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The European Age of Exploration was governed by three major factors; faith, fate, and fortune.

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Kyle Roerick 10/25/2002 Mod-Western Civ. Period C The European Age of Exploration was governed by three major factors; faith, fate, and fortune. Faith refers to how the presence of religion facilitated Europe in their years of exploration. Fate refers to how the geographic locality effected European exploration. And fortune refers to how the search for treasures impacted European exploration. These factors all played a significant role in the shaping, forming, and molding of the European Age of Exploration. Collectively the faith in European exploration was focused and directed to the teachings of the Catholic Church. ...read more.


Because of Europe's location they were reliant on the continuous use of oceanic travel in order to trade with Eastern countries. European countries that were on the Atlantic coast of Europe or on the Mediterranean Sea were easily accessed to ports. These conveniently positioned shipping locales made it significantly easier for the European explorers to venture into the world of the unknown and unexplored. Fortune was a great incentive for the Europeans to explore the globe, as they say; money makes the world go 'round. In the sixteenth century much of the European explorers' goals for fortune leaned on a doctrine called; Mercantilism. ...read more.


Europe took slaves from Africa and brought them to the New World in exchange for goods. The goods were then brought back to Europe to make new goods and to make a profit. This created a triangular shape in the Atlantic Ocean, thus giving the route its name. This was played a huge role in the generation of fortune in sixteenth century Europe. The European Age of Exploration was dominated by three key dynamics; faith, fate, and fortune. Catholicism headed the Europeans in their faith, Europe's oceanic location commanded their fate, and it was the doctrine of Mercantilism that regulated their fortune. The European Age of Exploration was shaped, molded, and formed thanks to these three dynamics. ...read more.

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