good opportunity to improve myself. ...read more.


This model states that the team's behaviour and performance depends on the team leader and the leadership established within the group. The theory states that there can be 3 different types of leadership in a group. Lazziez fare style or free reign leadership- the leader gives team members the authority to make decisions. Transformational leadership- the leader focuses on team and motivates the team members by setting examples. Management by exception- this type of leadership focuses on the mistakes created by each member. From this theory identified that the leadership I utilized in my past was lazziez fare style or free reign. The theory states that teams with this type of leadership are dysfunctional and do not perform. This is what exactly happened in my past. I gave full liberty to my team members and in the end my leadership proved to be ineffective. The theory states that transformational leadership is the most successful because the leader sets an example and motivates the followers. The theory states that the teams having transformational leadership are more successful as they are clear with their goals and objectives. According to this theory I have changed my leadership style from lazeizz fare style to transformational style of leadership. This change has definitely endowed me with success. ...read more.

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