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The case is focused on ICI Pakistan, a public limited company. The company is experienced various regarding its training program which are highlighted in the later pages. The case thus revolves around the task of evaluation of MTO program assigned to Mr.

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Human Resource at ICI Case Analysis Winter-2010 MBA II- Section B Submitted By: Submitted To: Professor F.A.Fareedy * Fatima Liaquat * Bilal Arif Khan * Ali Zahid Khan * Ali Zaheer * Maheen Khan Table of Contents Executive Summary Background of Case: ICI 4 Analysis 5-7 Qualitative Analysis 5 Quantitative Analysis 6 Problem Identification 8-11 Minor Issues 8 Major Issues 8 Core Issue 8 Justification 9 Solutions and Recommendations 12-14 Possible Solution 12 Best Solution 13 Justification 13 Conclusion 15 Appendices 16-19 References 20 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Case Analysis in hand tends to assess a giant public limited company-ICI's MTO Program-a strong business name in Pakistan's Corporate Arena. The analysis highlights the background of the case and provides detailed insight into case's imperative qualitative and quantitative facts. The case analysis further identifies the core issue which is the company's Matrix Organizational Structure and justifies it. Later possible are presented along with their evaluations. However the best solution proposed is "Use More Accurate Personnel Forecasting and Better Training Designs By Effectively Using Matrix Organizational Structure with Decentralization Of Decision Making" supported by its justifications. In the end a crisp conclusion is provided followed by exhibits and references. BACKGROUND OF THE CASE The case is focused on ICI Pakistan, a public limited company which is operating four manufacturing and one merchandising plants in Pakistan. ...read more.


Implementation v. Evaluation * From the very basic step i.e. Need Analysis ICI is facing problems. The organization is unable to assess the personnel needs properly and thus in turn management trainees after the year end are not retained as mentioned in the case. The case clearly states that "Vacant management slots also affect the candidate's absorption" hence pointing to the fact that if appropriate need assessment of management slots would have been done, the cost, time and effort invested in non-retained trainee's would have been saved. However it is not happening. * This lag in planning is stemming from the Matrix Organizational Structure. The company adopted the matrix structure yet was unable to weed out its disadvantages i.e. breakage of chain of command unity and the resultant confusion. No proper personnel's planning is predicted due to cross-communication among product and functional division. * Several layers of management4 further complicate the situation. The layers add to the length of the training procedure, a major issue. Just an approval for management personnel requires a series of 5 steps: i. Each area submits its proposal to HR department identifying man-power requirement & financial implications of the new post. ii. Proposal incorporated in ARD which contains budget targets iii. ARD is approved by Executive board iv. ...read more.


better and fairly judged candidates * Can meet the criterion more effectively as prescribed by the department * Can train individuals with relevant skill sets * Can cut the duration of training short by focusing on major areas of interest * Can create positive word of mouth * By decentralized decision making ICI * Can shorten the whole training procedure which otherwise took too long * Can increase motivation among participants and the current employee * Can avoid confusions and lengthy chain of command among departments and HR personnel CONCLUSION ICI - a market leader and a business giant, experienced issues in its MTO program. If evaluated methodologically and cautiously, one can identify the problem and develop a possible solution, as proposed above. However proper planning, implementation and evaluation is necessary for every organization in every aspect-whether it be a Business Guru Firm or a small SME. Most important of all, the hope, inspiration and motivation to be the best is all the force needed. It is rightly said, "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." APPENDICES Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3 Exhibit 4 REFERNCES * Dessler, G. (2008). Human Resource Management. India: Dorling Kindersly (Pearson). * Human Resources at ICI (Paksitan) Limited, 05-217-87-1 (1987). * ICI. (n.d.). ICI Pakistan Limited. Retrieved October 08, 2010, from http://www.icipakistan.com/index.html * Motivation Quotes. (n.d.). Retrieved October 09, 2010, from Thinkexsit.com: http://www.thinkexist.com/English/Topic/x/Topic_273_1. ...read more.

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