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The aim of this report is to provide details regarding the marketing rationale behind the television advertisement we produced.

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Introduction The aim of this report is to provide details regarding the marketing rationale behind the television advertisement we produced. A description and justification of the creative execution of our commercial is presented, followed by an analysis and explanation of the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning strategy we decided to employ for our brand. Finally the media plan will be provided along with a conclusion. Creative Execution Consumer behaviour is complex nowadays and it is not always rational but tends to involve all sorts of postmodern characteristics. Consumers prefer to differentiate their class, age and sex, and mix their physiological and psychological needs in an unusual sequence. This is in direct contrast to Maslow's hierarchy of needs which puts needs into a logical consumption order and suggests that lower order needs must be met before one can progress to satisfy those on a higher level (Oxford University Press, 2001). Based on the idea of postmodern marketing our creative execution is aimed to move away from traditional marketing and instead promote our shoe brand as a way of living. The core concept of our commercial is brand positioning, that is, to present consumers with a picture of the effect of incorporating our product into their way of life, and how it will differentiate their individual lifestyle. More specifically, we placed our brand into several everyday activities of young adults so that each and every consumer can associate with it individually. With this creative concept the advertisement production was easy to develop, effective on market target, economic, simple in casting, and provided the desired message. ...read more.


For our high-street shoe company, we have chosen to perform the segmentation process with regard to the geo-demographic and socio-economic facets of a consumer. Firstly, we divided the market, on the basis of age, into four segments: students below 20, young adults of 21 to 35, middle aged 36 to 50-year olds and an older generation of 50 and over. After careful consideration, we opted to target the young adult segment as our advertisement's entire attitude and approach is characterised by playful humour and liveliness. It is, hence, a fitting representation of a young adult's daily lifestyle and will affect them more since they will be able to identify with the actor and the scenes depicted. More clearly defined, our target customer profile is male and female with regular disposable income, with families of an average monthly income, having successfully completed their education, high school or other, employed and of whichever marital situation, primarily single or with partner. Furthermore and given the fact that the advertisement will be solely shown in the United Kingdom, we expect the vast majority of our customers to be UK residents. However, upon closer inspection, we cannot fail to acknowledge that segmenting the market does not make practical sense. This is due to the very likely possibility of our actual customers not falling into the category we have chosen to target. For example, a particular shoe design may be targeted at a 25-year-old yet be bought by a significant number of 40-year-olds. ...read more.


All of the above magazines do not advertise luxury brands, are hence approachable and consistent with our brand image and are widely popular. Lastly, we did not fail to notice that there is a huge audience that reads the newspapers given out in London for free and so we are adding an advertisement in the morning "Metro Newspaper" and the nightly "The Evening Standard Newspaper". Conclusion Through this assignment we introduce a product to the market via a fictional brand (PLINN). We used the idea of post-modern marketing, in contradiction of the Maslwas Pyramid, by involving non sequenced, amusing scenes in the advertisement and other psychological trends to influence consumer. It is a relative flexible product since it can purchased by different classes of people due to its customer-friendly price and frequent use. Brand positioning would be vital for our product and business since there are a lot of different entry barriers that can prevent the success of gaining a respectful market share. In order to achieve this we underline, through our advertisement, the certain benefits and attributes our consumer can enjoy (such as comfort, style and low price). Through this advertisement we can easily promote our product and illustrate the commercial side of our brand. We included a media plan to help us confirm our brand awareness. Media exposure through the television, radio, underground posters etc. can help to our product promotion. As far as evaluation is concerned, we understand that there can be difficulties establishing our brand name due to competition. Also there could be a restriction regarding our product's range because it is most likely to apply only on the sport-shoe market and not the entire shoe market. ...read more.

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