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The aim of this report is to assess and evaluate the current management of human resources within the Metropolitan Police Service providing an insight on the current HRM situation and how that compares to relevant theory giving rise to possible recommenda

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FdA Business and Management Bournemouth University Partner Colleges University Centre Yeovil HRM within The Metropolitan Police Service (Human Resource Management 1) Beverley Cox Unit Leader: Brian Doidge Page Contents 1. (a) Introduction (b) The Organisation - The Metropolitan Police (c) Macro Environmental Factors Affecting HRM within the MET 6. (d) Which Management Theory is Relevant to the MET 10. (e) What can be done to Counteract the Impact of the Macro Environment 14. (f) Conclusion 15. Bibliography 18. Appendices (a) Introduction Human Resource Management is the effective practice within an organisation to ensure that people resources facilitate the achievement of that organisation's goals (Armstrong, 2009). The aim of this report is to assess and evaluate the current management of human resources within the Metropolitan Police Service providing an insight on the current HRM situation and how that compares to relevant theory giving rise to possible recommendations for the future. (b) The Organisation - The Metropolitan Police Service Founded by Sir Robert Peel in 1829, the Metropolitan Police Service began life with 1,000 officers policing an area circa 7 mile radius from Charing Cross, London. Today, the Metropolitan Police Service employs more than 32,500 officers together with about 14,200 police staff, 230 traffic wardens and 4,300 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) as well as being supported by more than 5,000 volunteers. The area now covered by the Metropolitan Police Service ("the MET") ...read more.


This theory again is more appropriate for production based organisations whereby there is a Manager that oversees a supervisor that in turn oversees general workers but could be seen as relevant for the MET due to the definitive structure of employees throughout the organization. The emphasis being on top down management employees could feel under pressure from the strict rules and regulations. That said, most organizations within the public sector use classical theory to sculpt their HRM policies (Price, A, 2012). (121 wds) Human Relations - Elton Mayo, Abraham Maslow, Kurt Lewin, Douglas McGregor, Frederick Hertzberg ***** Stemming from the Hawthorne Studies, Human Relations theory is a people based theory which finds that natural groups of socially joined people, communication both ways, ie. Top down and bottom up, and good leadership skills lead to better productivity by focusing on issues of communication, leadership, motivation, and group behavior - needs and hygiene issues (Herzberg, F, 1993). By the employees having the ability to successfully communicate and convey information, if this theory is correct, conflicts and resolutions within an organisation can be solved. Mayo reported that by having the ability to communicate well then all employees, management and customers can have compatible relationships. The problem with this theory is that if groups of employees are also externally socially joined, should that external relationship break down, then this could impact upon productivity. ...read more.


In turn this will reduce the impact of unemployment levels and skills shortages. Coordinating Although some HR plans are unified across the organisation, it is unclear through research whether ALL plans are. Therefore unifying plans and activities across the organisation by circulating relevant information in order to ensure everyone is aiming for the same objectives will aid better performance. Fayol's theory suggests that by involving employees to identify problems and create solutions to better serve the MET's customers; this will help to fulfill their mission. Controlling HR managers within the MET should make sure that everything occurs in conformity with policies and practices. Fayol's theory suggests that this will ensure that everything runs smoothly and creates a feedback mechanism to make changes where necessary. New Policies could be brought in regarding family friendly working hours, job sharing, and progression routes for parents who juggle work and home life which in turn could impact upon unemployment once the economy has recovered from the recession as well as improving the public image of the MET. As Maslow's theory discussed, when emotional and physical needs are satisfied then motivation is enhanced or increased. (f) Conclusion Research has found that the views of employees have become the basis of modern management theory and, as they seem to substantially overlap one another, it is best to integrate several theories when defining a methodology for a given organisation and utilise those aspects that are relevant at that point in time. ...read more.

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