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The Corporate Culture of McDonald's

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The Corporate Culture of McDonald's Constance G. Greer BA-410 Organizational Behavior Dr. Greg Williams August 03, 2004 Abstract McDonald's has a vision that encompasses employees and the surrounding communities. They believe that satisfied employees excel in quality customer service. McDonald's also maintain commitment to stakeholders, and the environment. McDonald's corporate culture is to do the right thing for their employees, the community and the customers they serve; this commitment is just as important to them as serving hamburgers and french fries. In addition, they provide support to local developmental projects, school and youth programs; moreover, the Ronald McDonald house provides support for the well-being of children around the world. "McDonald's has a people vision to be the best employer in each community around the world." [They believe that their] "people promise and people principles express [their] commitment to respect, recognition, openness, and employee development." ...read more.


This culture is supported by: * Improving animal welfare. * Preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics important to human and animal health. * Ensuring top food quality. * Promoting nutrition and health through balanced menu choices, consumer information, and sports sponsorships. * Maintaining the highest standards of safety for our food, PlayPlaces, and toys. * Ensuring essential protections of workers in our suppliers' facilities. McDonald's believe that it is their civic duty to remain socially responsible; they want the community to be proud to have their organization in the neighborhood. Inducing McDonald's in the local community means, increased employment for residents that in turn will bring revenue to the community. Having additional revenue will help support local projects and community services. McDonald's state that they are, "the world's community restaurant, we are proud of our long-standing commitment to a workforce that is diverse. We believe in developing and maintaining a diverse workforce that will strengthen the McDonald's system. ...read more.


(McDonalds.com) The organization is concerned about clean air and water; these two natural resources are fundamental to the environment. Conclusion McDonald's is a prime example of corporate culture; they value their employee's perception and provide resources that enhance their business and add value to the company. McDonald's serve more than hamburgers and fries; they serve enrichment to the community and provide youth with programs to enhance opportunities. Moreover, dedication of the employees is characterized by their strength and involvement in the organization, the support and acceptance of goals and values, as well as a willingness to remain with the corporation. "But that isn't the whole story; McDonald's create a mystique of quality, service, cleanliness, and value -- QSCV -- among its employees and franchisees. This theme is repeated and repeated from the day a new franchisee first goes to Hamburger University. Employees become true believers [of the vision] and the intensity of the organizations culture; [this] is McDonald's [true] secret." (Deal & Kennedy, 2000, p. ...read more.

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