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The global business environment and its impact on Nestle.

Extracts from this document...


Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Introduction to the company 2 2.1 The Vision of Nestle 2 2.2 The mission of Nestle 2 3.0 Globalization 3 3.1 Globalization influences towards a organization like Nestle 4 3.2 How to overcome those Globalization challenges? 8 4.0 What is Information? 9 4.1 Importance of information to an organization like Nestle 9 5.0 Communication 9 5.1 Objectives of Communication to a business Organization like Nestle 9 5.2 Elements of Communication Systems/Process 10 5.3 Types of Communication used by the Nestle Corporation 10 5.4 Benefits to a Organization like Nestle in having proper internal communication system due to Globalization 11 5.5 Benefits to an Organization like Nestle in having proper external communication system due to Globalization 11 6.0 Stakeholders of an organization 12 6.1 Internal stakeholders of Nestle Corporation 13 6.2 External stakeholders of Nestle Corporation 13 6.3 How stakeholders are been communicated and stakeholder challenges are met by the Managers of Nestle Corporation. 14 7.0 Management overview of the Nestle Corporation 30 7.1 Top level manages 31 7.2 Middle Level Managers 31 7.3 Lower Level Managers 32 7.4 Decisions that should be taken by the managers in Nestle Corporation in order to communicate with stakeholders of an organization 33 8.0 Globalization developments have helped the existing organizations? 34 8.1 Transaction processing system (TPS) 34 8.2 Office Automation systems (OAS) 35 8.3 Knowledge Work Systems 35 8.4 Management information systems (MIS) 36 8.5 Decision Support Systems (DSS) 36 10.0 Conclusion 37 11.0 Reference 38 1.0 Introduction This Assignment is covers the whole of the Business Communication. And this is the final assignment where students are been examined about the factors which they learnt in the class for his module. Firstly I would like to mention that I made this assignment on my own and in simple words by putting all the factors together after going through and doing a lot of research in the internet as well as the text books and etc on my own words ...read more.


> This will lead to higher satisfaction of the employees and they will engage in activities efficiently. Otherwise the employees will try to form trade or labor unions against the directors board of the organizations. > The employment level of the country will fall down due to the use of technology (Automation) in the organization and this comes as a huge threat to the respective country. The methods of the Nestle Corporation communicate with their employees and the ways they gather information on how to communicate with their employees are as follows, > Intranet website * Intranet is an internal computer network. * These networks are been controlled by a server and connected via routers. * Internal employees and management can access the information such as customers, products, stocks, the code of conduct and telephone directories. This will increase the efficiency or the speed of communicating and passing out information from the top level managers or the strategists to the employees easily. * The relevant employees can gain information more accurately other than wasting a lot of time to conducting a special meeting or any other method (Time effective). * Though this method is time effective the cost of creating up an intranet is high and that will incur an additional cost for the company. And there may be failures in networks which may come disadvantageous to the company. > Employee television channel * This is a new network which has come in to being due to globalization. * There is a television where the higher managers and the relevant employees within the organization have the opportunity to evaluate on how the employees are engaging in their day to day activities. * This will help the newly recruited employees to gain information and knowledge as well as to identify weaknesses of the organization within the organization. These will also cost a large amount for the organization an additional cost on the operating cost of these equipments. ...read more.


It has been really good finding information for this report because it actually made me study and remember which we actually did in the lectures. The effort which I put out on to making this assignment is immense and indescribable. It took a lot of management in time to make this a successful one. Furthermore as recommendations I would like to mention that at the current global situation almost all of the companies throughout the world is been influenced by the globalization and in my perspective it is essential to collect the advantageous side of the globalization in to account for the company and the managers and the respective parties should identify themselves the challenges which they are, will face in the future and find themselves the cure and the methods of manipulating them and turning them in to tan advantageous fact for the Organization. Finally, I would like to conclude by stating the fact that this module was interesting at its maximum it can be and that students like us in school should be educated about this subject because I myself think that this subject is an essential for life for any person and this module will make a student understand what he can do to make him/herself achieve himself/herself their objectives effectively and accurately while learning about the basic and the essentials in life, and how we can minimize and face the future uncertainties. "Do not wait; the time will never be "just right'. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along." (Napoleon Hill) 11.0 Reference Viewed on http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6279679.stm March 10th http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/45/55/37591218.pdf March 10th http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globalization March 10th http://www.xomba.com/the_efects_of_globalization_on_developing_world_agricultural_systems http://www.engasu.com/2007/03/21/international-newspaper-report-globalization-social-responsibility/ http://www.lib.flinders.edu.au/resources/sub/socsci/globalisation.html March 14th http://library.smc.edu/research/topics/globalization.htm March 14th http://www.yesmagazine.org/article_list.asp?ID=4&Type=2 March 14th http://globalization.suite101.com/articles.cfm March 15th http://www.quaker.org/clq/indx-globalization.html March 16th http://www.economist.com/research/articlesBySubject/display.cfm?id=423172 http://globalization.suite101.com/articles.cfm March 16th http://www.allacademic.com//meta/p_mla_apa_research_citation/1/9/0/6/6/March 16th pages190663/p190663-1.php http://www.ignou.ac.in/icde2005/PDFs/theme4pdf/Theme4_252.pdf March 16th http://www.managementhelp.org/plan_dec/str_plan/str_plan.htm March 19th http://www.12manage.com/description_flat_organizational_structure.html March 19th http://www.1000ventures.com/business_guide/organization_flat.html March 20th http://www.revision-notes.co.uk/revision/949.html March 20th http://foulger.info/davis/research/unifiedModelOfCommunication.htm March 20th March 21st ~losee/ci/comminfo.pdf+Communication+Processes&cd=6&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=lk http://home.att.net/~nickols/KM_and_Processes.htm March 21st ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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