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The marketing campaigns of Vinamit Company. The Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips products are new and unique in Vietnam and will be easy to differentiate. Describe how your products are to develop sustainable competitive advantage in Vietnam.

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THE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS OF VINAMIT COMPANY Contents 1. 1. The Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips products are new and unique in Vietnam and will be easy to differentiate. Describe how your products are to develop sustainable competitive advantage in Vietnam. 8 2. Distribution network 10 3. Pricing strategy 11 4. Marketing communication 13 5. The extended marketing mix 14 6. Marketing mix of Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips 16 7. Business to business and business to consumers 18 8. International market and domestic market 19 Preface: How can we launch an effective business? There are many company has been successful with their business. They used to start with small businesses. Taking risk decisions, right analyzing are the key. They become international companies. In this report, we will analyze the marketing campaigns of Vinamit Company. Thereby, we might clearly understand market and find our own successful approach. The TM Vina Mit Ltd. Co. (Vinamit) was established since 1991. The firm has had 90 percent market share in the domestics market, and has exported its products to more than 17 countries. The Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips products are new and unique in Vietnam and will be easy to differentiate. Describe how your products are to develop sustainable competitive advantage in Vietnam. The Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips are two new products of Vinamit. They have notable features to create competitive advantage in market. We will discuss these advantages through "Porter's Five Forces".1 Each company always tries to find advantages which make it are totally different with competitors. By using Five Forces Analysis, we can understand more clearly about the industry context where the company operates and aware of features leading to competitive advantage of Vinamit. Bargaining power of suppliers: Vietnam is an agriculture country. There are 70% Vietnamese working as framers. They can supply a huge amount of agriculture products. ...read more.


Situation: Dried fruits of Vietnam are not popular in oversee. People commonly think that dried fruits come from Thailand. Objective: sales Vietnam's product in foreign country Create product's dried fruits which have Vietnam's style in foreign country. Establish Vinamit brand in foreign country. Strategy: Applying market segmentation by location Selling and displaying Vinamit's products at International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. Tactics: Focusing on foreign consumer who tend to back to nature Proving Vinamit brand in oversea Affecting to domestic consumers Men Vinamit has attracted talented man. Money Marketing budget and cash flow are plentiful. Moreover, Vinamit can reduce marketing costs by selling product at International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. Measurement: Benefits of this promotion campaign can be measured by effect of Vinamit brand on international market. Minutes the plan is launch when Vinamit promotes new products, or develops old brands. (http://www.voh.com.vn/News/NewsDetail.aspx?id=1590) 7 Vinamit has done marketing, may they go the right way. We will analyze marketing to know about this. The extended marketing mix "Marketing is their ability of an organization to provide the right product, at the right price, via the right outlets (place) and presented the right way (promotion)." (Marketing, 2004).8 The right marketing means that we apply the right ways of 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and 3Ps: Physical presence, Process, and Provision of service. > Product: A product is something that satisfies consumer's wants. The wants of people include: Tangible attributes * Availability and delivery * Performance * Price * Design Intangible attributes * Image * Perceived value (Marketing, 2004).9 People choose Vinamit's products because they are presented everywhere with variety prices, special package design- using mauve instead of other natural colors. Besides, they think that using these products will be good for health and elevate the value of Vietnam's fruits. Vinamit applies the vacuum drying processing technology, which preserves the fruits' original taste, colour and aroma, a reason making its products popular. ...read more.


o In B2C, that is the relationship between business and customers. We maximize the value of relationships. Different: Area Business to Business Business to Consumers Purchase motivation Emphasis of seller Nature of buyer Promotion decision Price decisions Environmental factors Multiple buying influences Economic needs Group decisions Emphasis on personal selling Price negotiated Terms are important Affect sales both directly and indirectly Individual or family need Immediate satisfaction Purchase by individual or family unit Emphasis on mass media advertising Price substantially fixed Discounts are important Affect demand directly (Marketing, 2004)14 International market and domestic market When the economic of scale is larger, the firm might not find more benefits in domestic market. They tend to international market. Vinamit's product has exported to 17 countries in the world such as U.S.A, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and Nepal. Therefore, company is not only thoughtful domestic market, but also international market. The first factor, company has to care, is that increasingly rapid technology lifecycles also increases the competition among countries as to who can produce the newest in technology. Besides, if company wants to enter a new market, it needs to adapt with political and legal influences, culture of that country. For example, in the U.S., people have skillful and knowledge will get ahead, but in china, people believe outcome result more from luck. We can also apply marketing mix strategy to enter a new international market. Here are some different points between international market and domestic market. International marketing Domestic marketing Local of resources Buying and exploiting in one or more countries. Selling product in international market (sell from this country to other country) Be affected by currency factors. Scope Scope of international marketing is quite wide Concentrating on logistics: traffic and transportation management, inventory control Buying and exploiting in the country where this company stay Selling product in domestic market Currency factors are almost unaffected. Scope is limited. Less focus on logistics (http://hubpages.com/hub/Major-Difference-between-Domestic-and-International-Business) 15 To sum, before we launch a business, we need to understand market thoughtfully. Marketing mix will be an effective tool leading us to success. ...read more.

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