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The economy is in trouble

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LaRay Silz November 28, 2008 Week 5 Persuasive Essay Rough Draft The Economy is in Trouble The economy is getting so bad in the United States that everyone is starting to notice it. From gas prices to business, the changes are becoming more and more noticeable to all kinds of people. People are constantly talking about it everyday. There are rumors that there will be a so called "civil war" between all people who will be robbing and stealing trying to survive and feed their families. Our government needs to really start making some changes for our economy or this world will be in a lot of trouble. ...read more.


Due to recent surveys, as much as 95 percent of small business owners are feeling like their business is being challenged. They are seeing things like "decreased amount of sales, less access to credit, health care costs and rising gas prices."( Hudson Valley Business Journal ) According to many small business owners, they are doing things like reducing expenses, cutting back on staff, decreasing business travel, minimizing marketing efforts, and many aren't giving bonuses and/or raises anymore. They are looking at ways they can "increase efficiency from valued employees, and increase productivity in any possible way, often through new technology".( Hudson Valley Business Journal) More than 55 percent of small business owners that were surveyed by the Hudson Valley Business Journal reported their own personal business as being "down"( Hudson Valley Business Journal). ...read more.


A record 86-day streak of falling pump prices ended Friday, with the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline at $1.656. Prices edged up to $1.66 on Saturday and hovered there the past couple of days, the Oil Price Information Service says. (USA Today) The economy falling so fast is a very scary thing. All we can do is just live as carefully and wisely as we can because if the economy continues in this direction, it won't be long before we have a world wide crisis that will be impossible to correct. Oil prices, gas prices, and small businesses are real proof that we are in trouble with the economy. Most people have cut back on all the unnecessary spending fearing that the worst might happen. ...read more.

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